ISIS and Lucifer´s Marrakech Pact: Greatest Deception in Human History

We have a ‘Trump Shutdown’ as a Christmas present,” she said before pausing to correct herself, “a holiday present to the American people,” (Dem. House Chair Woman, Nancy Pelosi).


The following springs from Masonic hatred of Jesus Christ and his teachings – the only obstacle to the City of London´s Masonic Luciferic  and  here and here one-world communist state/governance, the NWO.
When this satanic project becomes threatened by “populists” (the peoples who insist on their own right – not the Masonic elite´s – world order – this arrogant elite becomes desperate and need false flag dramas as an excuse to introduce state of emergency – as in France after the 2105 false flags and de facto now after Strassbourg- to stay in power.The tragic thing is that what the populists of the Yellow Vest Movement openly demand is exactly the goal of the City of London Illuminti : One-world Comunism. These populists are led by Rothschild agent George Soros´ Open Society, in all probabiity – like all previous colour revolutions.

Another  example is the Danish Prime Minister, Lökke Rasmussen, who could not  mobilize one minister to go to Marrakech to acclaim the UN Global Compact for Migration and here – the biggest treason since the Lisbon Treaty was imposed on us in spite of being rejected in referenda – and the Danes were cheated of a promised referendum.

Now Lökke has become paranoid: He had intended to have the Migration Pact adopted in secretiveness – but bloggers made the scheme known nationwide – and I warned not only him but the entire Parliament with irrefutable references – and thus the foundation of the government was shaken – and some media were fuming with indignation and anger.
So Lökke now desperately tries to tell us that this agreement is not judicially binding – but will facilitate the return of refugees. However, if it is not binding, the dictators are not bound either to take their citizens back – and most migrants do not state their country of origin or come from countries with death penalty or some other excuse to keep them.
For as German Finance Minister Schäuble states: There is no hope of returning most of meigrants. In future migrants will have the same rights as refugees  – migrants having to be treated with respect to human rights.

Lökke knows he cannot fool us and that his party will be severely punished in the upcoming election  – and now tries to blame the outcry on “conspiracy theorists” using Robots to spread the same messages on the internet!! He knows he killed democracy and Denmark in favour of the Sharia in Marrakech – paving the road for Macron´s EurAfrica with 200 mio. Africans to Europe by 2050.
But what does he care? He knows that a fat NWO job waits for him as reward for his giant treason . as he knows from  his predecessor Fogh Rasmussen (NATO secr. gen.) and former finance minister Corydon (fat job with Rothschild partner) for betraying the Danes as well as former EU Commission Pres. Barroso.


News Africa 1o Dec. 2018:  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, The heads of the Spanish, Greek, Danish, Portuguese and Belgian governments had also confirmed their arrival.
But the decision of the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel to go to Marrakech blew up his government coalition with the Flemish nationalists of the N-VA, after several days of arm wrestling.
There are around 750  million mobile and migrant people in the world.

Some countries withdrew under pressure from their constituencies. Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Israel, Australia, Italy and Japan pulled out of the GCM,  and now Brail, too, many of them led by right-wing or populist governments.


Russia Today 12 Dec. 2018  The Strassbourg attack left three people dead and and 13 wounded. The suspect, swiftly identified on surveillance and video recordings. He was to be arrested Tuesday morning in a homicide-robbery case, yet when the investigators arrived at his home, he was not there. Grenades were found during the search, according to French media.
He was known to French intelligence as a possible ‘security risk,’ yet managed to slip through the cracks despite tightened security across France.
If this person was recognized by the French secret service as a threat, he should have been put in jail right away,” Denis Franceskin, a representative of the French National Rally political party in the US, told RT. “This guy was totally free to go anywhere. And this is a big problem. We have thousands of people that are under the S-file in France and our government is doing nothing.”

There are so many people that are involved around the edges of this sort of terrorism if this is what it turns out to be, that you can’t keep any sort of meaningful surveillance on them.

Russia Today 12 Dec. 2018 The suspect, Cherif Chekatt, 29, was born and raised in Strasbourg, but his activities in the North Eastern French city apparently raised red flags: Suspected of being “radicalized,” Chekatt was placed on a terror watch list and was known to intelligence services as a potential security risk. Chekatt was convicted of crimes no less than 27 times in Germany, France and Switzerland.

