How Globalists Pull the Wool over Your Eyes to Make You Scream for Their New World Order


“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool”
~ Plato.


Activist Post 25 April 2018:  When globalists speak publicly about anew world orderthey are speaking about something very specific and rather sacred in their little cult of elitism. It  is their name for a directed and engineered vision — a world built according to their rules, not a world that evolved naturally according to necessity.

There are other names for this engineered vision, including the “global economic reset,” or the more general and innocuous term “globalism,” but the intention is the same. The ultimate goal of the new world order as an ideology is total centralization of economic and governmental power into the hands of a select and unaccountable bureaucracy made up of international financiers.

It is a world where administrators become gods.

Pres. Putin says the NWO is in its final stage in Europe. And he is part of it himself, the antithesis  – a Mason and anointed AntichristKing of Jews and subservient to the rulers of the world, the Pharisaic Chabad Lubavitch. Putin will save Europe – acc. to the master plan of his Fascist mentor, Alexandr. Dugin: A Russian empire from Lisbon to Vladivostock!! – with EU as a Russian protectorate. Dugin is called Putin´s brain.

Such precision and objectivity within human systems is not possible, of course. Human beings are far too susceptible to their own biases and personal desires to be given totalitarian power over others. The results will always be destruction and disaster. Then, add to this the fact that the kinds of people who often pursue such power are predominantly narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths.

It is important to remember that sociopaths are prone to fabricating all kinds of high minded ideals to provide cover for their actions. That is to say, they will adopt a host of seemingly noble causes to rationalize their scramble for power, but in the end these “humanitarians” only care about imposing their will on as many people as possible.

There are many false promises, misrepresentations and fraudulent conceptions surrounding the narrative of globalism. Some of them are rather clever and subversive and are difficult to pick out in the deliberately created fog. The schemes involved in implementing globalism are designed to confuse the masses with crisis until they end up ASKING for more centralization and less freedom.

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the “Unknown”. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
~ Henry Kissinger Evians, France – 1991 Bilderberg Conference

Let’s examine some of the most common propaganda methods and arguments behind the push for globalization and a “new world order”…

Betrug #1: Globalism Is About “Free Markets”

A common pro-globalism meme is the idea that globalization is not really centralization, but decentralization. This plays primarily to the economic side of global governance.

What we have today under globalism are NOT free markets. Instead, globalism has supplied unfettered power to international corporations which cannot exist without government charter and government financial aid.

Large corporations receive unfair legal protection under limited liability as well as outright legislative protection from civil consequences (Monsanto is a perfect example of this). They also receive immense taxpayer-funded welfare through bailouts and other sources when they fail to manage their business responsibly. All this while small businesses and entrepreneurs are impeded at every turn by taxation and legal obstacles.

US politicians were threatened Martial Law – unless they voted for Treasurer and Goldman Sachs CEO´s tax-paid bailout of Rothschild´s Wall Street banks who had constructed the subprime mortgage trade which threw the world into disaster in 2008 – costing many people their savings. Some Congress politicians were even threatened o their lives if they voted no

In terms of international trade being “free trade,” this is not really the case either. Only massive corporations supported by governments are able to exploit the advantages of international manufacturing and labor sources in a way that ensures long term success. Meanwhile, economic models that promote true decentralization and localism become impractical because real competition is never allowed.

Con #2: Globalism Is About A “Multipolar World”
This is a relatively new disinformation tactic

The problem is that globalism is not about the dollar, U.S. hegemony or the so-called “deep state,” which in my view is a distraction from the bigger issue at hand.

The fact is, globalist institutions and central banks permeate almost every corner of the world. Nations like Russia and China are just as heavily tied to Rothschild´sIMF and the  Rothschild  Bank for International Settlements as well as international financial centers like  Goldman Sachs and any Western government by buying and bullying them.


