Drama: King of Jews Putin Declares Electronic War on Israel! Israeli Govt. before its Supreme Court: “Israel entitled to Violate Sovereignty of any Country in the World and Ignore International Law”.

LATEST: DEBKAfile 24 Sept. 2018. DANGEROUS ESCALATION: Russian Defence Minister Shoigu declares electronic war on Israel – will jam navigation in the Eastern Mediterranean – thus making it impossible for Israel to attack in Syria. Israel will have to jam Russian navigation with help of the USA

DWN 24 Sept. 2018: Russia wants to “cool hotspurs” in Syria





DEBKAfile 25 Sept. 2018: On 25. Sept. 2018 the first  Russian Krasukha-4  mobile electronic warfare system landed  in Syria,



The world has long wondered how one country alone in the world enjoys impunity from all possible crimes – from 9/11 to ISIS – as well as why the tail (israel) is steadily wagging the dog (the USA).
The answer is simple: Jesuit and Talmudic Rothschilds and their money have  bought the world and recognition by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg, Freemasonry is an absolute necessity for anybody to become US (and Russian) President  (Rothschild´s Macron, e.g.) or Prime Minister   – probably true worldwide.

But don´t be mistaken. Rothschilds are puppets of the Doomsday Sect, Chabad Lubavitch – the rulers of the White House and the Kremlinacc. to German historian Wolfgang Eggert.
This means Israel is meant to be sacrificed in a 2. Holocaust for the ambitions of its own elite
– as the elite did in the firstHolocaust, too  and here  – through  Gog´s invasion and destruction of Israel (Ezekiel 38,39) – after Damascus has become a “ruinous heap” (Isaiah 17). For the Chabadniks slavicly follow the Bible as their working plan.

And Israel knows who Gog is – for he has been appointed the King of Jews by the Jewish Sanhedrin! But Israel is now spurning/challenging  him – all the while Chabadnik Netanyahu and Chabadnik Gog are the best of friends. For they are doing their endtime job as true Chabad Lubavitch puppets.

The Israeli Jerusalem Post 8 Aug. 2018 sensationally wrote:The Knesset is not restricted from legislating extra-territorially anywhere in the world, including in the region,” Arnon said. He added that “the Knesset can legislate in Judea and Samaria.”

Middle East Monitor 21 Sept. 2018 and IMEMC 21 Sept. 2018 (ProPalestinian outlets) repeat this quotation in more detail: In a statement by plaintiff (Palestinian) Adalah, the legal centre (in a lawsuit before the Israeli Supreme Court)  said that “fellow petitioners argued that the Knesset is not permitted to enact and impose laws on territory occupied by the State of Israel. Thus, the Knesset cannot enact laws that annex the West Bank or that violate the rights of Palestinian residents of the West Bank”.

supremecourtIsrael´s Supreme Court was donated by Dorothy de Rothschild and opened in 1992. It is an Illuminati temple. On the roof of the court building, the Illuminati pyramid with Lucifer´s all-seeing eye is seen

Israeli government Attorney Arnon Harel said :“Although the Knesset can legislate [concerning] any place in the world, although it is entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries through legislation that would be applied to events occurring in their territories […], although it is within the authority of the Government of Israel to annex any territory […], although the Knesset may ignore directives of international law in any area it pleases […] despite all these, the plaintiffs seek to define a ‘rule’ by which precisely in Judea and Samaria the Knesset is prohibited from legislating anything, and that precisely there, and nowhere else in the world, it is subject to the directives of international law,” the Israeli government said.

DEBKAfile 23 Sept. 2018 The Russian Ministry of Defense leveled several grave charges against Israel on Sunday, Sept. 23 as having caused the loss of the Russian IL-20 plane with 15 servicemen aboard.
IDF sources responded that the Russians are hiding their own military lapses with “lies” against Israel over the downing of the Russian plane by Syrian air defenses on Sept. 17.

DOD Gen.Major  Igor Konashenkov said Israel’s Air Force had misled Russia about the location of its planned strikes in Syria, preventing the Russian reconnaissance plane from moving to a safe zone and leading to its destruction.
1. “During the negotiations via the deconfliction channel, the Israeli Air Force Command reported that the targets are located in Northern Syria … [whereas] the Israeli jets delivered strikes in Latakia [in the west].”

