Driving out Militants from Syria’s Idlib now Top Priority, They Prepare Gas Attack – Putin. US “Sees massive Preparation for Syrian Gas Attack” – i.e. US Intervention?

The US is suddenly very enthusiastic about saving the Al Qaeda  terrorists in their last Syrian Stronghold, Idlib – although US Secr. of State Pompeo recently did call them terrorists, but urging diplomacy  seeing an attack as a dangerous escalation. Later he called an attack in Idlib “Unacceptable“. US ambassador Nikki Haley: The president (Trump) says to Iran, Russia and Assad, don’t go there. Do not let a chemical attack happen on the people of Idlib. If chemical weapons are used, the United States will respond” . See here).

Plan of John Bolton: Regime change in Syria this year

However, the Russian attack has started – and Israel plays the tune, too.

 One year ago, the US called Idlib the biggest safe haven for Al Qaeda after 9/11 (which was an inside job using Al Qaeda as a scapegoat).

Now the false flag specialist, the US i.a. 9/11 and via its Al Qaeda/ISIS proxies  Idlib Febr. 2018 and Douma april 2018 as well as Ghouta 2012 ) states that it sees massive preparations with Syrian army for a chemical attack – while Russia sees massive preparations with the Al Qaeda rebels for a false flag to blame on Syria!

Where is the logic?

I see this as a pretext for a confrontation between Russia/Syria/Iran on one side and USrael on the other side in the near future. Hopefully, I am wrong!

Reuters 6 Sept. 2018: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – There is “lot of evidence” that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib in northwest Syria, the new U.S. adviser for Syria said on Thursday, as he warned of the risks of an offensive on the country’s last big rebel enclave.

On 28 June 2017, I wroteWhite House Warns of Another Imminent Poisonous Gas False Flag in Syria and Subsequent US Military Action to Provoke Russia – As Foretold by Putin.

And US UN ambassador Nikki Haley said on Twitter: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” The Express 27 June 2017.

Russia Today 7 Sept. 2018  Driving out militants from Syria’s Idlib now top priority – Putin:
“We assume that [the sides] will be able to reach an agreement and our call for ceasefire in Idlib would be heard,” Putin said.
He also once again said that Moscow has “irrefutable” evidence suggesting that the terrorist groups entrenched in the militant-controlled province are seeking to stage false flag attacks, using chemical weapons.

Photo DW 7 Sept. 2018: Masonic handshakes

DWN 7 Sept. 2018Russia warns against provocation with poisonous gas in Idlib. France has  announced military attack in case of the use of poisonous gas  .

Russia Today 6 Sept. 2018:We have zero intelligence that shows the opposition  (AL Qaeda) has any chemical capability,”(US Secr. of Defence) James Mattis told journalists on Wednesday, noting that despite its deep “penetration” of the armed Syrian opposition groups, the US has never “seen” the militants using any chemicals. Citing “American” and “international” data, he emphasized that only the forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad “had done this before.”

Apart from all this: Half the population of Idlib are people diplaced from elsewhere in Syria. Turkey will not take them – but of course ther is always the humane EU which is beefing up its Muslim population with 200 mio. Muslims  over the next 30 years (See Marrakesh Plan).

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