Anders Fogh-Rasmussen showing the Masonic 666 hand sign of the Antichrist. As Danish prime minister, he cheated us of a promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, was celebrated in the EU and rewarded with the post of NATO secretary general. Afterwards he became Goldman Sachs´ advocate to defend a  very undemocratic and irregular purchase of the decisive 18% 0f the equities the Danish crown jewel, DONG, by means of bribing the Danish Finance minister at the Copenhagen Bilderberg meeting. The minister  got a very lucrative post in reward. That purchase meant big gain for Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs – and a big loss for the Danish state.

Part of the plan for the new world order, as has been openly admitted by globalists and globalist publications, is the decline of the U.S. and the dollar system to make way for one world financial governance through the IMF as well as the Special Drawing Rights basket as a mechanism for the world reserve currency. The globalists WANT a less dominant U.S. and a more involved East, while the East continues to call for more control of the global economy by the IMF.

Brandon Smith, Activist Post 25 April 2018:  So, the great lie being promoted now is that the fall of the U.S. and the dollar is a “good thing” because it will result in “decentralization,” a “multi-polar” world order and the “death” of globalism. However, what is really happening is that as the U.S. falls globalist edifices like the IMF and the BIS rise.

We are moving from centralization to super-centralization.

Globalists have pulled a bait  to a re-branding of the new world order as some kind of decentralized paradise. (Soviet Union)

Con #3: Nationalism Is The Source Of War, And Globalism Will End It
If there’s one thing globalists have a love/hate relationship with, it’s humanity’s natural tribal instincts. On the one hand, they like tribalism because in some cases tribalism can be turned into zealotry, and zealots are easy to exploit and manipulate (Nazism). Wars between nations (tribes) can be instigated if the tribal instinct is weighted with artificial fears and threats.

On the other hand, tribalism lends itself to natural decentralization of societies because tribalism in its best form is the development of many groups organized around a variety of ideas and principles and projects. This makes the establishment of a “one world ideology” very difficult, if not impossible. The first inclination of human beings is to discriminate against ideas and people they see as destructive and counter to their prosperity. Globalists, therefore, have to convince a majority of people that the very tribalism that has fueled our social evolution and some of the greatest ideas in history is actually the source of our eventual doom.

Nationalism served the globalists to a point, but now they need to get rid of it entirely. This requires considerable crisis blamed on nationalism and “populist” ideals. Engineered war, whether kinetic or economic, is the best method to scapegoat tribalism. Every tragedy from now on must eventually be attributed to ideas of separation and logical discrimination against negative ideologies. The solution of globalism will then be offered; a one world system in which all separation is deemed “evil.”

Con #4: Globalism Is Natural And Inevitable
As mentioned earlier, globalists cannot have their “new world order” unless they can convince the masses to ask for it. Trying to implement such a system by force alone would end in failure, because revolution is the natural end result of tyranny.   Any hint that the public is being conned into accepting global centralization would trigger widespread resistance.

Globalism is the ancient dream of the Tower of Babel with its Masonic Luciferian mysteries – in defiance of God

This is why globalism is always presented in the mainstream media as a natural extension of civilization’s higher achievement.
Even though it was the dangerous interdependency of globalism that helped fuel the economic crisis of 2008 and continues to escalate that crisis to this day, more globalism is continually promoted as the solution to the problem. It is spoken of with reverence in mainstream economic publications and political discussions. It receives almost religious praise in the halls of academia. Globalism is socioeconomic ambrosia — the food of deities. It is the fountain of youth. It is a new Eden.

The Louise Weiss building in Strassbourg is the home of the EU Parliament for many sessions. It is modelled after the Tower of Babel – conceived by   Jesuit Rothschild´s – Council on Foreign Relations.

Obviously, this adoration for globalism is nonsense. There is no evidence whatsoever that globalism is a positive force for humanity. There is far more evidence that globalism is a poisonous ideology that can only ever gain a foothold through trickery and through false flags and here.

The globalists already have a solution prepackaged for us. They have been acclimating and conditioning the public to accept it for decades now. That solution will not bring what it promises. It will not bring peace, but eternal war. It will not bring togetherness, but isolation. It will not bring understanding, but ignorance.

