German Minister of the Interior: “Migration Mother of All Political problems”

Deutsche Welle 6 Sept. 2018: Migration ‘mother of all political problems,’ says German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer – and one of the principal reasons for waning support for the established parties, German media report.

He said he could understand why people were upset about the killing (in Chemnitz by immigrants) and that taking to the streets does not make them Nazis, according to Die Welt newspaper.

Merkel:“I say that the question of migration poses challenges,” she said in an interview with RTL television, adding that there are problems and success that come with the challenges of migration.
And Merkel, meanwhile, sharply condemned the radical protesters, saying that “we have seen pictures [from Chemnitz] that clearly showed hate and the persecution of innocent people.” (Nothing about Muslim criminals´hatred and deadly persecution of innocent Germans paying for staying in Germany).

Here is a representative of such  “innocent” people worshipping and identifying with  the murderous (e.g. sura 9:5) and imperialistic Koran (e.g. sura 33:27).

Acc. to Merkel a divine gift.
Protests forbidden in the media thanks to Merkel and here and the final liquidation of free speech by the EU.

What one can say is that the people and here and here behind the mass immigration must hate us Europeans tremendously.

Indeed, Merkel tells her audience that the Germans need to be integrated in Germany!!! Big applause – reminding of Goebbels´Sportpalace speech about total war

But finally, one German cabinet member has the guts to speak the truth – which most Germans agree to. Nevertheless, they go on backing Merkel and her immigration acolytes.

So, Pres. Macron seems to be right: Europe´s destiny is inextricably associated with Africa´s Islam/Eurafrica – and 200 mio. Africans are expected within the next 30 years.


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