My Mail to the Danish Parliament: Marrakesh Agreement to Be signed in November. Last link in Europe´s “Unavoidable EUrafrica Fusion” Demographic Suicide – Macron: 200 Mio. Africans by 2050.

Since 1973, the Council of Europe (Bat Ye’or: Eurabia 2005) and later the EU have been very active in fulfilling EU father Coudenhove-Kalergi’s desire to have a European population resembling the ancient Egyptians. It was to happen through mass immigration and racial miscegenation. For in the upcoming one-world state there must be no racial tensions

Since 1995, a large number of treaties, institutions and agreements linking Africa closer and closer to  Europe have appeared – i.e. the EU pays huge sums  to the “partner countries”, which, in turn, send us their birth surplus as “migrant workers”!

Until now, there has been a term called illegal or “irregular” immigrants who are said to be repatriated, but this  rarely happens. Thus, in 2004 of 640,000 illegal immigrants  only 164,000 returned (with a big bag of money). Today, the rate is much lower because the United States and NATO are chasing the Muslims to Europe.

With the Marrakech agreement, almost all migrants are legal and to have secure passage to Europe.

I have now made the  Danish Parliament aware of the secret treaties and institutions as well as the planned number of immigrants ntil the year 2050: 200 million Africans + Arabs.
Here is my mail to all Folketing members.

27.09. 2018

To members of Parliament.

In November, the Marrakesh Agreement on Migration is to be signed.

See the attached.

Acc. to the French president  the  EURAfrica – a  merger of the two continents – is unavoidable.

This means that 200 million  African highly fertile migrants will be coming to Europe over the next 30 years – which demographically means the ethnic and cultural demise of the continent, not least in view of the decline in Europeans’ fertility.

Are you, as members of parliament, ready to do that?


Anders Bruun Laursen

This is the email attachment content:


To members of Parliament.

On May 2nd  Denmark participated in the Marrakech Conference (1) – a continuation of the infamous Rabat conference 14-16. June 2005, where the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was represented by Olaf G. Hansen made extensive proposals for Europe’s islamization (2) – in Danish (3)  and undertook to run propaganda exhibitions across the country: Images of the Middle East.

The Marrakech Conference is a global wide-ranging cooperation that seems to make all immigration-loving Africans into legal migrants, freely and safely transported into Europe where they will enjoy all our rights.

Illegal immigrants and also criminals must be returned – but they will not be because their countries of origin are too “unsafe” – as determined by German Minister of Internal Affairs Schäuble in Die Welt 23th Sept. 2018 (4).

According to the Schweizer Morgenpost, July 6, 2018 (5), the Marrakech agreement will result in 200-300 million African immigrants to Europe by 2068.

This fits very well with Präs. Macron’s statement that our future is inevitably linked to Africa and is called EUrafrica. It is believed that the EU must receive 200 million. Africans in the next 30 years! (6)

This figure fits uncannily well with a message in The Sunday Express on Oct. 11th. 2008 (7): The EU has established offices in Mali to bring 56 million African workers + their families to the EU by 2050 to outweigh our demographic imbalance.

I now have the following questions:

Will Denmark sign this suicidal statement and commend our children and grandchildren to the Sharia?
Why do  you not think we have   enough problems with the mass immigration we have already received – our cities have become worse than the wild west?
Have you read all 114 Koran sure – and do you know that all the peaceful sure are abrogated / invalidated? (8).
Why have you not informed the Danes about these existential but secretive conferences, agreements and institutions?

I have previously sent this mail to the Prime Minister, The Jyllands-Posten and The BT without them answering my questions.
I must see this as a result of the censorship imposed by European Commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner on the chief editors of Europe at the scandalous meeting in Vienna on 22 May 2006 (9), where the Commissioner in no uncertain way more than suggested that if the editors did not impose  self-censorship, the EU would legislate against the  freedom of speech: “Freedom of expression is central to Europe’s values ​​and traditions. But its conservation depends on the responsible behavior of individuals.

We do not think the media should be censored from the outside, but rather that you find ways to censor yourselves. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to offend. (Only to flatter?).

In examining the issue of self-censorship, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring your own professional ranks.”
Then followed a list of things that the media were allowed to write about Islam. The   contents of the list is unfortunately now deleted from the internet (10)

References (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Venlig hilsen

Anders Bruun Laursen
Retired Med. Consultant



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