When globalists eventually try to sell us on a full-blown new world order, they will pull out every conceivable image of heaven on Earth, but they will do this only after creating a tangible and ever present hell and here.


QUITO DECLARATION  habitat_iiiON SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND HUMAN SETTLEMENTS FOR ALL begins like this: We, the Heads of State and Government, Ministers and High Representatives, have gathered at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, with the participation of sub-national and local governments, parliamentarians, civil
society, indigenous peoples and local communities, the private sector, professionals and practitioners, the scientific and academic community, and other relevant stakeholders, to adopt a New Urban Agenda.

It is a vision of an Orwellian world order of centrally planned, “compact” mega-cities run and guided by UN dictates and under total surveillance – like in China, where 250 unwilling peasants are being moved into megcities. This was praised by EU Council Pres, van Rompuy! “It will shape the society of the future“, he said.

Here, a Danish Communist presents your future: Total lack of individuality and challenges. You are just a head of cattle under constant observation by Big Brother who demands you to love him (like Hitler and Stalin, and Mao)

In this manner,  you are being led by the nose – and do not notice it.
The NWO is one-World Communism under the leadership of occult Masonic forces and their Pharisaic masters. Their  methods are lying, cheating, murder (e.g. the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King), war, and brainwashing through the media of these sinister forces.

WAKE UP! You cannot stop this devilry – but you can still save your soul by jumping off the bandwagon. For the NWO wants to tear our soul from Christ to Lucifer, as he is an obstacle to their Jewish world hegemony . And this Satanic subversion is nearly completed acc. to former USSR agent


Activist Post 29 Apr. 2018: Dear diary, many of my colleagues are unhappy about the recent events in Syria. They are unhappy that Assad is still in power. However, I see the metaphorical glass as being half full. In a recent poll, 58% of Americans support the bombing of Syria and 19% have “no opinion.” This is wonderful news, since it shows how the vast majority of people are easily manipulated and are simply apathetic. In a democracy, the most important but least understood tool is propaganda. Let me share with you the fundamentals of a successful propaganda campaign.

Here are the five rules of public relations a.k.a propaganda:
Keep the message simple
Make it emotional
Don’t allow nuances or debates
Demonize the opposition
Keep repeating the message

Henry Makow April 29, 2018

Media Control Was Key to Jewish Strategy


The Conquest of the World by the Jews (1873), by Major Osman Bey (also known as Frederick Millingen)
reveals that Masonic Jews controlled Western media more than 150 years ago. This is how they initiated wars to decimate the goyim. More recently, why Syria is bombed after a bogus nerve gas attack that killed none while Israel kills over 40 unarmed Palestinian protesters and the media doesn’t cover it.
How did the “Jews” gain this control? As bankers, it was easy to finance their agents
(like Pulitzer, Ochs and Rupert Murdoch) to purchase the newspapers. Because of this control, the goyim have remained their mental prisoners to this day. The majority of Jews were not consulted and want to assimilate. Their security and that of humanity, in general, is jeopardized by the secret megalomaniacal agenda of  Jewish “leaders” and their Freemason flunkees.
“Against the few journals which the victim may put forth to defend his cause, the Jews have ready at all times a bullet shower of scoff and calumny, vomited forth from the lying mouths of hundreds of journals.”

We are satanically possessed.

John 8:44-47 New International Version (NIV)

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US-Verteidigungsminister Mattis: Iran-Israel-Konflikt in den “kommenden Tagen”

 DEBKAfile (Mossad)  28 Apr. 2018:  Mattis beschuldigte den Iran skeptisch, nicht nur seine Präsenz in Syrien auszubauen und zu verstärken, sondern auch fortschrittliche Waffen  für die Hisbollah in Syrien zu liefern. Mattis sagte, er glaube, dass eine militärische Konfrontation zwischen Israel und dem Iran in Syrien immer wahrscheinlicher werdeIsrael “will nicht warten, bis diese Raketen in der Luft sind und wir hoffen, dass der Iran sich zurückzieht.”

