Trump quasi Predicts Poisonous Gas Attack False Flag and Intervention in Syria. Professors Document Lies behind Gas Attacks

In fact, every time the US makes a military move, a false flag or propaganda-concoction is presented to us.

Today, 22 Aug. 2018, one could read this on German ZDF Teletext, p. 135: The US, France and Britain have announced their intervention should chemical weapons be used in the Syrian offensive to re-invade the Idlib province, saying they are” deeply concerned “about the military offensive, the three UN veto powers said.
“We underline our concern about the possibility of further – and illegal – chemical weapons use,” the statement said. “We are determined to act if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons again.”

Unfortunately, this amounts to a prediction of a false-flag poisonos gas attack to give the US / NATO allies, who have lost the war in Syria, a chance to intervene militarily much more.
After they had evacuated their valuable Al-Qaida White Helmets by means of Israel, had flown them into safety in Germany and had defeated  their second US / Israeli child, ISIS,  the US and Israel have no  excuse to save Greater Israel and US influence in the region.

The aggressive NATO powers who are waging an illegal war in Syria here are afraid of “further Use of chemical weapons” – meaning that the Syrian government has previously used chemical weapons. In 2012 the US accused Syria of having used chemical weapons in Ghouta, Syria. Skull-and-Bonesman, US then secr. of state, John Kerry held a Goebbels-like speech to pave the road for an attack. Congress had authorized the president to start the war without Congress aproval in the H.R. 1540—FY12 NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION (US) BILL. CHAIRMAN’S MARK Title 1034 Section 1034, de facto enacted with the 2012 Natonal Defence Authorization (NDAA) Act 2012  in what they called WW3 against its own child Al-Qaeda. There have been other accusations (False flags)  of Syrian use of chemical weapons, e.g. in Idlib.

Wikipedia: On 7 April 2018, a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma reportedly killed at least 70 people.

Israel first attacked Syria. On 14 April, France, the United Kingdom and the United States launched airstrikes against four Syrian government targets in response to the attack. The airstrikes were claimed to successfully destroy the chemical weapons capabilities of Syria. Nevertheless, according to Pentagon, the Syrian Arab Republic still retains the ability to launch chemical weapons attacks (!!??)

On 6 July 2018 an interim report was issued by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW): Various chlorinate organic chemicals were found in samples, along with residues of explosive, but the designated laboratory 03 stated that no CWC-scheduled chemicals or nerve agent related chemicals were detected and that it has not been ascertained whether or not the chlorinated chemicals found were used in a chemical attack.
Blood samples taken from victims have tested positively for traces of chlorine (no sarin).

ISIS has officially abandoned and left  the Idlib Province  – in February 2018. However, there is still a pocket of ISIS warriors – now under Attack by the Syrian government and expected to be defeated soon.
 The US and Israel are desperate to preserve this pretext for warfare in Syria.

Furthermore, the US and Israel still have their oldest child, Al Qaeda, to fight as excuse:  

Difesa e Sicurezza wrote on 2. July 2018: “In Syria Isis has been defeated in Idlib. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has just announced it has gained the control all over the Islamic State sites in Sarmin city. For Daesh is a major blow, because the jihadists have lost all the accesses to Turkey”.

As you see, no problem! Now the US simply again uses its first terror child, Al Qaeda, for The Wall Street Journal 18 April 2018  describes HTS as a branch of Al-Qaeda fighting the heroic US -backed rebels (ISIS) in Idlib!! And pop goes the Weasel: Pres. Trump has the NDAA 2012  H.R. 1540—FY12 Title 1034, section 1036 authorisation to go to war on his own! Apart from the role as scapegoat in the false flag of 9/11 – the US has repeatedly used  Al qaeda for dirty imperialistic purposes – e.g.  Pres. Obama  admits  to have been cooperating with Al Qaeda in conquering Tripoli
All along, In Syria, Al Qaeda/FSA was cooperating with the MI6 , the CIA as well as British, French and US troops.
As late as 2017, US Congress rejected bill to stop arming ISIS and Al-Qaedaon which Congress has Declared “War on Terror” for 9/11.


Acc. to Prof Chossudovsky, Global Res.14 Apr. 2018,  the UN investigation into the Ghouta attack concluded  on p. 23: “The attacks of March 19, August 24 and August  25, 2013 upon Syrian government soldiers indicate that the rebels were in possession of sarin both before and immediately after the chemical weapon attack at Ghouta of August 21, 2013.  It would have been virtually impossible for the rebels to acquire chemical weapons so quickly in late August had they not already previously been in possession of chemical weapons”.

Pres. Obama was about to start a major war over this – but refrained due to Russian threats.

Trigger-happy NATO big powers used  the Douma false flag incident in April 2018   as an excuse to fire 76 missiles on Syria, claiming an attack on civilians had taken place with nerve gas.

Oddly, the Russian defence minister had predicted this attack already in March –  Sputnik 20 March  2018:  As the minister further emphasized, the likelihood of fighters using toxic substances to later blame the Syrian government army remains high.
“Three such attempts were prevented in the last week,”  Schoigu continued.

