The NWO Plan and Its Promoters. Netanyahu: “Hitler Did not Want to Kill, just Expel Jews”. But Who Changed His Mind? Top German/Jewish CDU Official: Much Better that Germans become minorities!

Today Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says that Hitler did not want to kill Jews, he wanted to expel them  – he was persuaded into the Holocaust. 

Oh – admittedly, Hitler  just wanted to expel Jews! And that´s right – he even let them take their money with them and allowed them to import goods from Germany  to build  Rothschild´s colonies in Palestine – and



Netanyahu tells that it was just one man, Al-Huseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem,Hitler´s bosom friend. Hitler  admired Islam.

That´s probably partly correct – but Netanyahu forgets to tell us that Tavistock-brainwashed and likely Rothschild scion, the Jewish Adolf Hitler and here  cooperated  with his  his Zionist friends´efforts to implement the Wannsee Program acc. to the plan launched by Zionism founder Theodor Herzl as explained in his diaries: to make best friends with the antisemites and let them torture the Jews to go to Palestine.

It´s beyond doubt that the Zionists had a weighty influenceon Hitler´sway of implementing the Zionist Herzl/Rothschild diary plan of making antisemites their best friends to  chase Jews  to the Rothschild colonies in Palestine to become Israel (years 1895-1957) 

Israel´s big Internet  site Y Net News 26 Nov. 2014 reviews  today´s Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas´dissertation from 1982, writing i.a.: ” Abbas’ main claims in his doctorate are that Zionist leaders ignored the Holocaust of European Jewry, sacrificing them so that they could claim a national home; that the Zionist movement deliberately and systematically thwarted the rescue of Jews from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Baltic countries.
Dr. Cohen: “A complete reading of the text of the book shows that according to Abbas, Zionist leaders saw the persecution and harassment of (Jews) as desirable and acceptable – in order to force them to go to Israel. In his opinion, all measures were acceptable to achieve this goal – including collaboration with the Nazis.”

Their plan obviously had another purpose, too: to purge Germans and other whites in an ethnic cleansing acc. to  EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi.


This is also taking place  by means of interracial breeding and  London City agent George Soros´ never-ending mass immigration  and here –  promoted by the powerful Freemasonry of Jewry and here   as well as a carefully media-nourished paralyzing feeling of Holocaost guilt while at the same time the masterminds behind the Holocaust play not only innocent victims – but they even  deify themselves (See the Talmud) and eternal submission. This, of course, means bringing sacrifices to them for evermore: Jewish political rule of Germany (immigration-happy Angela  Merkel is Jewish) and endless flows of money to Israel and the stateless  international Jewish state! And the divine cult place is Auschwitz, then run by IG Farben´s American Jewish board.
At least the spirit of the Morgenthau plan has been perpetuated.

The NWO has successfully turned everything upside down!

And   Pharisees/Zionist  are hatefully jubilant – “forgetting”  that their movements were  

But Germany is rebellious against the XZionists of the City of London – nad therefore had to be subjected toshock therapy“!

The following article is by  Barbara John (born January 18, 1938 in Berlin) – a German / Jewish? CDU-Politician,  former elementary school teacher and diploma politologist. From 1981 to 2003 she was a Commisiioner for Migrants of the Berlin Senate. Since her retirement in 2003, she has continued to be involved in migration issues, i. a. in the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency and as ombudswoman for the victims of the National Socialist underground. Ms. John has many other migration promotion engagements.

Der Tagesspiegel 6. Aug. 2018:  Ms. Barbara Johnson wrote it is just a matter of time before migrants will be the majority of larger towns and cities. This is already the case in Frankfurt am Main – and will soon be the case in Augsburg and Stuttgart.

In the Federal German Republic every 4 citizen already has foreign roots .

The breakneck fast growing share of migrants is irreversible.

But don´t worrry: Just take a look at Rotterdam and Amsterdam, where the migrants already are in the majority. Everything´s just fine. The migrants consist of many cultures and nations, and differences between them mean that there is no migrant majority!

They just make alliances with indigenous and other migrant groups .

”Thus nuch becomes otherwise and much also better”!

The Daily Mail 12 Aug. 2018



Here is an illustration of improvement through mass immigration:
People who disagree are being forced to undergo a diversity / brainwashing class to teach them that the future belongs to the “religion of peace,” Islam, that needs to be worshiped in the Koran-manner – and that Christian beliefs are out because they are incompatible  with Islam (“exclusive”)!
This  even goes for Britain’s former foreign minister, Boris Johnson

The Daily Mail 10 Aug. 2018: : The Tory party opened an investigation against Johnson on Thursday after receiving a series of complaints about a newspaper article comparing Muslim women who wore the burka with mailboxes and bank robbers. There are suggestions that he could be sent to diversity training as a punishment.

 Below you can see the just and offended persons to be respected

Ms. John “forgets” one thing when she claims that the migrant groups are at odds: in the end, the vast majority are members of the Muslim Umma – and they will be forced to vote for an upcoming Muslim People’s Party with one program issue: The sharia, for the Qur’an prohibits integration (for example, sure 3:28, 4: 144, 5:51) and calls on the faithful to fight the unbelievers until they submit to Islam (8:39) or they are to be killed (Sword Verse 9: 5). Understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims is not possible unless it happens on Islam’s terms (9: 7). Defectors are to be fought by the faithful Muslims (9:14). Sura 9 is not abrogated.

In London, whites are in minority since at least 2013 – and the Lord Mayor is a Muslim allowing wild-west conditions with skyrocketing violence with murder rate higher than in New York! “You must get accustomed to this new normality”, he has said!

So, as expected, violence and crime increases proportionally to the number of Muslim population – until Saudi sharia cemetery  peace rules.
In Muslim-hospitable Sweden they have the same experience and here.

A fresh Danish study shows that indigenous Danish pupils will have lower life time earnings if there are more than 15% non-western pupils in their classes.


As for Boris Johnson and diversity training: Psychology Prof.  Peter Suedfeld has a monograph  on “diversity training” which he compares with Chinese brainwash – unable to convince anybody: It is a cultic procedure where  the victim is forced to accept the only “truth”, viz. that of the rulers. Punishent follows until the victim only says politically correct things on the ethnic or political matter. As the punishment methods yet are not deterrent, the method is doomed to fail.

The work of adolf Hitler and his Zionist helpers is becoming more and more efficient every day


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