David Rockefeller Paid and Ended the Soviet Union. His CFR Abolishing Democracy for Revival of global USSR acc. to David´s Ideas

First they came for Infowars, and I did not speak out—because I found them offensive. Then they came for Geller and Spencer, and I did not speak out­—because I found them obnoxious.
Then they came for Prager U, and I did not speak out—because I found them opinionated.
Then they came for a host of others, and I did not speak out—because I have my own life to live.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
(Charisma News 6 Aug. 2018).

Infowars 8 Aug. 2018

And what about Ron Paul?
Left he shows the horns of his Masonic god,  Lucifer and  here and here –  “A liar and  the father of lies (John 8:44).


The Euromediterranean Process was the first symptom of the upcoming one-world dictatorship: A occult Coudenhove Kalergi – EU Father and Rothschild paid agent – racially miscegenated  population  without racial tensions and with the Muslim World Caliphate to secure blind submission to the Masonic Caliph stooge of the Luciferic and and here –   Azhkenazi Jewish City of London.
And the EU -enforced “self-regulation” in Vienna 2006 was the first step towards total censorship. Just see EU-Commisioner Ferrero-Waldner´s Threat to European News editors on 22. May 2006.

Alex Jones´and Paul Watson´s Infowars has been blacklisted and banned by Facebook, Apple, Google and Youtube and Spotify etc. in an NWO cartell action  (The Guardian 6 Aug. 2018) – but they keep hate speakers like Antifa and Muslim Louis Farrakhan.
Alex Jones sees these media as paid by the EU and China – both Communist ideologies – because they want the elections in the US and the EU to be won by the radicalized socialists/ Democrats.

Interestingly, back in his Senate hearing in April 2018, Facebook´s Zuckerberg refused to define what “hate speech” is. Nevertheless, he has now excluded Alex Jones´Infowars for “hate speech”!!! (Breitbart 7 Aug. 2018).

Alex Jones is probably right: Infowars was just the first victim – any dissident blog will soon be hit, too. The radical Hollywood Communism preaching Jews  are jubilating.

Los Angeles Times article (of ourse suddenly not available in Europe!! – here quoted by Michael Snyder, Activist Post 7 Aug. 2018):  The move (against Alex Jones) was unusual for its sweep and speed, suggesting a new assertiveness by technology companies that in the past have worked to avoid alienating conservativesThe removals appeared to be prompted by more users flagging Infowars content for policy violations.

 English translation of journalist Udo Ulfkottes confession shortly before he mysteriously died.   I brought Ulfkotte s confession of being threatened by the CIA to write  lies.
10 months later he died mysteriously at the age of 56 years – and that fate has befallen several additional whistleblowers.

Prof. James Tracy wrote on Information Clearing House 1 Aug. 2017The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.
The book’s subject matter and unexplained disappearance from the marketplace suggest how powerful forces are seeking to prevent its circulation.
Gekaufte Journalisten was almost completely ignored by mainstream German news media following its release in 2014. “No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book,” Ulfkotte observed. “Otherwise he or she will be sacked.
When this author contacted Ulfkotte in early December 2015 to inquire on the book’s pending translation, he responded, “Please find the link to the English edition here:”
The above address once providing the book’s description and anticipated publication date now leads to an empty page.

Prof. James Tracy in 2015 losts his job at the Florida Atlantic University  because of his research into the alleged Sandy Hook massacre, which led him to question the official narrative on Sandy Hook.

You may remember my Post from 6 Febr. 2018 on the UN General assembly, where Angela Merkel demanded Zuckerberg to censor Facebook and remove “hate speech” = criticism of her open arms Muslim immigration policy and her Jewish tribesmen and here behind it. And that Merkel was commanded by the Jesuit Jewish Council on Foreign Relations to do so. She could probably feel the breath of the CFR child, the CIA, on her back. Zuckerberg obeyed – and today subscribers are fleeing – and Facebook shares nosedive.

On 30 June 2017, the German Bundestag followed suite and passed legislation against “hate speech” and “fake news” = factual news Merkel does not like to see spread and other “criminal contents”. The fine is up to 53 mio. euros.