Strange though: The Duma occupants  Jaysj-al-Islam   apparently consented to leave Duma   after negotiated agreement with the Syrian government, and minutes after the evacuation announcement, Trump tweeted as you can see left.

An amateurish false flag was immediately revealed by photos: White Helmets (Al- Qaeda terrorist agents  helping  “victims” without any protection!

This briefing note summarizes the results of further investigations of the Douma incident and explains relevant scientific issues.
The primary sources for the alleged chemical attack were images from three locations:

1) a hospital scene in which children purported to be victims have water thrown over them (FFM Location 1)
2) a four-storey apartment building where images showed bodies of 35 victims and a gas cylinder lying over a hole in the roof (FFM Location 2).
3) a room in an apartment that has a hole in the roof and a gas cylinder on a bed
(Right -FFM Location 4 – no damage).

The speech of the French representative (Francois DeLattre) at the UN Security Council on 9 April 2018 was reported by the UN press office: Noting that thousands of videos and photos had surfaced in the hours following the attacks — showing victims foaming at the mouth and convulsing, all symptoms of a potent nerve agent combined with chlorine gas — he said there was no doubt as to the perpetrators, as the Syrian Government and its allies alone had the capability of developing such substances.

On 13 April US officials briefed CNN: Biological samples from the area of the alleged chemical attack in Syria have tested positive for chlorine and a sarin-like nerve agent.

US officials briefing the media were more confident that nerve agents had been used: “While the available information is much greater on the chlorine use, we do have significant information that also points to sarin use.”

On 11 April the former British Army officer Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, widely quoted as a chemical weapons expert, briefed the Financial Times: “There’s no doubt this was a major chemical weapons attack,” he said. “The big question is whether it was chlorine or sarin. I am favouring a mix of the two.”

The analysis of samples taken during the inspections did not indicate the presence of scheduled chemicals in the samples,

and the inspection team did not observe any activities inconsistent with obligations under the Convention during the second round of inspections at the Barzah and Jamrayah facilities.

Interim report of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission on the alleged chemical attack in Douma

The interim report of the Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) did not find any trace of a nerve agent in samples taken from the site and from alleged casualties
The FFM did not reach a conclusion on whether a chemical attack had taken place.

The FFM team needs to continue its work to draw final conclusions regarding the alleged incident.

The environmental samples were reported to contain chlorinated organic molecules such as trichloroacetic acid and chloral hydrate. Such organic molecules in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by chlorine atoms are environmental markers of chlorine exposure, typically found in chlorinated drinking water and used to monitor water quality. As in previous OPCW reports, no quantitative results were given so we do not know whether these compounds were present in trace amounts, such as might be found in drinking water, or in high concentration as would be expected if chlorine had been released in the buildings.

The possible explanations for the Douma incident can be reduced to two alternative hypotheses:

1. A chemical attack using gas cylinders dropped from the air.
2. a managed massacre of captives, with a chemical attack staged by placing gas cylinders at the site and possibly opening them to release chlorine

Several witnesses to the hospital scene at FFM Location 1, including an 11-year old boy seen in the video having water thrown over him, have testified that this scene was staged. Staging of the hospital scene does not exclude a chemical attack, though it it is more probable under the managed massacre hypothesis than under the chemical attack hypothesis.

The most direct evidence favouring a managed massacre is the positions of victims’ bodies at FFM Location 2: of the 35 bodies seen, 18 were in a first-floor apartment and 10 in a second-floor apartment. As noted in Section 3, in the first few weeks after the Douma incident several experts commented that people exposed to chlorine would have attempted to escape.
With exposure to a nerve agent subsequently ruled out by negative results on environmental and physiological samples, exposure to chlorine from a gas cylinder on the roof does not explain why the victims made no attempt to escape by moving to the windows.
Under the managed massacre hypothesis, we would expect to find the bodies in positions that would be convenient for those who were carrying the bodies up the stairs.

The position of the gas cylinder at FFM Location 2, on a balcony at with its valve end lying over a hole in the roof is improbable under the chemical attack hypothesis (the balcony is only about one-twentieth of the roof area), but highly probable under the managed massacre hypothesis (the balcony is the only part of the roof that is easily accessible from inside the building).

The visual evidence that a fire was lit in the room underneath the cylinder at FFM Location on top of the rubble from the hole in the roof above (confirmed by the FFM’s inspectors who took wipes from the burnt wall) is inexplicable under a chemical attack hypothesis, but explicable on the managed massacre hypothesis as a method of releasing the contents of the cylinder.

There is ample experience with industrial accidents, in which fatalities have been rare unless the quantity of chlorine released exceeds one ton (creating a cloud too big to run out of) or the victims are in a confined space. This experience indicates that:

for the same weight of payload delivered, explosives would be more lethal than chlorine.
In a real chlorine incident, the number of casualties that were not immediately fatal would be much greater than the number of immediate fatalities. Some of these casualties would develop pulmonary oedema several hours after exposure.

The US does not want to leave Syria in peace. It uses every lie-pretext to launch a major offensive to run the game: Israel, the military-industrial complex, the deep US state, and Rothschild’s Brookings want it that way.
Russian militsry has been invited by Syria – the US/NATO not!!


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