Putin: “World in very Dramatic State of Transformation”. Marrakech End of Democracy for Macron´s EurAfrica with 200 Mio. African Immigrants by 2050

Tass 8 Dec. 2018:Pres. Putin: “The world on the whole is in a state of transformation. It is a very powerful and dynamically evolving transformation.”It is a very dramatic situation in the history of our country. This dramatic situation is unfolding across the world as well as in our fate,” he noted.

Indeed, the world  IS BEING transformed.

Breitbart 11 Dec. 2018: 13 countries in which half or more of the adult population said they wanted to migrate to another country, with Sierra Leone (71 per cent) topping the list for its proportion of would-be migrants, followed by Liberia (66 per cent) and Haiti (63 per cent).

More than 750 million people want to migrate to another country permanently, according to Gallup research published Monday, as 150 world leaders sign up to the controversial UN global compact which critics say makes migration a human right.
Regionally, the desire to migrate was found to be highest in sub-Saharan Africa, where 33 per cent



The UN is pressing its  Climate-one-world ideology fraud forwards in Poland  with a World-Eco-Court-of Justice to be the supreme decision on all pertaining to climate, nature and ecology (which is nearly everything).  At the same time, the UN has drummed “our” brainwashed Masonic politicians together to meet in Marrakech, Tunisia, to pass the UN´s Global Migration Pact and here giving all migrants a legal refugee status, safe journey to Europe, where they will live better than Europe´s indigenous poor   – and where they can freely build their mosques and fill the Post-Christian vacuum with their violent and hateful Islam in order to rule over us and take our lands and houses – as e.g. Koran sura 33:27 commands.

Below:  Reuters 10 Dec. 2018

  Transforming our world

Below: Jyllands-Posten.dk 10 Dec. 2018:
Forget the debate as not binding: Why must we actually have the UN´immigration Pact? It is a disgrace that Denmark signs this UN Pact without foregoing democratic debate.

The Guardian 10 Dec. 2018: Merkel, who welcomed hundreds of thousand of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan into her country, received a standing ovation on Monday after an impassioned speech in which she said the UN was founded after the second world war and spoke of the “incredible suffering on humankind” wrought by the Nazi regime.

The compact, she said, is about “nothing less than the foundation of our international cooperation”.

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, said that signing the compact would place “my country … on the right side of history” (Of Masonic history – not of the awakening peoples).
Critics argue the accord could challenge national sovereignty and say they fear an influx of migrants.

It was rejected by President Donald Trump a year ago. Since then Austria, which holds the EU presidency, has pulled out of the process, along with Australia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and the Dominican Republic.Six countries, among them Israel and Bulgaria, are debating whether to quit the deal.

On Friday, the US described the pact as “an effort by the United Nations to advance global governance at the expense of the sovereign right of states”.

Foresti said the accord’s status as not legally binding did not mean it would not work. The Paris climate change agreement, she said, was a hybrid of legally and non-legally binding.
Invest in Africa’s youth before migration to Europe doubles, says UN official
“The global compact for migration will help governments work together to better manage migration and ensure that people making cross-border journeys can do so in a legal, orderly and safe way. Note: Now it´s called journeys – no longer migration!!)

The number of people living outside their country of birth globally has surged to more than 250 million.

Unicef described the pact as a “historic achievement” for children and states alike.

Laurence Chandy, of Unicef, said: “ Imagine if alternatives to migration detention for children were adopted globally, and the number of detained children fell from a million today to zero. Imagine if we could close the gap in access to education and health for migrant children so that such inequities did not exist .”
And how all these children could be reunited with their parents, grandparents and 5-o 6 siblings!!
But worse:
On page 11, the UNICEF  Manual Climate Change and Transformation, talks about “to help children become agents of change.” The term “agents of change” is used five times in the Manual. In addition, it twice refers to “adolescents as climate change agents.”  “The scaling up and mainstreaming of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction needs to be ensured throughout the education sector.”

In Denmark we have a prime minister with all hallmarks of high Freemasonry.

The Danes   have not learned much  about this shameful Marrakech Pact: the media have not told very much about it except Jyllands-Posten – JP) – and only when the 2. largest party in Parliament (DF) brought it out.  Within the past 24 hours i brought an objective matter-of-fact comment on the Pact and “our” prime minister in the JP. Within 1/2 hour, in both cases, not only my but also the other very angry comments had been deleted!

Over the past 3 months I have written 3 times  to the prime minister as well as 4 times to  the integration minister and to the speaker of the DF  and told what that pact contains.
I had 4 questions – no anwer except for the reception of the mails:

I wrote about Pres. Macron´s statement about EurAfrica with 200 mio. African ( +Asian) immigrants to Europe over the next 30 years.
I sent the prime minister  a list of the 5 royal and noble traitors who for selfish reasons have betrayed Denmark – costing hundreds of thousands of lives of lives  – and every time a bite of original Denmark with forceful and murderous  integration into Sweden and Germany after bloody wars. I placed “our” prime minister as number 6 on the list!

Nevertheless,  Prime Minister Lökke Rasmussen insisted on sending a minister to Marrakech to approve of the plan. However, he could not find one of his ministers willing to go to Marrakech – all afraid for their political future due to increasing anger in the electorate.
So in the end the prime minister had to go himself – but from home, he was forced to tell his one-worlder colleagues that Denmark did not see migration as a human right and that Denmark would not change its immigration policy by one comma!! He was joined by the Netherlands.
Comment: Oh, how short is the memory and how big is the cowardice and the opportunism of  politicians!

So why did the prime minister go to Marrakech? JP-Bloggers believe he is aiming at a fat EU post – after he has taken care to lose the next election. That´the way the NWO works!

Stupidly, to diminish the inevitable loss of his party at the upcoming parliamentary election, he has time and again said the pact is not legally binding – and that it will facilitate the return o migrants. Of course, he knows he lies: Most migrants bring no papers and will not tell which country they come from. Besides, dictators and death penalty prevail in those countries – wherefore the human rights of the UN and the EU forbid return. As for the few remaining migrants, the UN does say they have a human right to migrate to us. And if we do not see the Marrakech Pact to be binding – why should Africa´s dictators take their citizens back?

 Nor was the Paris  climate fraud pact legally binding – and nevertheless, Denmark is pouring money into fighting harmless  CO2 and has brainwashed the population to demonstrate and demand the government to cost much more money on saving the – totally natural – climate.
And this all the while the people demand more welfare, which is being reduced in order to give the many migrants a better life than that of many Danes to cope with UN and EU “human rights”.
At the same time the blind people demand access for more refugees and rage against us who warn against the mass immigration.

Reuters 10 Dec. 2018:

This UN and its NWO is the game of a Masonic/Pharisaic  Jewish elite which has the money of the world at their disposal to bribe and intimidate key politicians and the media.
Freemasonry is Judaism for non-Jews and here. The  City of London behind the whole misery and their masters, the rulers of rulers, the Chabad Lubavitch, are  Judaist Pharisees and Satanists (John 8:44).
This elite is behind the intended destructive  mass immigration to Europe and here.


But now “our” media which they also control try to have us pity the Jews because the Jew-hating Muslims they keep bringing in to pester us  persecute their inhedited enemies.

And we swallow it raw!! I am afraid the Jews are rightly calling us goyim (cattle)!

The following will bring any Pharisee/Zionist Jew and their brainwashed acolytes to dance with joy,for: OUR NWO “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS” – BUT FIRST MAKE THE CHAOS

Reuters 10 Dec. 2018

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