Jesuit Pope Francis about to Canonize the Masonic Pope who enthroned Satan as Head of the Church – Calling Himself the “Smoke of Satan”!

The following shows how sick the Catholic church is:

National Catholic Register 13 Febr, 2018 Pope Francis has said he will proclaim Blessed Paul VI a saint later this year, and joked that he and Benedict XVI are “on the waiting list.”

“Paul VI will become a saint  this year.
As Pope, he oversaw much of the Second Vatican Council, which had been opened by Pope St. John XXIII. He also promulgated a new Roman Missal in 1969.

But was he a saint – a  Luciferian and here  and here and here Mason?

And is Francis the spiritual heir of Paul VI?

The American Conservative 13 Oct. 2018: The Pope opens up for new paths for families than the traditional core family.

Well what is it about Paul VI?
 He was the head of the Church when the Vatican made Satan head of the Church and here.

Eye Witness Father Malachy Martin testifies that Lucifer and Masonry rule in the Vatican:

Paul VI continued Pope John XXIII´s Freemasonry in the Vatican.

It has been claimed that Giovanni Montini (Paul VI) was a Jew. At least the forces behind the 2 Vatican Council were Crypto Jews.

Be that as it may:    Freemasonry is is Judaism for Non-Jews – and both are satanism, Freemasonry shaped by the Jesuits – the stooges of Jewish Chabad Lubavitch and Pharisees.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit.

Paul VI (Montini) was a Mason

Satanism had always been part of the Catholic church, since bishops of Rome like Cornelius and Stephan (a relative of Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus) turned the church into a political institution wanting to rule the world with kings and emperors as their vassals. This ambition was passed on to the Jesuit´s Illuminati (1776) and  Freemasons (1781 – Wilhelmsbad Conference)  

Paul VI became pope on 21 June 1963. One week later – in the night of 28/29 June 1963 – he was the pope who in a black mass  enthroned Satan as the head of the Catholic Church  with  Satanist Albert Pike´s  US Southern Division Of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Charlston tuned in.

Pope Paul VI was a Freemason and Communist Soviet agent

Chiesa Viva Luglio-Agosto 2012 Paul VI with the Masonic Templar cross meaning: 1 Phallus cult associated with the Mother of Jewish Satanic Cabalism 2. Cult of man 3. Lucifer cult

Below: Pope Francis´coat-of arms. Turned upside-down, it forms the  Baphomet headthe inverted Pentagram. This accounts for the pedophilia, an element of Satanism,  of the Catholic church.



Pope-with-templar crossesBelow:  Jesuit Pope Francis wearing the Templar cross of  Freemasonry – a child of  Jesuits

Since this satanic black mass, Freemasonry has ruled in the Vatican – fostering the satanic papal Interfaith, and here where the pope annually gathers pagan religious leaders from all over the world, praying with them to the one god with so many names: Allah (who says he will kill anyone saying he has a son (e.g. Koran sura 9:5), Krishna, Manitou and whatever.

Jewish B´nai B´rith Masonic lodge has appointed Pope Francis  head of the one-world church and here.

The Catholic Church simply serves him whom Jesus Christ called “The Prince of the World (John 14:30) aka Lucifer.  Pope Saint Paul VI said it: The Church has the smoke of Satan – and this saint pope to be was the smoke  – a stench which never disappeared – but has increased!

And like metastases the stench has spread to London Protestant church St. Andrews

Pope Benedict is also on board – here  in Masonic handshake with Tony Blair

And of course Pope Francis is a little clearer in his expression of who hi god is: Here showing the Devil´s horns


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