Pakistan: “Hang Christian Asia”. “After me the Deluge”: What Soullessness in the Voting Room and Media is Bringing over Our Children

In December of this year, “our” Masonic politicians are going to sign the Global Compact Migration aka the  Marrakesh  Agreement making all Muslims “legal” refugees. They are the bricks to build Pres. Macron´s “Unavoidable EurAfrica” – securing 200 mio. Africans (+ the Arabs) free, safe migration into Europe – as I have described and written about to all members of the Danish parliament as well as to Denmark´s biggest newspapers – all without one single reaction.

This means we are  handing Europe over to the Islamic Sharia in our indifference and cowardice..

What that means for our childeren and grandchildren yo can see here.

Russia-Today 14 Oct. 2018: Several thousand protesters hit the streets of Pakistan calling for the Christian woman accused of insulting Islam be put to death. Asia Bibi would become the first person executed for blasphemy if her appeal fails.

The Pakistani city of Lahore was the center of Friday’s protests, which were organized by the anti-blasphemy party Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP). Demonstrations also took place in a number of other cities across the country, including Karachi and Rawalpindi.

The rallies came after Pakistan’s Supreme Court heard the final appeal of Bibi, a Christian laborer accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed in 2009 by Muslim women she was working with in a field.

According to Bibi’s autobiography ‘Blasphemy: A Memoir: Sentenced to Death Over a Cup of Water’ the incident began when she went to retrieve a cup of water from a well during a hot day of fruit picking.

When a Muslim woman nearby saw her doing so she shouted, “Don’t drink that water, it’s haram (forbidden)!” She then turned to the other women in the field, telling them that Bibi had dirtied the water in the well by drinking from their cup.

“Now the water is unclear and we can’t drink it! Because of her!” the woman said. Several women called Bibi a “filthy Christian” and told her to convert to Islam.
I’m not going to convert. I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? And why should it be me that converts instead of you?” Bibi said.

At that point, one woman spat on her while another shoved her. Days later, she was accused of blasphemy

 “Our” Masonic politicians demand tolerance from us, praising Islam, which hates tolerance.

Below: See 13 Oct. 2018

Absurdity is not the adequate description – rather stupidity and malice.

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