Diese Kommentare hatten eine Fortsetzung. Am Freitag gaben Beamte des Pentagon bekannt, dass US-Satelliten, Überwachungsflugzeuge, Drohnen und Schiffe Operationen zur Überwachung der Bewegung von mutmaßlichen iranischen Luftabwehr- und ballistischen Raketen in Syrien verstärkt hätten, und zwar “aufgrund der wachsenden Besorgnis, dass sie dazu benutzt werden könnten, Israel anzugreifen.”

Der US-Verteidigungsminister hatte offenbar Liebermans Präsentation gekauft, aber seine Reaktion enttäuschte Israel, berichten DEBKAfiles Militärquellen. Mattis sah mit äußerster Ernsthaftigkeit eine mögliche iranische oder Hisbollah-Attacke auf Israel in den nächsten Tagen, reagierte aber, indem er dem USS Harry S. Truman Flugzeugträger  befahl, vor Syrien zu kreuzen, um für diese Möglichkeit wachsam zu bleiben. Die Trump-Administration beabsichtigt eindeutig, in der Arena zu bleiben, bleibt aber bei der Entscheidung, die US-Truppenpräsenz in Syrien abzuziehen, was auch immer passieren mag, während das Zentrum der US-Militäroperationen stattdessen in den Irak und das Mittelmeer verlegt wird.

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US Defence Secretary Mattis: Iran-Israel Clash in the “Coming Days”

DEBKAfile (Mossad)  28 Apr. 2018: Mattis said he believes a military confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria is becoming increasingly likely. Israel “will not wait to see those missiles in the air and we hope Iran would pull back.” He flatly accused Iran of not only expanding and strengthening its presence in Syria but also “bringing advanced weapons for Hizballah through Syria.”

These comments had a sequel. On Friday, Pentagon officials disclosed that US satellites, surveillance aircraft, drones and ships had stepped up operations to monitor the movement of suspected Iranian anti-air and ballistic missiles inside Syria “due to rising concerns they could be used to strike Israel in the coming days.”

The US defense secretary had evidently bought Lieberman’s presentation, but his reaction disappointed Israel, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. He took with the utmost seriousness a possible Iranian or Hizballah attack on Israel in the coming days, but reacted by ordering the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier cruising opposite Syria to stay alert for this eventuality. The Trump administration clearly means to stay in the arena but is sticking to the decision to draw down the US troop presence in Syria, whatever may happen, while moving the center of US military operations instead to Iraq and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Konfrontation zwischen Israel und Russland scheint unausweichlich. Russland beliefert Syrien mit S300 Raketen. Israel: Wenn gegen unsere Kampfflugzeuge verwendet, werden wir sie vernichten!

Hier ist eine sehr alarmierende Ankündigung, durch Haaretz 25 April 2018  gebracht:

Russland plant, in naher Zukunft neue Luftverteidigungssysteme nach Syrien zu liefern, zitierte die Nachrichtenagentur RIA am Mittwoch das russische  Verteidigungsministerium. Steigende Spannungen mit Israel

The Jerusalem Post 25 Apr. 2018: Russland plant, bald ein Raketenabwehrsystem, als S-300 bekannt, nach Syrien zu entsenden, sagte Oberstleutnant des Verteidigungsministeriums, Sergei Rudskoi,  am Mittwoch vor Journalisten.
“Russische Experten werden weiterhin syrische Militärs ausbilden und ihnen vor allem beibringen, die neuen Raketenabwehrsysteme einzusetzen, die in naher Zukunft nach Syrien geliefert werden sollen”, sagte er der Nachrichtenagentur TASS zufolge.

Wir können russische Systeme in Syrien angreifen, sagt Israel nach  Androhungen “katastrophaler Folgen” (unten) – Haaretz 26 Apr. 2018.

Haaretz 26 April 2018:  Der israelische Verteidigungsminister, Avigdor Lieberman, sagte am Dienstag, dass Israel die in Russland hergestellten S-300-Luftabwehrsysteme in Syrien vernichten wolle, wenn sie gegen Israel eingesetzt würden.

