NWO: London Occupied by Muslim Terror Gangs

The Daily Mail 7 Sept. 2018: Battleground London: Street by street, map reveals the territories of the capital’s 80-plus gangs as violence in the capital spirals

Feuds between gangs of young men have led to soaring numbers of shootings and stabbings in London
Maps reveal why certain streets have become flashpoints, with different sides of some roads held by rivals.
More than 100 people have been killed in the capital already this year, with fears gang rivalries and feuds are leading to spiralling numbers of shootings and stabbings.

And London Mayor, Sadiq Khan (a muslim of course, former attorney defending terrorists simply says that terrorism is just part of living in a large global city.

Zero Hedge 9 May 2018:

Violence in a society is proportional to the number muslims.

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