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East-West Theatre I: Skeleton of NWO-Crises to Converge Regions into One-World Government

The following shows how the NWO actors play a deceptive game to delude us into their Luciferian and Communist one world state. They know we believe them when their media repeat their lies  incessantly. Therefore, they are successful I: The … Continue reading

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Syrian Tragic Theatre: East-West War Rhetoric and Preparations Spiralling upwards. A New State, Kurdistan, Is Being Engineered

Abstract: In Syria, several wars are being fought with virtually all countries of the “civilized” world as participants: 1) ”Rebels”/ISIS (who are mostly not Syrians but foreign jihadists from all over the world against Pres Al-Sadat 2) Russia is fighting … Continue reading

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Syrien: Brennpunkt des Zusammenpralls zwischen Russland und USrael – Trumps Chance, Amtsenthebung zu meiden

Präsident Trump ist in Notlage, weil er gegen die neue Weltordnung der London City gepredigt hat. Rothschilds Medienkontrolle,  die Bestechung  des US-Senats durch  sein AIPAC haben sogar dafür gesorgt, dass die Neocon Republikaner sich gegen ihn wenden – alle warten auf den … Continue reading

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Syria – Hotbed of Clash between Usrael and Russia – and Trump´s Chance to Avoid Impeachment

President Trump is in dire straits because he has preached against the London City´s New World Order. Rothschild´s media control, his AIPAC´s bribing the US Senate has led even the Neocon Republicans to turn against him – all waiting for the right error … Continue reading

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EU Commission to Safely Transfer Asia´s and Africa´s Needy Populations to Europe – and Punish Unwilling Countries

Abstract: In 2015, EUs “High Representative” told an Arab audience that the Sharia is Europe´s future. She also told another Arab audience: “so much unites us in a common future”. What she precisely did mean was betrayed  in statements by EU’s Vice President … Continue reading

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Rothschilds Plan for EU after Brexit – Revealed by His Famous Agents

After the Brexit referendum, Rothschild agent George Soros wrote a thought-provoking exciting post on his propaganda site “Project Syndicate 25 June 2016: First,  he prophesies the dismantlement not only of Britain, but even the EU (and His master pulls  the strings of his Masonic puppets). … Continue reading

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