9/11. Smoking Gun Proof of the False Flag: The BBC announced WTC´s Block 7 Demolition 23 Minutes beforehand

Once more the world commemorates 9/11 2001 – a false flag enveloped in a web of lies.
On 9/11 2001, the World was, in fact, hoodwinked into WW3.

Right Mossad is the Israeli intelligence for foreign affairs.
See Israel´s role in 9/11

Newsweek on 28 Aug. 2018 brings an article about the frustration of FBI and CIA agents who say there are big holes in the official explanationand that critical information was withheld from themCIA Boss Tenet even swearing false before Congress!
But then the article degenerates into speculations on Al Qaeda agents and the Role of Saudi Arabia – nonsense heard so often before.

Incidentally, the alleged “hijackers”were still alive a few days after 9/11 – giving interviews to big UK newspapers! And FBI boss Robert Mueller did not really know what terrorists could have been aboard the plane !!

New information on that fatal day  which disproves the official explanation keeps popping up.

It turns out that the BBC reported the fall of Block 7 by 23 minutes before it was de fato demolished.

Geopolitics 25 March 2015: Horsham, UK, 2013 – Tony Rooke, in an act of civil disobedience, refused to pay the mandatory £130 TV license fee claiming it violates Section 15 of the Terrorism Act. Rooke’s accusation was aimed at the BBC who reported the collapse of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it actually fell, and the judge accepted Rooke’s argument.

Of course the video in question  has been deleted. Here is a previously taken screen shot showing that Block 7 had not yet been demolished at the time its demolition was reported!

The tragic lies about 9/11: See Video below. The CIA onslaught aka the beginning of the “War on terror” – i.e. the onslaught and pretext of borderless global conquest: Under no circumstances could Al Qaeda or bin Laden have brougt down the Twin Towers. On 10 Sept. 2001 bin Laden had been admitted to a military Hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, swarming with US military!! The invasion of Afghanistan on 7 Oct. was prepared long before 9/11 – it would be impossible to arrange in 28 days. In fact, the plan was presented to Pres, Bush on 4 Sept. 2001 – a week  before the 9/11 attacks. Up to 9/11, the US had supported Al Qaeda everywhere. Al Qaeda´s camps were known and could have been annihilated within minutes – but that did not happen.
Instead Pres. Bush sr. sat in a meeting in the notorious Carlyle group with Bin Laden´s half brother Sadiq and here about the sale of US weapons to Al Qaeda when the WTC demolitions took place! The official explanation is a lie!

 Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, tells these facts in an interview with Jim Corbett.

However, Prof. Chossudovsky does not mention Mossad´s/Israel´role in 9/11 with one Word!!!

The Israelis who danced and shouted with joy as the Twin Towers fell  were “art students”! saying they had been sent to report about the event (which they consequently  knew about before it took place!!). 

A lady with a Jewish name, Rebekah Roth, has  studied 11 Sept. and written a book titled Methodical Illusions. The book became a bestseller – and Amazon very quickly “sold it out”.
Her video below shows 1) Mossad agents rented an apartment in the WTC on about the  90th floor. They called themselves art students – but had originally called themselves Gelatine (explosives). Their  apartment was crammed with bomb holders and explosives. 2) They were affiliated to  Haliburton, Dick Cheney’s company.

WTC-Eyewitnesses-in_9-111-reoortNumerous eyewitnesses filming the buildings spontaneously said, that they heard and saw huge explosions – the 9/11 commission Report has just one indirect hint (right).

Below follows a video featuring an international team of the world´s top scientists presenting the results of their studies on the official  9/11 Commission Report. Their verdict is in unison: This report is a fraud. 9/11 was an inside job. The scientists point to the CIA, Mossad and Dick Cheney as the masterminds

Jewish Larry Silverstein who owned the WTC, is a close friend of Netanyahu´s, and had  pressed his insurance company to pay him double compensation for the loss of the WTC, which he had bought cheaply 3 months before 9/11, then doubling the insurance sum. He claimed that there was not one, but 2 independent attacks.  He ordered building 7 to be “pulled”. (hear him saying that in viedeo below) and had the insurance pay, nevertheless!  Silverstein has now built a new WTC full of NWO symbols.

TWTC-purposehe purpose of 9/11, the “war on Terror” and chaos policy  and thus the expulsion of refugees and migrants, is more than indicated by the neocon PNAC´s Project.

Global Res. 18 Aug. 2018:  It is a criminal offence for someone to invite another to provide money, intending that it should be used, or having reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used, for terrorism purposes.

But there is more:

Global Res. 10 Aug. 20104/Prof. Chossudovsky  A large part of the description, regarding the 19 hijackers relies on cell phone conversations with family and friends.

While a few of these calls (at low altitude) could have got through, the wireless technology was not available. On this issue, expert opinion within the wireless telecom industry is unequivocal.

In other words, at least part of the Commission’s script in Chapter 1 on the cell phone conversations, is fabricated.

According to the American Airline / Qualcomm announcement, the technology for cell phone transmission at high altitude will only be available aboard commercial aircraft in 2006.
This is an inescapable fact.

The “war on terrorism” underlying the National Security doctrine relies on real time “evidence” concerning the Arab hijackers.

Embodied into the Commission’s “script” of 911, the narrative of what happened on the plane with the Arab hijackers is therefore crucial. It is an integral part of the Administration’s disinformation and propaganda program.

It constitutes a justification for the anti-terror legislation under the Patriot Acts and the waging of America’s pre-emptive wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.

9/11 is about the biggest false Flag in history: 2.600 persons killed. In the Pearl Harbour false flag attack, 2400 American trops were killed.

A noticeable thing is that 9/11 rescuers keep dying from silicosis and asbestosis from the pulverized concrete.

No fire can pulverize concrete to that degree – whereas nano-thermite found all around the WTC can. Niels Harrit keep delivering speeches in Denmark on “The 7. Tower”

Wikipedia: The below FBI report Penttbom “identified” the 19 highjackers – although FBI boss Robert Muller said he had no idea of who was on board. Amazingly, the FBI speaks of bombs – while the 9/11 Report claims only fire from the plane collisions made the towers collapse!!! 


What is especially remarkable is all the drills and plannings of planes as weapons against the WTC and the Pentagon performed from 1999 up to 9/11 – many of them minutely similar to the actual 9/11 attacks.
Also on the morning of 9/11, the NORAD and the CIA had a drill running with a highjacked plane to be slammed into the WTC!! 

Its consequences were terrible: The war on terror is the 3 World War – so declared by the US Congress.

And the more bloody part may be developing in Syria. See my next post.


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