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Berlin´s “House of One”: NWO Interfaith Luciferianism´s Lust to Kill Christ Fusing “Christianity”, Islam, and Judaism

I have previously described how  Lucifer took over the world´s churches for his one-world empire, leaving practically nothing of the teachings of Christ behind. Some churches are even beginning to celebrate Muhammad´s birth at Christmas! Deutsche Welle 11.03.2018  reports on  … Continue reading

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Illuminati and Their Acolytes Working for Their “God” Lucifer to Have Your Soul. It´s so Easy: Just Accept Their NWO

It´s an old story: The Devil has a free hand with you and all mankind (John 14:30). This earth is Limbo where we are to be tested. The Devil is here on the Earth (Isaiah 14:12-14, Revelation 12:12) – while … Continue reading

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Luciferic Chabad Lubavitch in the White House and in The Kremlin. Masters of the World and Guarantors Of the Judgment Day and Our Dumbing down

 Humanity faces another catastrophic world war due to the hatred of Cabalist Jews (and their Masonic minions) feel for mankind. These Cabalist Jews are organized in a sect called Chabad (Lubavitch) which controls Donald Trump through his membership in Freemasonry … Continue reading

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Christopher Booker: Climate Groupthink Consensus. The Demagogic Lie of Communism, Nazism, Islam, Talmudism to Standardize Us once again for “the Big Common Cause”

ICCP chairman admits the Climate Change is politically commissioned fraud: “Let’s face it, we are an intergovernmental body and our strength and acceptability of what we produce is largely because we are owned by governments. If that was not the … Continue reading

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Sweden Now an Islamic State: Stockholm Court Judges by Sharia Law, Church Handed over to Allah, Freedom of Speech Banned because of Islam

Sputnik 6 March 2018: “The man stems from a good family, unlike the woman.” With this argument, a Swedish court has acquitted an Iraqi man charged with abusing his wife, sparking outrage over the first instance where “Sharia Law” was … Continue reading

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Merkel´s Proud “Integration” Life Lie Legacy. Reality: Proud Muslim Splashed with His Irritating Wife´s Blood. NO-Go-Zone Hell at Marxloh

The Daily Mail 5 March 2018: Man, who refers to himself as Abu Marwan in the video, stabbed wife 4 or 5 times In shocking video, he can be seen with blood on his face and a cut on his … Continue reading

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