Masonry Celebrate 300-year Jubilee, Demonstrating Attackers of “Conspiracy” are the Conspirators

In the year of 1717 the Masonic lodges of London united into the Grand Lodge of London Behind this are the Rosicrucians, who had been absorbed by the Jesuits of Jewish origin. After this, Masonry became Judaism for gentiles. This lodge had tremendous influence on the British Empire – incl. the USA.  Their goal is the communist one-world state and the elimination of Christianity

The US founding fathers were Masons – some of them Illuminati (Benjamin Franklin e.g.).
In 1781, the Illuminati took control over the world´s Masonic lodges (Wilhelmsbad Congress). These Masons were also the movers behind the seeming detachment from the thee British crown. Seemingly, because the “Crown” now had another meaning: The City of London bankers/Rothschild, who in 1791 founded the first US National Bank which was only prolonged once more after a bloody war in 1812. The Bankers never gave up. In 1871 they imposed the Washington Corporate Constitution– which is setting the original Constitution aside – as prerequisite for a loan, and in 1913 with the Coup leading to the Federal Reserve, the Bankers de facto  obtained total control of the USA. Of course the Rothschilds were Masons – and today they rule the Grand lodges of the World via the Grand Lodge of London via their ur/superlodges. Russian Pres. Putin is also one of them – with a very special role.

The God of Masonry and Judaism (John 8:44, Frankism) is  Lucifer and  here and here.
It builds on the “Babylonian Mysteries”: Semiramis (Statue of Liberty in New York”), Nimrod/Baal/Moloch and their son Tammuz.

 Vigilant Citizen 27 Aug. 2018: This video from the Royal Ritual in London shows high-level Freemasons bragging about their heavy influence in all spheres of society … in an extremely symbolic setting.

On October 31st, 2017, the Royal Ritual took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Freemasons celebrated the 300th anniversary of their influence on society. The event was presided by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent – the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye of Baal/Horus/Lucifer is prominently featured on American bank notes.

Of course, all of this happens on a checkerboard pattern floor and under a gigantic compass and All-Seeing Eye.

After singing “God Save the Queen”, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (two prominent Freemasons) come out to explain how America was founded on Masonic principles.

– I hold to be self-evident, brother Franklin, all men are created equal.
– Indeed, brother Washington, all Freemasons meet as equals as we have the opportunity to create a nation in the very essence of Masonic morality. It would be wonderfully symbolic, don’t you think?
– You’ll be wanting to put the all-seeing eye on our banknotes next.

They go on to brag about the Masonic symbolism in Washington, DC.

– The plans for our new capital city already have a very Masonic feel to them, yeah.

They then talk about the great number of Masonic presidents, about how “Freemasonry will be embedded in American culture” and how the Statue of Liberty (=Mother Goddess Semiramis/Isis) is a giant Masonic gift from French Freemasons. They also add: “Do not forget about the musicians”. Because there are lots of musicians who are Freemasons.

As seen in countless articles on this site, the music business is deeply embedded in occult principles (although many people in this industry are part of “darker” occult orders).

The ceremony ends with the initiation of a Masonic candidate by Prince Edward.

While this royal ritual contained absolutely nothing secret or occult (it is a public event), it nevertheless lays out in the open various facts that are often dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”.

The symbolism on the stage (which is reminiscent of an MTV music awards performance) is a clear reminder that mass media is replete with THEIR symbols, starting with the all-seeing eye. As documented on this site for the past 10 years, this symbols is now omnipresent, indicating the elite’s total control of popular culture.

Now what do the Masons have to celebrate

1. The French Revolution – cost many human lives. Alone 1793-94 about 40.000 people were killed

2.”Create a nation in the very essence of Masonic morality”. Exactly this antichristian morality is today´s disaster

3. The Bolshevik Revolution brought unspeakable misery through the Soviet Union – planned and financed by Illuminati Rothschild and RockefellerSoviet Communism said to have cost 30 mio. lives – and Mao Zedong alone 60 mio. lives. Lenin  was a Mason at the Art et Travail in Switzerland. Trotzky and many other of the Bolsheviks were Masons – and Jews.   Stalin was a Jesuit. – and probably a Mason, above showing the Masonic hidden-hand (Jahbulon) sign:
More here. Recently EU Commission Pres. Junker stated that the EU builds – even stands on the shoulders of — Karl Marx.   Juncker is a Jesuit

4. Nazism was financed by the Illuminati. Hitler and his top Helpers were members of the Thule Society – founded by a Mason – Sebottendorf. Hitler owes his upcoming to this society – which he later prohibited alongside other Masonic Groups. But his top helpers were members of the Thule Society

5. Masonic Grand Lodges supports the Illuminati-Merkel mass immigration of Muslims to destroy the European race as wanted by Rothschild agent and Mason Coudenhove Kalergi.

6. The EU is a Jesuit/Masonic project

7. Considering the ties of 45 US presidents to Freemasonry, one nay expect “our” top politicians  to also being Masons – especially considering their obedience to top-ordered nation-killing Consensus in the EU

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