“Eines sollte klar sein: Wenn jemand auf unsere Flugzeuge feuert, werden wir sievernichten”, sagte Lieberman in einem Interview mit der israelischen Website Ynet.
Kommentar: Und Israel wird Luftangriffe auf Hisbollah  und Iranische Revolutionsgarden in Syrien weiterhin fliegen. Die Konfrontation zwischen Israel und Russland ist also nur eine Frage von kurzer Zeit

Israel Today 17 April 2018: Das israelische Radio Arutz Sheva berichtete am Montag, dass die Regierung von Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu eine klare Botschaft an Russland gesendet habe, dass es sein fortgeschrittenes Luftverteidigungs-system S-300 an das syrische Regime nicht verkaufen dürfe.
Israels Warnung an Russland und die Möglichkeit, dass Russland Syrien ohnehin mit Luftschutzmaßnahmen versorgen wird, hat die Besorgnis verstärkt, dass die Region und vielleicht auch die Welt am Rande eines umfassenden Krieges stehen.

Times of India 20 Apr. 2018

“Russlands moralische Verpflichtung, an Syrien Luftverteidigung nicht zu verkaufen ist vorbei” – Lavrov.
Ex-Vorsitzender des Israelischen militärischen Nachrichtendienstes:” Wenn Syrien das S-300 System bekommt, wird Israel es in die Luft sprengen”.



DEBKAfile (Mossad) 23 Apr. 2018Russland hat die Anzahl der Armeeschiffe, die vom Schwarzen Meer durch den Bosporus nach Syriens Tartous fahren, verdoppelt, berichten DEBKAfiles militärische Quellen (Mossad). Die Beschleunigung des russischen Waffenhandels nach Syrien wurde in den letzten zwei Wochen festgestellt. Die Schiffe sind mit Containern beladen, die militärische Ausrüstung tragen. Es wird angenommen, dass sie Mengen von fortgeschrittenen S-300 Flugabwehrraketen enthalten, die für die Armee von Bashar Assad bestimmt sind, sowie  Panzersir-S1 Systeme mit kurzer Reichweite, die UAVs und Marschflugkörper abfangen können. Zu den Sendungen gehören auch große Mengen automatischer 30-mm-Kanonen und Radargeräte.

 Am Montag, den 23. April, gab es in Moskau die folgende Erklärung des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums: Wenn Israel die neuen Luftverteidigungssysteme angreifen, wird es “katastrophale Folgen” haben.

Sputnik 24 Apr. 2018: Anfang dieser Woche erklärte der russische Außenminister Sergej Lawrow, dass Moskau noch nicht entschieden habe, sein S-300-Langstrecken-raketensystem an Syrien zu liefern.

Was uns wichtig ist, ist, dass die Verteidigungswaffen, die die Russen Syrien geben, nicht gegen uns verwendet werden. Wenn sie gegen uns eingesetzt werden, werden wir gegen sie vorgehen”, sagte der israelische Verteidigungsminister Avigdor Lieberman gegenüber dem Medienkonzern Ynet.

Der Verteidigungsminister erklärte, dass Israel “sich nicht in Syriens innere Angelegenheiten einmische,” aber auf der anderen Seite wollen wir nicht zulassen, dass der Iran [das Land] mit fortschrittlichen Waffensystemen überschwemmt, die gegen Israel gerichtet sind.”

“Wenn uns jemand angreift, werden wir uns rächen, unabhängig davon, ob S-300, S-700 oder irgendetwas anderes dort ist”, sagte Lieberman.

Sputnik 15 Apr. 2018:  2016 belieferte  Russland einen anderen Rivalen Israels  und Verbündeten der syrischen Regierung, den Iran, mit S-300.

Haaretz 25 April 2018: Russische Heimeimeem Basis in Syrien – nun eine aktuelle Gefahr für Israel.

