How Rothschild´s Banks and Their stooges Cheated 10 European Treasuries of 55 bn Euros – and by Means of Their Central Banks of Much More

An incredible tax fraud perpetrated by the City of  London´s investment  banks has drained Europe´s treasuries of more than 55 bn. euros.

Radio Denmark 18 Oct. 2018:  A network, consisting of stock traders, banks and lawyers in Europe’s largest financial cities, London and Frankfurt, has for years been behind a special tax fraud, the sole purpose of which is to draw large amounts out of European treasuries, acc. to  #CumExFiles.
Virtually all investment banks did partake,  a former director of JP Morgan in London and key person in the network, Aniel Anand, explained in a German police inquiry in 2017.

The tax evasion has been systematically carried out by international major banks at least since 2001, reveals the material.

Radio Danmark (DR)  in collaboration with media from all over Europe, can document how the national coffers in a number of countries have lost more than 55 bn euros  to people who have cheated with tax on income in every possible way.

In country by country, the same people, companies and banks have cashed tax returns that they had never paid.

The worst thing is, if the tax fraud is also been used to get the same tax return several times.

In Belgium, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, tax  has been returned from the treasury to people who have never paid it.
In France, Spain and Italy, excise tax speculation has been used to avoid paying taxes.
By far, Denmark and Germany have been most hit, where the same tax on dividends has been drawn many times out of the treasury.


1. Make a fund in a country where you will not have to pay tax of returns, Denmark and Germany have an agreement with e.g. the US that acertain kind f pension funds do not have to pay tax of returns if they invest in Danish shares)

2. Let your fund borrow a lot of of shares on  return payment day

3. Pay al your helpers and keep the rest (of the returns) foor yourself.

4. Send the receipt to the taxation authorities and demand the moneyy back, that the real shareholder has paid.

5. Give the shares back

6. Have your deposit bank print a certification that your fund had the shares when returns were paid and tax was drawn

7. See to it that the real owner also lives in a place where he must not pay returns tax. Both your fund, which borrowed the shares,  the the real owner now claim the returns tax back.
You can both prove that you had the shares on the day of Returns payment – but only one of you has paid the tax.

8. Repeat 1-7 and lend the shares many times – remember to do it on the day of returns payment so that both v can prove they had the shares on the day the tax was paid. Claim  the tax back as often as the shares have changed owner,

Among the banks that appear in the investigation material and which have perpetrated the scam or been directly involved in different ways, especially in Germany, are:

Barclays, Deutsche Bank (Both members of Rothschild´s London Bullion Associaation, which fixes gold price  twiice daily), Merrill Lynch (Rothschild Bank of America), JP Morgan (Rothschild´s US Bank) , Morgan Stanley (Rotschild is big shareholder), BNP Paribas (one managing director is Marcia Rothschild), Banco Santander (under Rothschild control), Investec (former Rothschild & Sons Australia- Rothschild is adviser), Hypovereinsbank and Macquarie Bank (i.a. City of London).

These are Rothschild banks – with the exception of the last two, and the 55 bn Euros are just water in comparison   to what the Rothschilds earn from looting the world´s peoples by their central banks which dominate the economies of all the world´s countries – except for 3 “rogue states”.

The Rothschilds are calculated/estimated to own 242 – 500 trillion dollars – or about half of the world´s wealth – with tremendous influence  on the other half as well. No doubt the 500 trillion is a low estimate.
The above is typical of the way the Rothschilds have acquired their inconceivable wealth: Superhuman intelligent theft. They are not of this world. They are Frankist satanists practicing holy sin.  Acc. to Fritz Springmeyer, there is aways a place for Satan at Rothschild´s table,

Nathan Rothschild outsmarted the British government in the morning after the Battle of Waterloo 1815 and took over the Bank of England for a song. Since then Rothschild continued the trick  and  now control the world´s money supply.

We are all just slaves of Rothschild´s central and investment banks .

In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned or controlled Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran.

The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild Family are: Cuba, North Korea, Iran – and Syria.

In many cases, the documents reveal how tax evasion, especially as it has been carried out in Germany, has been directly approved by the banks’ management.
– When the transactions were devised, we discussed them and submitted them to the Internal Control Departments (Tax, Accounting, Law, etc.) for approval, explains the former director of JP Morgan in London, Aniel Anand.


Sanjay Shah has previously stated through his spokesman that he has  only used a loophole in the law and has not done anything illegal.

Several banks have  answered us in writing:

“Barclays has not conducted trading strategies related to Denmark or other European countries (except Germany) … The transactions in Germany were carried out by Barclay’s” Structured Capital Markets “team, which was closed in early 2013.”

“As a major player in the financial market, Deutsche Bank was involved in some of its customers’ cum ex transactions. Deutsche Bank cooperates fully with the authorities, discloses information and helps address facts in the case. ”

“The prosecutors in Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich have launched a criminal investigation against current and former employees in the Hypoverinsbank for the purpose of testing whether they have claimed tax evasion …”

The Macquarie Bank acknowledges that it has carried out various variants of tax fraud against Germany, Switzerland and France, but refers to “one of more than 100 financial institutions on the market, which was withdrawn in 2012.”
In addition, the bank refers to the fact that estimates had been obtained from lawyers who said that the transactions were legal.

JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Banco Santander did not answer DR’s inquiries.

Aniel Anand has not responded to DR’s inquiry.



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