One Man alone has Saved World Peace by Refraining Pres. Trump´s Hawkish Neocon Advisers from Prevailing

Trump´s enemy, The New York Times on 26 July 2018 brought a scathing, disparaging article on Rand Paul, after he appeared as Trump´s firm supporter – although they were enemies in the presidential election 2016, in which  “Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky quipped that “a speck of dirt would make a better president” than the bombastic businessman from New York”.

On 17 July 2018, the Washington Post had a sober article on Paul´s support for Trump: Paul is a non-interventionis who  thinks that the powers of the world should talk with each other – and he has found a strong supporter for his vies in Pres. Trump. Paul is said to be The only supporter on Washington Hill   for Trump´s Putin policy – because Trump is seen as a threat to the “world order” (I would say world disorder), where the US is the top of this “order”.

The CNN is Trump´s declared enemy, using any excuse to accuse him of anything possible, mostly unfounded – because this Communist media is sour that Hillary Clinton did not become president.
Listen to Rand Paul teaching CNN´s heated Jewish Wolf Blitzer (of course) just after the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki:

Politico 8 Aug. 2018  He infuriates West Wing aides (advisers and press) who have had to scramble to win his support for key votes, but Rand Paul has the ear, and the affection, of the most important person in the White House: President Donald Trump.

While Trump tolerates his hawkish advisers, the aide added, he shares a real bond with Paul: “He actually at gut level has the same instincts as Rand Paul.”
The Kentucky senator’s relationship with Trump, developed via frequent cellphone calls and over rounds of golf at the president’s Virginia country club, became publicly apparent for the first time on Wednesday when the senator announced he had hand-delivered a letter to the Kremlin on Trump’s behalf.

Trump has stopped short of calling for regime change (in Iran) even though Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Bolton support it, aligning with Paul instead, according to a GOP foreign policy expert in frequent contact with the White House. “Rand Paul has persuaded the president that we are not for regime change in Iran,” this person said, because adopting that position would instigate another war in the Middle East.

The most hawkish analysts would not advise anything like an Iraq War with regard to Iran,” said Rich Goldberg, a senior adviser to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. “  Whether this regime is capable of doing that is another question.”

The two got to know each other on the links, golfing together for the first time in 2014 when Trump invited Paul to play at his club in West Palm Beach, Florida. Their relationship quickly deteriorated during the 2016 campaign, with Paul charging that a “speck of dirt” was more qualified to be president than Trump and Trump characterizing the senator as “truly weird” and “a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain.”

After Trump’s election victory, the two reconciled — again over a round of golf.

On Capitol Hill, Paul has been a lonely defender of Trump’s effort to develop closer ties with Russia and North Korea. He even found room to praise the president’s performance in Helsinki, which was widely criticized by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.
Paul, who traveled to Moscow on Monday, held meetings with Russian lawmakers and invited them to Washington.

But Trump and Paul don’t always see eye to eye. The president reluctantly signed on to a plan committing American troops to Afghanistan indefinitely — a strategy the senator has worked tirelessly to persuade Trump to dump. And though, according to Paul, Trump has assured him that the U.S. is “getting the hell out of there,” American policy has not changed.

If Paul exerts influence on the president, it goes both ways. The conversations with Trump on Afghanistan didn’t bring about a change in policy, but they secured Paul’s vote in favor of Pompeo’s ascent to Foggy Bottom, ensuring his confirmation. As thanks, the president reciprocated, saying, Paul “never let me down.”

Ron Paul´s Weekly Column 13 Aug. 2018:  Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him? It’s hard not to conclude that many of the more hawkish neocons that Trump has (mistakenly, in my view) appointed to top jobs are actively working to undermine the president’s stated agenda. Especially when it seems Trump is trying to seek dialogue with countries the neocons see as adversaries needing to be regime-changed.

President Trump’s own Administration is forcing him to accept the State Department determination and agree to sanctions that may well include, according to the 1991 law, a complete break of diplomatic relations with Russia. This would be a de facto declaration of war. Over unproven allegations (Skripal).
The only way Russia could avoid the second, most extreme round of these sanctions in November is to promise not to use chemical weapons again and open its doors to international inspections.
What government would accept such a demand when no proof has been presented that they used chemical weapons in the first place?

Certainly it is possible that President Trump is fully aware of the maneuverings of Bolton and Pompeo and that he approves. Perhaps he likes to play “good cop, bad cop” with the rest of the world, at the same time making peace overtures while imposing sanctions and threatening war. But it certainly looks like some of his cabinet members are getting the best of him.

 Let’s hope he does choose dialogue over conflict and clips the wings of those under him attempting to push him in the other direction.

Although Rand Paul has prevented Pres. Trump from the regime-change disasters so far Trump’s reluctant approval of the endless Afghanistan war shows who really drives the journey: the Military Industrial Complex. In Syria it stands in the way of ending  the US deployment and the resolution of US-Israel founded and supported  ISIS, which is now regaining strength, as well as the rapprochement with Russia.
Not only the “world order” with the US as the “Only Superpower/Grand Chessboard” – but also a lot of money for the complex and the US politicians and the CIA through the sale of Afghan Opium is at stake – and  in the long term, that counts more than a president and his idealistic friend. Also, peace in Korea is not to be made.

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