Hesekiel 38: 2 Du Menschenkind, wende dich gegen Gog, der im Lande Magog ist und der oberste Fürst in Rosch (in älteren Bibeln), Mesech und Thubal, und weissage von ihm.
5 Du führst mit dir Perser, Mohren und Libyer, die alle Schild und Helm führen, 6 dazu Gomer und all sein Heer samt dem Hause Thogarma, so gegen Mitternacht (Norden) liegt, mit all seinem Heer.  8 Nach langer Zeit sollst du heimgesucht werden. Zur letzten Zeit wirst du kommen in das Land, das vom Schwert wiedergebracht und aus vielen Völkern zusammengekommen ist, nämlich auf die Berge Israels, welche lange Zeit wüst gewesen sind; und nun ist es ausgeführt aus den Völkern, und wohnen alle sicher.
9 Du wirst heraufziehen und daherkommen mit großem Ungestüm; und wirst sein wie eine Wolke, das Land zu bedecken, du und all dein Heer und das große Volk mit dir. 15 So wirst du kommen aus deinem Ort, von den Enden gegen Mitternacht.
16 Solches wird zur letzten Zeit geschehen.
Ich will dich aber darum in mein Land kommen lassen, auf daß die Heiden mich erkennen, wie ich an dir, o Gog, geheiligt werde vor ihren Augen.

Hesekiel 39: 2 Siehe, ich will dich herumlenken und locken und aus den Enden von Mitternacht bringen und auf die Berge Israels kommen lassen.

Jeremia 1: 14,15:  “Und der HERR sprach zu mir: Von Mitternacht (Norden) wird das Unglück ausbrechen über alle, die im Lande wohnen.  Denn siehe, ich will rufen alle Fürsten in den Königreichen gegen Mitternacht, spricht der HERR, daß sie kommen sollen und ihre Stühle setzen vor die Tore zu Jerusalem und rings um die Mauern her und vor alle Städte Juda’s.

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Confrontation between Israel and Russia Seems unavoidable. Russia Delivering S300 to Syria. Israel: If used against Our Fighter Jets We Will Destroy Them

Here is a very alarming announcement brought by Haaretz 25 April 2018

Russia plans to deliver new air defense systems to Syria in the near future, RIA news agency cited Russia’s Defense Ministry as saying on Wednesday.

The Jerusalem Post 25 Apr. 2018: Russia plans to soon deliver an antiaircraft missile system, known as the S-300, to Syria, Defense Ministry’s Col.-Gen. Sergei Rudskoi told reporters on Wednesday.
“Russian experts will continue to train Syrian military servicemen, particularly teaching them to use the new missile defense systems that are planned to be delivered to Syria in the near future,” he said, according to the TASS news agency.

Haaretz 26 Apr. 2018.

Haaretz 26 April 2018:  Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that Israel may strike the Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems in Syria if they are used against Israel.

“One thing should be clear – if someone fires on our planes, we will destroy them,” Lieberman said in an interview with the Israeli website Ynet.

Comment: And Israel will go on making air attacks on Hezbollad and Iranian Revolution Guards in Syria. So the confrontation betweeen Israel and Russia is just a matter of short time

Israel Today 17 April 2018:  Israel’s Arutz Sheva radio reported on Monday that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent a clear message to Russia that it must not sell its advanced S-300 air defense system to the Syrian regime.
Israel’s warning to Russia, and the possibility that Russia will anyway supply Syria with advanced air defenses, has heightened concerns that the region, and perhaps the world, is on the brink of a major all-out war.

Times of Israel 20 Apr. 2018



DEBKAfile (Mossad) 23 Apr. 2018:  Russia has doubled the number of arms ships heading for Syria’s Tartous from the Black Sea through the Bosporus, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The acceleration of Russian arms traffic to Syria has been noted in the last fortnight. The vessels are loaded with containers holding military hardware. It is believed that they contain quantities of advanced S-300 air defense missiles bound for Bashar Assad’s army and short-range Pantsir-S1 systems capable of intercepting UAVs and cruise missiles. The consignments also  include large quantities of automatic 30mm cannons and radar equipment.