2. Israel furthermore failed to warn Russia in advance about the coming operation – only just when it began, in breach of the 2015 Russian-Israeli agreements for preventing clashes between our armed forces, in and over Syria,” he said.

3. Gen. Konashenkov then repeated his original charge that Israeli F-16 fighter jets had used the Russian aircraft as a “shield” against Syrian air defense fire.

4. He contradicted the IDF’s claim that its jets had reached Israeli airspace by the time the Syrian missiles hit the Russian plane, maintaining that the F-16s left the area 10 minutes after being informed of the crash.

5. Finally, the Russian spokesman denounced the actions of the Israeli fighter pilots – either as “lacking in professionalism” or acts of “criminal negligence.” The IAF and its superiors were therefore “entirely” to blame for the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 tragedy.

The Russian report on the air disaster challenged the earlier Israeli military probe on every key point.
a. The IDF spokesman attributed the Russian plane crash to extensive, inaccurate Syrian anti-aircraft fire, which was indiscriminate and did not ensure there were no Russian planes in the air.

b. The Israeli spokesman maintained that when the Syrian missiles struck the Russian IL-20, IAF jets were already back inside Israeli airspace, and that during the Israeli air raid over Latakia, the Russian plane was not within the area of the operation.

This exchange of insults is not helpful in the light of reports from a Kremlin source that President Vladimir Putin has decided not to let the negative MoD report mar his friendly ties with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and to let its aspersions remain in the “professional” domain. (i.e. versus the IDF and IAF).

While e.g. DEBKAfile describes the meeting between Russian and Israeli lasted a day and a night the Hal Turner Radio Show will know (unverified) that the meeting lasted 21 minutes whereupon the Russians threw an incompetent Israeli delegation of the country´s highest ranking officers out. Putin refused to see the delegation. Israeli delegates said the meeting was threatening. (Controversial Turner is a former FBI informant!)

The S-300 operations are fully automated and the system is able to track and engage multiple aerial targets simultaneously. It also can easily and rapidly change firing positions to avoid being targeted in an enemy retaliatory strike
They will have to use more assets, use armed drones and cruise missiles as opposed to fighter jets. I think all bets are off now. Russia is showing Israel who is in charge and that it won’t take any more nonsense.”

Sputnik 24 Sept. 2018

Well, the  distinction between army – and Putin conflict with Israel is not possible in the long run, of course. It shows Putin´s weak solution to the dilemma
The question is: Who is stronger: Putin or his Defence Minister Shoigu?

John Helmer, Moscow: Shoigu is highly respected among Russians and in the military idustrial complex, his popularity is increasing while Putin´s is dwindling in the population.
Shoigu is a potential presidential candidate in the next election and he is the leader of the military industrial complex – which Putin is afraid of. There is much tension between Shoigu and Putin. Putin has tried to oust Shoigu – but apparently dared not, knowing the military has the power to oust Putin..

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 28 Jan. 2008: As for the revival of the Russian military: “Upon closer inspection, it’s a story of weak leadership, not one of strength. Instead of leading a resurgence, the current Russian leadership has given the military and defense industry a free hand in setting national security policy and uncritically accepted their narrow view of the world and its problems. Just like the Soviet Union during the Cold War, today’s Russia has little control over its military-industrial complex”.

In this perspective is Putin´s lameness  has to be seen: Putin´s role is to mediate between ruling clans. I.e. he has given the military a free hand to wage war in the Middle East.

Delfi 4 Aug. 2014: Russia is ruled by strong clans.  Many Russia analysts, public figures and even politicians have long been using the term ‘collective Putin’. This fact reflects their belief that decisions in the country are not made by one person, and Putin is just a symbol of this ruling system, though, obviously, he hasn’t lost his role as an arbiter and moderator.

So Jewish President Putin´s role as king of Jews and his personal friendship with his brother in Chabad Lubavitch, Netanyahu, may be unimportant if the mlitary industrial complex wants to stop Israel. For in today´s Russia the military is just even  stronger than in the Soviet Union:
And when Putin´s mouthpiece Sputnik declared  Israel a rogue state, very strong forces must have defied Putin

In this perspective is Putin´s lameness  has to be seen: Putin´s role is to mediate between ruling clans. I.e. he has given the military a free hand to wage war in the Middle East.


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