New Hitler-Stalin Pact: Plan of Rothschild´s Brookings Institution on Division of Syria accepted by Trump and Putin

In 1939, Hitler and Stalin agreed to divide  and annex Poland (4th partition of Poland). Two years later, the two countries were at war with each other.

Now history is repeating itself in Syria: regardless of the Syrian people or their legitimately elected president Assad, the Chabad Lubavitcher Masons Trump and Putin have complied with Rothschild’s orders and have agreed on the division of Syria in Helsinki. Pres. Assad gave in after pressure from Putin!

Brookings 16 July 2018:  Note the Illuminati motto below the photo: ORDER FROM CHAOS – WHICH THEY HAVE CREATED THEMSELVES


What the Syrians want does not interest anyone in the elite. So is the 242 year old “New World Order”.

Brookings is Rothschild´s instrument to have his plans implemented worldwide through the US government and military.
nat-rothschildNathaniel Rothschild is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Institution. And Brookings president, Strobe Talbott, is on the Advisory Board of Rothschild´s and Jesuits Council on Foreign Relations. next to its Pres. R.Haas.

DEBKAfile 24 July 2018: The Brookings Institution reports that a division of Syria into zones of influence is in progress. In this context, the US think tank lists some suggestions for the US government on what the split might look like. The US think tank literally: “Use (US Government, editor’s note) short-term negotiations with Damascus and Moscow to build protection for various autonomous zones in opposition-dominated regions in Syria.

This could begin with the Kurdish northeast of the country, which should be divided into at least two such zones to mitigate Turkish concerns over Kurdish secessionism. Similar autonomous areas should be targeted for areas located mainly in opposition areas, especially in the northwest of the country near Idlib, if possible (…). The American forces should remain on the ground at about their current number in order to help  rebuild  and to ensure that the autonomous areas remain safe until Assad is gone. In addition, US funds for stabilization programs in opposition-controlled areas should be promptly restored.”

Brookings plan is full of incredible hypocrisy and downright lies – as are Illuminati: Truth is fake news and lies are truth: “This tragic war “- It was the US´and Saudi Arabia´s war from the start – till the Russians interfered! “ISIS (Al Qaeda) was created by Shia Iraqis”: It was not. ISIS was created by Israel and the US . It is another name for Israel´s Mossad:ISIS = Israel´s Secret Intelligence Service. 

Brookings calls it immoral for the US to withdraw, leaving Syria to its own allies,  ISIS!!! – which was created as an excuse for US illegal intervention in the affairs of a souvereign state!! Just as the US created  Al Qaeda for the purpose of infiltration in Russian occupied Afghanistan and then as excuse for NATO-intervention in Afghanistan! Trump´s salvage of Al Qaeda´s White Helmets from Syria speaks volumes on its own!

In 2015, I described this plan  and here and repeated it in 2016 as well as 2017, as a stopover for Brooking’s plan: “Which Path to Iran?

SYRIA-partitionThe carving up of Syria has already been declared by Trump´s and Putin´s masters, the Rothschilds through their US mouthpiece,The Brookings Institution
The map is from the 4th Media on 6 Aug. 2015.
The map below  prolongs the Kurdish sector to the Mediterranean (left below)   – as wanted by the US – but opposed by Turkey.


Earlier, the US think tank RAND Corporation had recommended that eastern Syria be placed under an international administration. “We therefore recommend that the US place the province of Rakka after its liberation under an international interim administration, creating a neutral territory that is held neither by the regime nor by the opposition until the final resolution of the civil war,” said the RAND Corporation in a report. The area is to be controlled by the UN, which in turn uses provincial councils. However, RAND Corporation opposes the sending of a pure UN peacekeeping force into the international zone. Instead, the US and Russia would have to organize the deployment of a “coalition force” that would receive a UN mandate. Such a solution would not only appeal to the US and Russia, but also to Turkey “and other regional US allies” who would not want Rakka and Deir Ezzor to be left under the control of the terrorist militia ISIS or the Kurdish militia according to the RAND Corporation.

Foreign Policy (the Council on Foreign Relations) pleads in a report that Trump must conclude a Syrian deal with Putin.

US President Donald Trump looks to the Syrian conflict from the perspective of Israel’s security interests. Once Trump is convinced that Israel’s security is assured, he will withdraw US troops from Syria!

The US government puts its trust in Russia when it comes to ensuring the security of Israel. Putin has met several times recently with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu. According to the paper, an agreement had been reached.

The US and Russia are said to have agreed that the legitimacy of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not be undermined.
Israel also prefers that the Syrian government controls the Syrian territory along the Golan Heights. The Israeli government believes that only a deal with Damascus can guarantee Israel’s security interests

Russia has given Israel a guarantee that pro-Iranian militias will position themselves 80 kilometers from the Golan Heights (Immediately rejected by Israel – Israel wants to see all Iranians from Syria). (This offer was spurned by Israel)

According to Habertürk, Russia should also have given the government in Jerusalem the right to carry out air strikes against pro-Iranian militias if they were to approach the Golan Heights. In such a scenario, according to this guarantee, the Syrian Army (SAA) would not intervene but allow Israel to act.
Habertürk reports that the agreement between Putin and Trump bears the signature” of Kremlin consultant Vitaly Naumkin (A Brookings speaker – for it´s politically incorrect to mention Rothschild´s Brookings). Naumkin is a specialist in the areas of Islamic theology, Arabic, the Middle East, conflict research and international relations. He teaches at the Moscow State University.
The Kurds will have a self-government without deviating from the central government. The Russians could have already convinced Assad.

DEBKAfile 26 July 2018: Israel’s IDF attacks ISIS, paving the way for Russian troops to Lake Genesareth! The Russian Ministry of Defense thanked Israel for its help!

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