On Monday, April 23, high officials in Moscow released the following statement to Kommersant, a publication close to the Russian defense ministry: If Israel attacks the new air defense systems it will suffer “catastrophic consequences.”

Sputnik 24 Apr. 2018:  Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Moscow had not decided yet if would supply its S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to Syria.

“What’s important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won’t be used against us. If they’re used against us, we’ll act against them,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the Ynet media outlet.

The defense minister elaborated that Israel “doesn’t interfere in Syria’s internal affairs, but on the other hand we won’t allow Iran to flood [the country] with advanced weapons systems that would be aimed against Israel.”

If anyone attacks us, we will retaliate, regardless of S-300, S-700 [sic] or any anything else’s presence there,” Lieberman said.

Sputnik 15 Apr. 2018: In 2016, Russia delivered a S-300 to another Israeli rival power in the Middle East and an ally to the Syrian government, Iran.

Haaretz 25 April 2018: Russian Heimeimeem Base in Syria – now a present danger to Israel.
Ezekiel 38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him.
8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people
against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.
15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army.
And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes..
Ezekiel 39: And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel

Jeremiah 1: 14,15:  Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. For, lo, I will call all the families of the kingdoms of the north, saith the LORD, and they shall set every one his throne at the entering of the gates of Jerusalem, and against all the walls thereof round about, and against all the cities of Judah.

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EU-Kommission: Drittwelt-Massenzuwanderung zentral: EU hat EurAfrika-Verschmelzungsplan. EU will nicht an patriotische Länder zahlen, die keinen ethnischen Austausch wollen

Breitbart 24 April 2018: Nach Vorschlägen, die die  Financial Times gesehen, hat, werde Brüssel im Rahmen von Haushaltsreformplänen die  Finanzierung des Blocks an die “Werte”, zu denen auch die Massenzuwanderung gehört,  binden, wobei Milliarden von Euro an EU-Mitteln aus patriotischen Ost- und Zentralstaaten abgezogen werden.

Im EU-Haushaltsplan für die Zeit nach 2020, der im Entwurf des Dokuments vorgesehen ist, erscheint der 350-Milliarden-Euro-Fördertopf, der auf die Entwicklung der schwächeren Volkswirtschaften der Union abzielt, unter dem neuen Titel “Kohäsion und Werte”.

Die Umstellung auf ein System, in dem die Zuweisung von Mitteln auf viel breiteren Kriterien wie Zuwanderung, Umweltpolitik und Jugendarbeitslosigkeit basieren würde, würde laut den USA enorme Geldsummen von Ländern in Osteuropa in die südlichen Staaten des Kontinents umleiten, so die Financial Times.

Neben der Neugestaltung der Mittelverteilung strebt Brüssel auch die Einführung neuer Bedingungen für die Förderfähigkeit an, einschließlich der Einhaltung des (NWO-Freimaurer-) Gesetzes – eines Themas, mit dem die Kommission Polen den Krieg gegen Reformversuche der konservativen Regierung des Landes angepackt hat, das  eine korrupte und politisierte Justiz sei, die vom Kommunismus geprägt sei.

Kommissionspräsident Jean-Claude Juncker hat im vergangenen Jahr erklärt, dass die Union ohne einen riesigen Bevölkerungstransfer von Afrika nach Europa “verloren” sei, während eines Interviews, in dem er andeutete, dass es Pläne für eine Fusion der beiden Kontinente gebe.
Kommentar: Siehe Rothschild Banker Marionette Emmanuel Macron: 200 mio. Afrikaner innerhalb von 30 Jahren in EurAfrica.


Im Januar kommen-tierte Dimitris Avramo-poulos, der Kommissar für Migration,: “Es sind nicht die wirtschaft-lichen Probleme, die das europäische Projekt gefährdet haben, sondern die Migrations- und Flüchtlingskrise.”

Er erklärte, dass die Neuansiedlung der Bevölkerungen  der Dritten Welt auf dem gesamten Kontinent “direkt mit den Prinzipien und Werten verbunden ist, auf denen Europa beruht”. Er beschimpfte die Ansicht, dass eine Nation der Teilnahme an der EU-Quotenregelung entgehen könnte.