The EU Commission had recommended so strict rights of origin in the internet that it would de facto make it impodssible to use material from the media. The EU Parliament rejected it in July 2018 – but it is to be voted on once again in September. And Money can move many an MEP!

David Rockefeller´s endeavours to promote Judaist ideology: Communism 

Rockefeller-rothschild-1In 1989 a Trilateral Commission delegation consisting of the Honorary chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and founder of the Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller of the Chase Manhattan Bank (after 2000 AD Rothschild´s JP Morgan Chase Bank –
 Rockefeller merged with Rothschild in 2012), Henry Kissinger , Valery Giscard d`Estaing – former French prime minister and author of the EU Constitution aka the Lisbon Treaty, and former Japaneses Prime Minister Nakazone visited USSR President Goerbachev and told him in no uncertain way that the end of the Soviet Union had come and that parts of the Soviet Union would be included in their new project, called the EU – or as USSR dissident Bukovsky calls it: The EUSSR. By the way, this happened 3 years before the Maastricht Treaty (The birth certificate of the EU) – and at a time when the Danish Prime Minister lied to us (as was his habit), telling us that the European Union were stone dead!!

And Mikhail Gorbachev knew the warning was seriuos: In 1982, Rockefeller´s Chase Manhattan Bank  and  the Deutsche Bank had severed the life line of the “German Democratic Republic” – GDR (Angela Merkel´s ideological foundation): These banks stopped credits to this inhuman experiment. And then the GDR declined and fell in 1989.

As famous Historian Anthony C. Sutton described in his “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”, this revolution was a Jewish revolution based on Jewish Karl Marx´Communist Manifesto. And Marx was a cousin of Lionel de Rothschild (said to be the father of King Edward VII) – and paid by Rothschild. Marx founded his Manfesto on Jesuits Adam Weishaupt and Maier Rothschild and here. Rothschild banks Kuhn & Loeb (Jakob Schiff) and Max Warburg  payrolled that revolution alongside with Germany.

 Lenin and Stalin were Jews – Stalin even a Jesuit. As Vladimir Putin stated: 80-85% of the first Soviet government were Jews.

Jon Rappoport Activist Post 6 Aug. 2018: In 1971, Gary Allen published his book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy. It quickly became an unofficial best seller.
Over the years, several million copies have been sold.

Allen’s thesis was stark: super-rich American capitalists were financing socialism. This bizarre paradox was resolved when socialism was properly understood—not as “power to the people”—but as elite power over the people. In other words, as a hoax.
These days, the socialist hoax is still unknown to most of the population..

Here, from chapter six of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, “The Rockefellers and the Reds,” is a devastating passage commenting on the period just after the Russian Revolution of 1917: “In 1927, Standard Oil of New York [Rockefeller] built a refinery in Russia, thereby helping the Bolsheviks put their economy back on its feet. 

Left From David Rockefeller´s autobiography p. 405

David Rockefeller authored the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) plan on how to rule the  world. (Rockefeller´s Study Program)

“The Rockefellers assigned their public relations agent, Ivy Lee, to sell the American public the idea that the Bolsheviks were merely misunderstood idealists who were actually kind benefactors of mankind.”

“Shortly thereafter Standard Oil of New York and its subsidiary, Vacuum Oil Company [Rockefeller], concluded a deal to market Soviet oil in European countries and it was reported that a loan of $75,009,000 to the Bolsheviks was arranged. (National Republic, Sept.1927.)”

“…Wherever Standard Oil would go, Chase National Bank was sure to follow. (The Rockefeller’s Chase Bank was later merged with the Warburg’s Manhattan Bank to form the  Chase Manhattan Bank.) In order to rescue the Bolsheviks, who were supposedly an archenemy, the Chase National Bank was instrumental in establishing the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce in 1922.  According to Professor Sutton: ‘In 1925, negotiations between Chase and [Russian] Prombank extended beyond the finance of raw materials and mapped out a complete program for financing Soviet raw material exports to the U. S. and imports of U. S. cotton and machinery.’ (Ibid, Vol.11, p.226) Sutton also reports that ‘Chase National Bank and the Equitable Trust Company were leaders in the Soviet credit business.’ (Ibid, p.277)”

The Rockefeller’s Chase National Bank also was involved in selling Bolshevik bonds in the United States in 1928.

