Top of Hypocrisy: Masonic West Tries to Blame Its Declared “Unavoidable” EurAfrica Immigration Tsunami with 200 Mio. African Immigrants by 20150 on Putin

The Daily Mail 14 Oct. 2018:  The discovery that Russia is moving troops and missiles into war-torn Libya has rightly caused alarms to sound throughout the capitals of Europe.It is a step of huge significance, and one with potentially disastrous results for Western nations.
Libya has both oil and Mediterranean ports, and Russia is hungry for both – cause enough for concern, perhaps.

Earlier this year, the Tunisian authorities took possession of a ship flying the Panamanian flag which was found to be carrying 24 containers of Russian military equipment and 66 Russian military transport vehicles. The ship was bound for Libya.

There are also plausible reports that Russian missile systems – thought to include the Kalibr anti-ship missiles and S-300 air defence missiles – are now established on Libyan soil.

Russia even has a tame Libyan warlord with his own ‘National Army’. Putin has for some time been cultivating 75-year-old Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar (a naturalised American who, after helping put Colonel Gaddafi in power in 1969, eventually fled to the US after the two men fell out).
Today, he is the main recipient of Russian arms and money, including notes printed on Moscow presses.

Now, by establishing military bases in the port cities of Tobruk and Benghazi, Putin has raised the nightmare prospect that Moscow could soon take control of that migrant flow, turning it on and off like a tap. And that means threatening European governments who oppose him with outright political chaos in reply.

The Russian presence in Libya has been building for months. In the port cities, it comes in the shape of private military companies such as the Wagner and RSB groups, tough-guy contractors who, while not formally part of the Russian army, nonetheless work closely with Putin’s paramilitary GRU.

These contractors have also been seen in eastern Libya, near the border with Egypt, where they have been defending critical oil wells against Libya’s many armed militias. They have also been training Libyan troops and providing intelligence for the Libyan army.

What will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans?’ asked the dictator (Gadafi). ‘We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united Continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions.’

Indeed, it was Gaddafi’s sudden removal in 2011 – thanks to America, Britain and France’s vainglorious attempt at regime change – that established Libya as the number one staging post for migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

And exactly this mass immigration  decreed by Rothschild´s paid agent and EU father, Coudenhove Kalergi, was the only logical goal of the otherwise silly invasion of Libya – besides introducing a Rothschild central bank, of course.
For French President and  Rothschild Banker, as well as NWO one-world state advocate, Emmanuel  Macron, has clearly proclaimed the goal: EurAfrica with another 200 mio. African immigrants by 2050 and here.

Blaming the EU-desired mass immigration – and introduction of “political Islam” aka the Sharia on Putin is just another mendacious excuse to hide the EU´s Masonic foul plan to destroy white Europe, its culture and deplorable remnants of the teachings of Christ in favour of total chaos on which to build their one-world communist NWO.

On 25 June 2015 Mogherini stated: “Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future. I am not afraid to say that political Islam (= the Sharia) should be part of the picture.
“Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe, they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are.

But by now everybody should be totally aware of what Europe is becoming: An Islamic entity like North Africa today!
And that is not Putin´s fault but that of “our” Masonic political EU stooges .


Brussels, 26 ovember 2008
A6-0356/2007 – p.29 Explanatory Statement
“It (the European Union) sprogressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the Illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man”.



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