He was on France’s “Fiche S”, a national register of those considered a potential risk to national security. Minister of the interior Castaner, in the early hours of Wednesday, announced France was raising its security level to the highest alert. The attack comes during a period of intense tension across France after four weeks of civil unrest by anti-government protesters from the gilets jaunes movement



The Daily Mail 12 Dec. 2018Rita Katz, director of SITE – which monitors terror activity – tweeted that extremists were telling others to ‘rejoice’ and ‘give good news’ after the shooting, which claimed two lives and left another ‘brain dead’.

Supporters of the terror group ISIS had recently posted a picture of Father Christmas kneeling in front of a masked Israeli  ISIS´  Jihadist Johnny,  Katz pointed out. (Note: This photo wears Rita Katz ´ stamp – exactly as the false flag “executions” of Foley and here and Sotloff – provenly filmed at Jewish Rita Katz ´ Mossad studio in Tel Aviv. Russian video exposing the fraud has been deleted by Youtube censorship!

Look here

SITE Intelligence was founded by Jewish Rita Katz (left) and her partner, Josh Devon and associated with Israeli  intelligence .
Katz is of the al Baghdadi clan

What I cannot forgive them – apart from  yet another false flag operation to start another big war –  is that they consider us to be so stupid that they re-use the same stunt to launch 2 MSM deceptions, seemingly against their own ally, ISIS, which the United States, NATO,  as well as  Israel and the Golf States, have funded, trained and armed, and which is led by a  Mossad-Jew, al Baghdadi.

james foley-beheaded


 Both the “Foley and the Sotloff executions” are staged bluff, using the same scenario for 2 scam “executions” and staged at the US-government´s office for fraudulent stunts, Israeli intelligence´s  SITE, which seems not very intelligent, but apparently cost-conscious!! The Times and other major MSM had to admit the Foley video was a staged spectacle.

 This whole scam becomes even more absurd through John McCain meeting with the ISIS leader  who is a …. Jewish Mossad Agent!

Associated Press stated that “the 30-minute video of Father Christmas´beheading was obtained (= produced) by the SITE Institute” and had provided a copy to the AP.

Notorious Blackwater USA cites SITE Institute as “An Invaluable Resource” in its May 9, 2005, Blackwater Tactical Weekly newsletter.

The Daily Mail 12 Dec. 2018: Katz wrote: ‘Indeed ISIS initiated a campaign urging  lone wolf attacks in the West during Christmas celebrations—evoking 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack’.

 Another poster goes:  ‘If you are unable to make a bomb or get a gun or bullet, then put your efforts into finding the kafir alone, the American or the French infidel or any of their allies and smash his head with a stone’
t continues: ‘or cut his neck with a knife, or hit him with your car, or throw him from a high place, or strangle him, or put poison for him, but never give up. Burn his house car or trade or destroy his farm, and if you are unable, spit in his face.’
Reminds of the Jesuit oath and gives a hint at who is really behind the Islamic invasion of Europe

Britain is on high alert for a repeat or copycat attack, with armed officers patrolling Christmas markets up and down the country. Plain-clothes detectives are also being deployed to blend in with the crowds.

What a mobilisation to fight the Muslims these very elitists are inviting and transporting to Europe in ever increasing masses.  The intelligence admits they are too many to be surveilled: THIS SHOWS THE VERY EVIL INTENTIONS OF THE ELITE. For they know very well about their mocked or real Masonic blood sacrifices to their God Lucifer.

As in the The 7/7 London bombs and again in March 2017 and  Paris  and here the Boston Marathon bombings in April of 2013, and the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC., Nice, and Orlando and Berlin and the  Brussels false flag attack and here and particularly hereas well as Barcelona etc. and another 42 governmentally admitted false flags. and every other terrorist Muslim action there is a stench of false flag: Police/intelligence knowing the perpetrators an letting them lose again – often never finding them.
Besides all governments are guilty of these real or fictive murders for having imported members of the world´s most murderous religion – Islam (e.g. Sword verse 9:5, abrogating all peaceable verses – with the declared purpose of conquering and subduing us (e.g. sura 33:27) – and participating in wars to drive the Muslims to Europe.

But no wonder – for they have a common god


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