“’The Soviet government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Company and other banks in New York City.”
It is shocking how US much money was given to the Soviet Union.

According to Professor Sutton ‘… there is a report in the State Department files that names Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (the long established and important financial house in New York) as the financier of the [Russians’] First Five Year Plan.

NOTE: The descendants of these bankers are now doing everything they can to build up the story that Donald Trump won the presidency by colluding with Russians. To call this an irony, in view of the above information, would be a vast understatement.

However, the motives of these current Globalists are clear:  Trump´s   declared opposition to Globalist “free trade” treaties, was sufficient to warrant an all-out attack on him.


So what is One-world Communism like?

Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (authored by Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg acc. to Rabbi Marvin Antelman p. xviii) and you will know.

You may also just think of the Soviet Union: Of course, today these demagogues have finer names like Agenda 21:

 History of Agenda 21
1.The Project was founded at the Rio Conference in 1992 – signed by 179 heads of state /government. It is the Communist NWO society built on “sustainability” and  urbanisation.

2.The Rio + 20 outcome document´ decided to implement all the elements of Agenda 21 at UN level, pure Communism.
3. in February 2012  the Obama administration announced it was forming a  coalition overseen by the UN to fight “climate change”. 
4. BBC 30 Jan. 2012: The High-Level Forum on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It is an Agenda 21 group containing names like former Rockefeller-WHO boss, Gro Harlem Brundtland. The High Level Forum is working for a world environmental court of Justice to rule over everything associated with environment, i.e. i.a. economy, military etc.
5. In an EU Press Release 25 Febr. 2013: Eu Commissioner Potocnik announced the establishment of a UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) to implement the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference.
The New American 4 Febr. 2013
:  Corporate giant  Monsanto here and here and here and here has officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of powerful interests including major banks and Big Oil backing the United Nations 
6. In September 2013, Agenda 21 (sustainability) was adopted by the UN Plenary Session

and highly praised by EU Commission President, José Barroso.


That means dictatorial, Communist urbanisation
Local_Agenda21_Planning_GuideThe purpose of the Agenda 21 is to huddle people together in so-called ECO-Cities in order to observe their every word and move as well as to be able to indoctrinate/brainwash children massively in their Luciferic ideology and here.

The Guide to sustainable planning i.e. Communist dictatorship.

 The New York Times 15 June 2013 describes China´s Agenda 21: Building megacities with up to  42 Million citizens – i.e. forcefully transferring 250 former peasants!

People are to live in “smart cities”, i.e. cities where every detail of people´s lives is centrally planned, shared housing with common kitchens, living rooms etc. There´s a fixed quantity of food, delivered as GMO by Monsanto (Now Bayer)  and its ilk. People become immobile outside their city. Everybody nearly equally poor. Fewer large-scale agribusiness operations. Market monopoly for a few corporations. This society is based on Maurice Strong ´s, Steven Rockefeller´s and Michael Gorbachev´s  Leninist Earth Charter.

Austin, Texas, is a model for the Agenda-21 urbanisation – said to be dictated by the Rockefeller Foundation. It “is Russia”.

Beloe: Dumb-happy Danish ex-minister on total Communism in smart cities – your dictated future. This system is also called TECHNOCRACY, where in a Carbon Currency system you  get a CO2 allocation to use instead of money – and you are in great trouble if you have produced too much of this harmless gas.  It is a vision of an Orwellian world order. Motility is, therefore, limited – and nature has become wildernesses for wild beasts and for  the bankers´exploitation of minerals  and other values. Admission forbidden.

Agenda 21-sjaellandThis is a very far progressed program. Danish municipalities have been ordered by Parliament to make an Agenda 21 plan all 4 years. I had the “honour” of being invited to such a planning session under the “Local Agenda 21″, meaning municipalities having to implement Rothshild/Rockefeller/Maurice Strong´s Communism, under the Aegis of the ICLEI (a UN NGO) which is interwoven with the  UN on Agenda 21 – but I refused, having seen the agenda of that meeting.

An increasingly strong and Bible-falsifying and here so-called vegan movement is part of the Agenda 21 of the UN and its originators, the Rockefellers.

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