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Rothschild Puppet Macron: Terror and Rape Fault of Europeans – Not Muslims. Europe Punishing Victims of Muslim Crimes, Calling Perpetrators “Victims”

Breitbart 1 May 2018:  Violent crime, terror attacks, and epidemic levels of sexual assault in Europe are “not linked” to mass migration, Pres. Emmanuel Macron has said, blaming “discrimination” and inequality for the phenomena. Speaking to George Washington University students … Continue reading

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Data Protection Declaration

Data Protection Declaration Scope This privacy policy is intended to inform the users of this website in accordance with the EU  Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act on the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of … Continue reading

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So Far Correct: Russians Foretell Preparations for Filmed US Gas Attack Psyop in Syria

The Russians have foretold upcoming US staged gas attack psyops in Syria several times – last the one at Douma. After such psyops staged by US allied Oscar winning White Helmets– an Al Qaeda branch and  so popular in NWO … Continue reading

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Israeli Knesset gives Netanyahu Carte Blanche to Start War. Trump Demanded Netanyahu´s Nuclear Bluff Speech. Israel Warns Putin. ISRAEL´S SAMSON OPTION

The Jewish state of Israel “has to be a mad dog, too dangerous to bother”- Moshe Dayan). * Gilad Atzmon 1 May 2018 (converted Jew):  Yesterday PM Netanyahu provided a fascinating glimpse into a psychotic tribal mind. A clown who … Continue reading

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US Wild West NWO Policy: Shoot First – and Ask No Questions, Ban Proofs. NO Proof of Gas Attack in Douma, So US DoD. Russia will not Allow Further False Flags. Lawyers Prove 9/11 an Inside Crime.

Russia’s envoy to the OPCW said it was crucial to avoid new false-flag attacks in Syria and that Moscow “won’t allow” US military action there, as he described details of Russian findings on the site of the alleged Douma incident. … Continue reading

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Closed Security Cabinet Emergency Session in Israel over Iranian Nuclear Program – after Attacks on Iran in Syria. Mossad: “Make War by Deception”: Netanjahus Bluff Speech. Trump Swallows Hook and Sink!

DEBKAfile (Mossad) 30 Apr. 2018: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is reported to be preparing to address the nation at 8 pm Monday night, April 30, in connection with the Iranian nuclear program. The emergency security cabinet session he called earlier … Continue reading

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