Muslim Mass Immigration Revealed as Horrible Political Priority: Germany Pays Refugees 3 Week Holidays in Countries They Fled! BfV: “Jihadist Socialization of Children”. Invalid “Court Martial” of Tommy Robinson – for Occult Reason?

 Children from Islamist households in Germany represent a “not insignificant potential threat,” the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany’s domestic intelligence service, Hans-Georg Maassen said Monday.
In a new report cited by the Funke media group, the BfV said there were signs the “radicalization of minors and young adults” was becoming more likely and happening faster and earlier. He called it  “ongoing jihadist socialization of children”  (Deutsche Welle 6 Aug. 2018).

But no whole-hearted stop to the Masonic immigration misery – rather inevitably abandon Germany to the Sharia in an orgy of terror! – and alredy at the cost of German infractructure as in most Muslim countries.

Henry Makow 4 Aug. 2018:  Society already is in a liberal-communist-induced coma.  Our cultural freedom is limited by political correctness. An ancient satanic conspiracy threatens to snuff out human promiseThe English Revolution, The American Revolution. The French Revolution. The Russian Revolution.  God is about to be eliminated.  All these “revolutions” really were about the long-term Cabalist Jewish plan to overturn the rule of God, and replace him with Satan. This is the New World Order.
As God’s team loses every game, increasingly humanity is satanically possessed. Only way: We must try to be  like God commands us to be.

Sputnik 6 Aug. 2018: Australian Sky News apologized for bringing the interview with  Blair Cottrell, who urged the government to reduce immigration, protect the country against “foreign ideologies” and to “reclaim our traditional identity.”
You know 6 Jewish NWO corporations control the MSM.

Zero Hedge 3 Aug. 2018: I am in Germany on business and did not see the place overrun with refugees as on my last trip. So I made some inquiries. To my complete astonishment, the German government is actually giving refugees three weeks paid vacations INCLUDING airfare BACK to the very countries that claim they are fleeing because it is unsafe.

You just cannot make up such a completely insane government policy. I know someone who works with the refugees and they confirm the refugees are on vacation back home. Therefore, asylum seekers are nonetheless returning to their homeland for a “short time”.
I searched to see if I could find any article on the subject. I found how most are trying to cover the practice up. reported that a German Federal Employment Office spokesman said: “There are such cases.”

Some stories are trying to deny the issue which was first reported by the leading German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, Refugees go on vacation, where they are allegedly persecuted which reinforces the growing problem caused by the fact refugees are allowed to leave the country for 21 days a year but are not obliged to say where they are going. Migrants are protected and are entitled to “privacy”.

Die Welt reported just how screwed up the government is. There is no communication between government agencies. If an advisor in the Employment Agency gets wind that someone wants to go to Syria, for example, Die Welt reported they are not supposed to pass this information along due to data protection issues.

There is no actual proof that a person is really persecuted in the home country. Syria was at least a war zone. People have been pouring in from all over North Africa which is not in a state of war.

If someone is taking a vacation for 21 days at government expense back to the place they fled, common sense dictates they are not refugees. Government incompetence is just off the charts.

This was confirmed by the Deutsche Welle on 9/11 2017 and by Breitbart already on 12 Sept. 2016

Once upon a time, we were taught that the UK was the motherland of democracy and rule of law. But then the NWO of the City of London prevailed by and by changing England into a model for its Luciferic Masonic one-world dictatorship.

Tommy Robinson´s case illustrates this:

The Independent 1 Aug. 2018:  Journalist Robinson was jailed for committing contempt of court with a Facebook Live video broadcast from outside Leeds Crown Court on 25 May.
3 Judges in an appeal)  found that proceedings in Canterbury should stand, but thata judge in Leeds should not have jailed Robinson within hours of broadcasting the Facebook Live video in question.

The Lord Chief Justice took little over a minute to deliver the ruling, ordering Robinson to be freed from custody with immediate effect on the condition he attends a new hearing.

There was no clarity about what parts of the video were relied upon as amounting to contempt, what parts the appellant accepted through his counsel amounted to contempt and for what conduct he was sentenced,” their judgment read.

