Sweden Burning – Jihad. Dumbfounded Islam-Importing Prime Minister Plays Ignorant: “What the Hell Are They Doing?”

Swedish Prime Minister Löfven knew all along – and zealously promoted the Muslim mass immigration, subduing any resistance – although he must have known what is written in the Koran. If he does not, he has been not only incompetent but a  blindfolded ideological Mason (Non-Jewish Judaist – and Rothschild/Jesuit footman). Poor Sweden. Poor Denmark which has had even more leaders of that kind in history.

Now Löfven hypocritically pushes responsibility away playing  ignorant!
Breitbart 19 July 2018. Policeman:  “Our” governments know of immigrant crimes – but  turn the blind eye!

The Daily Mail 14 Aug. 2018 :
Masked youth gangs coordinated the firebombing of hundreds of cars across Sweden via social media, police say as Prime Minister asks ‘what the f*** are they doing?’

Gothenburg police say they have identified some of the culprits and and two people have so far been arrested.
‘We have already started making calls to the parents of the youths who were taking part in this,’ Gothenburg police spokesperson Ulla Brehm told SVT.

‘We chose not to arrest anyone on the spot, but have identified them.’
(In Sweden not the perpetrators but their critics are the criminals).

Dramatic footage showed youths targeting vehicles in at a major shopping centre and hospital car park at Frölunda Torg, south-west Gothenbur

The area around Frölunda Torg have seen several deadly shootings in the past two years as local gangs have been at war over drug trade in Gothenburg.
The largest group of youngsters apparently gathered in Kronogården in Trollhättan north of Gothenburg where as many as 40 people threw stones and started fires.

Kronogården has also seen a rise in gang violence in recent years.

It made international news in 2015, when 21-year-old Anton Lundin Pettersson killed three people at a local school, in a racist attack targeting Kronogården due to its high immigrant population.
Police in Trollhättan have identified three people in connection with last night’s violence, but all three are under the age of 15 and have therefore been released into the care In of their parents. 

Malmö killings and terror take place on a daily basis during its 2. ethnic cleansing: Of its original population of Danes 1676 AD – on in the most bestial way never seen in Europe until WW2 and now of Swedes through the NWO Replacement Immigration.

Systematically setting cars on fire has become a associated with gang violence in suburbs in Sweden’s major cities.


Normal day in Swedish courtroom


Do you remember how Sweden´s lunatic and feared Marxist feminist and Masonic elite  brainwashed the population, making it de facto Swedistan,  a Muslim state? a Muslim statewanted to reimtegrate Swedes into Sweden as “det nya landet”/ the New Country? A country where 80% of Swedish police officers are considering to quit service – 3 de facto quitting every day – due to danger from Muslims, as innumerable no-go-zones for whites and here have developed – as aimed at by Soros and his Masons. A country holding world record in rapes – an increase by 1472+% since 1975.
How dissidents were discriminated and persued, even had their homes attacked (Sveriges Demokraterna”? And the level of violence i proportional to the number of Muslims in a society.


Thanks to Marxist feminists like Elin Erlsson: She prevented a plane from flying a rejectes Afghan back to where he belongs: The will kill him – she cried. And for good reasons: He had served prison penalty for abuse and assault


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