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Gladio B – The US JSOC: The Devil, His Works and His Ways – Trainer of Al Qaeda and ISIS

There is a decisive factor in geopolitics today which goes practically unnoticed. It is called Gladio B. It is the background and motivation for perpetual Orwellian “war on terror“ and  here,  and the US Congress has  declared WWIII against Al-Qaeda   … Continue reading

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Rothschild Agent US Senator John McCain´s and Israel´s Strategy: ISIS Caliphate, Tripartition of Iraq, Greater Israel, Final Religious War, “True Light of Lucifer´s Doctrine”

Abstract: When the Balfour Declaration was created in 1917 by Walter Rothschild’s Round Table and the British government, the intent was not to rectify the wrong / God´s punishment  in the years of 70 and 132  AD  by the Romans … Continue reading

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