On 15 June 2018, I wrote: In today´s dictatorial UK it´s dangerous to speak the truth: Islam critical journalist Tommy Robinson has now been transferred into a closed prison with Muslim majority – and the Muslims there are already chanting  death threats against him.

Look at these latter-day-NWO-saints 

In Breitbart 3 Aug. 2018 famous journalist James Delingpole wrote: Unless Robinson is lying – which I doubt – this is the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the accounts he gave to Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant and Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.
How else do you explain the perverse decision to move this outspoken critic of Islam into the Category C prison with the highest proportion of Muslim inmates in Britain?

Robinson exposed a childraping gang of Muslims and sentenced to 13 months in jail – without even being asked if he was “guilty”. All the usual NWO media lined up and demanded him to be put in prison. Now he is out on bail.

Why was he put in a ground floor cell, opposite the prison mosque, which enabled the inmates to spit and throw excrement through his window – to the point where his only option was to keep it shut and suffer in the stifling heat?

And why was his food allowed to be prepared and served by Muslim prisoners when the authorities would undoubtedly have known that it would be deliberately contaminated with excrement and heaven knows what else?

No one is suggesting that Tommy Robinson should have been given special treatment by the prison authorities. Just the same rights as any other prisoner serving a short sentence for a non-violent crime.

The right, for example, not to have to spend your sentence in solitary confinement so as to protect you from all the prisoners on a mission to kill you.
The right not to be half-starved – as Robinson was because the only safe food he was able to eat on his limited personal allowance (which the prison refused to increase) was one tin of tuna and a piece of fresh fruit a day.

Here he tells about his experiences in a Muslim majority jail. He says – and here: “What they tried to do was to mentally destroy me. That wasn’t a prison sentence, that was mental torture. If I was bitter and angry I would accept my own victimhood. I’m not their victim, I’m their target”.

Whatever happened to the duty of care the state owes to prisoners in its custody?

If this kind of abuse were handed out to any other kind of prisoner – be he a child-murderer or a terrorist – can you imagine the fuss that would be made by all the civil rights groups, all the activist lawyers, all the left-leaning newspapers, the BBC?

“A society is only as good as the treatment it gives to its lowliest citizens,” they’d argue – or some such virtue-signalling piety.

But apparently when you’re a white working-class bloke who rocks the multicultural boat and embarrasses the Establishment’s bury-your-head-in-the-sand appeasement policy, you lose all right to fair treatment and a fair hearing.

Indeed, one must ask what made the Leeds Judge stowe Robinson away in jail so suddenly. Robinson was arrested, tried and sentenced to 13 monthes in jail   within 1 hour  verhört,  und zu 13 Monaten Gefängnis  verurteilt!!
Was he just an Islam-sympathising Mason obeying orders from his grand master?

Or was it rather the aspect of child grooming hat made him panic.


 In such trials usually highranking VIP Masons are involved.

We remember Bill Clinton´s excursions with paedophilia-condemned Jeffrey Epstein´s paedophile “Lolita Express” airplane  – a flying brothel of underage girls – scores of times used by Bill Clinton – Fox News  13 May 2016, and The Daily Mail 13 May 2016. Also, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew  are put down in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book!).

We remember the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia who was warning his pedophile Masonic friends that they were about to be prosecuted for pedophilia.
The Washington Post and The Daily Mail were first to report on Scalia´s death in the midst of his friends of the Order of St. Hubertus – which  is connected to the Luciferian Bohemian  Grove sessions of the US Republican Party and world elite, where i.a. sacrifices is made to a big Owl of stone.

And the many more VIP murderous pedophile rings, like the  Dutroux-child abuse and murders

And we remenber the testimony of this 15-year-old-girl, whose grandmother gave her away to a  VIP pedophile club, who sacrificed her babies to Satan!  

The world is much worse off than most may imagine. But of course – they just call it conspiracy theory, thus permitting the Luciferics and here and here to undisturbed make this world sicker by the day.



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