Coudenhove-Kalergi EU-Vater, hochrangiger Freimaurer und okkultist Coudenhove Kalergi predigte, dass künftige  Europäer  durch  Masseneinwanderung wie die alten Ägypter auszusehen sollten. (Er war mit 2 Jüdinnen verheiratet). Louis de Rothschild, Wien.
Rechts: Graf Coudenhove Kalergi

Laut seiner Autobiographie kam Kalergi Anfang 1924, durch den (österreichischen) Baron Louis de Rothschild (bemerken Sie Kalergis vertrauliche Verbindung mit Rothschild)  in Kontakt mit Max Warburg, der anbot, seine Paneuropäische Bewegung für die nächsten 3 Jahre zu finanzieren. Er gab ihm 60.000 Goldmark und verband ihn mit amerikanischen Illuminaten wie seinem Bruder und auch  Rothschild-Agent Paul Warburg, einem der beiden Gründer des Council on Foreign Relations und der Federal Reserve.

Geile Muslime sollen für Rassenmischung sorgen

Mehr über Coudenhove Kalergi hier.

Kalergi hat einen Nachfolger: Rothschild-Agent George Soros:
¨HIS MASTER´S VOICE”: EU-Kommissionspräsident Jesuit Jean-Claude Juncker und Rothschild Agent George Soros – der Rädelsführer hinter der Massenzuwanderung und hier  in  Freimaurerhandschlag.
Die Illuminaten wurden von jüdischen Jesuiten geschaffen. Die Rothschilds sind Illuminaten und Jesuiten


 Die EU wurde vom jesuitischen Council on Foreign Relations und seiner CIA gezeugt.

Am 28. Jan. 2017 schrieb ich: Ein Teufel geht um die Welt, der die alte Weltordnung mit seiner NGO “Open Society” unzweifelhaft finanziell und moralisch erschüttert. Sein Name ist George Soros.
Er ist  Finanz-Zionist und Rothschild-Agent. Seine neueste Teufelei ist der katastrophale europäische Massenimport von Muslimen. In der Folge hat er auch Zensur gegen unzufriedene Europäer durchgesetzt.
George Soros: “Ich gebe zu, dass ich immer ein übertriebenes Selbstbewußtsein hatte – um es ganz offen zu sagen, ich habe mich für eine Art Gott gehalten”. Dieser Spekulant wird immer größenwahnsinniger, je älter er ist (jetzt 86 Jahre alt – aber diese Art wird normalerweise viel älter).
Es ist eine Art Krankheit, wenn man sich selbst als eine Art Gott sieht, den Schöpfer von allem, aber ich fühle mich wohl dabei, seit ich angefangen habe, es zu leben”, sagte Soros der britischen Zeitung The Independent im Jahr 1993. Dies ist luziferische Apotheose!  (William F. Jasper, The New American 24 Jan. 2017).

Soros ist eine Ein-Mann-Illuminaten-Maschine: “Merkels Plan“, Europa mit Muslimen zu überschwemmen, ist George Soros ‘ Plan und hier in Kooperation mit dem Council on Foreign Relations

Peter Sutherlandwar Jude und Vorsitzender von Rothschilds Goldman Sachs Investment Bank sowie Leiter der europäischen Abteilung der Trilateralen Kommission und des Lenkungsausschusses der Bilderberg-Gruppe. Er war auch Sonderbeauftragter der Vereinten Nationen für den Generalsekretär für internationale Migration. Er drängte darauf, alle Muslime aufzunehmen, die nach Europa wollen!


Dies ist die 3. Säule des Euromediterranen Prozesses. – Mehr hier

Sutherland und seine Stammesgenoss(inn)en Soros and Merkel haben einen unheiligen Verbündeten: Papst Franziskus

Hier  ist aus dem UN-Ersatz-Zuwanderungsplan 2000 – 2050. Migramtenzahlen sind mit 1000 zu vervielfachen.

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