US Elite´s War Psychosis against Russia Derived from Rothschild´s Council on Foreign Relations. And Rothschild Has A Motive

The Football World Championship is over and widely forgotten is who became e.g. No 2 or 3 -possibly even nr. 1! But this trivial event braked the acts of war in the Middle East at Putin´s behest to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for propaganda reasons.

So, the 3 Chabad Lubavitcher puppet Punch and Judy show actors Putin, Netanyahu, Trump are back on the stage in their orchestrated roles in the Gog/Magog drama.

As I recently wrote, Chabad Lubavitcher Putin´s army has moved up to Israels borders – invited by Chabad Lubavitcher Netanyahu – in agreement with Chabad Lubavitcher Trump – in what appears to be a preparation for Gog´s attack on Israel in end times (Ezekiel 38, 39).

DEBKAfile 22 July 2018

DEBKAfile (Mossad) 23 July 2018:  Netanyahu threatened as much in his last conversation with Putin in the harshest terms: “Any hill captured by Iran and Hizballah near the Israeli border will become a crater,” he vowed.
So Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chief of Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov were sent urgently to Israel on Monday, July 23 over the Putin-Netanyahu rift that was exclusively disclosed by DEBKAfile.Aside from tattered elements of that army, the battles  are fought by Hisbollah and Iranian forces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed the mission in the Cabinet with words that were revealing: He said that Israel did not want to accept the Syrian army’s entry into the buffer zone created by the Syrian-Israeli separation of powers in 1974.

On the other hand Netanyahu is constantly in contact with Putin who – as king of Jews – vows to protect Israel.

Nevertheless, Israel is using the US as its military force, letting the US do the dirty jobs, while Russophobia is spreading in the US elite.

So what does Pres. Putin have to say about US elite´s russophobia?

In this video he says that strong forces in the US block rapprochement between the US and Russia – they are a threat to Russia, who will react proportionally. The damage their own business interests and those of the US allies. 
Putin did not say it this way – but he is clearly speaking of blind hateful russophobia tha endangers world peace.

Looking at the Russia-phobia brawl in the media (US constantly interfering with Russia internal affairs – white revolution)  – in particular after Pres. Trump´s meeting with Putin, one may wonder what ordinary Americans think.

A Gallup poll published on 18 July 2018  conducted July 1-11, 2018 shows somthing interesting:

Russophobia mentioned by just 1% of Americans!

An article brought by the Daily Caller 19 July 2018 describes the forces behind the media- Russophobia: The US Intelligence Services, led by former CIA boss John Brennan, former NSA boss James Clapper and former Democrate FBI boss James Comey and their ramifications throughout the US central administration.

Let´s take a closer look at these 3 intelligence services

The CIA is an offspring of Jesuit Rothschild´s – Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations  -CFR) -succeeding the OSS. The National Security Act of 1947 created the CIA. Many of the early leaders of the CIA were OSS veterans – e.g. later CIA boss, CFR member  Alan W. Dulles . Acc. to the, since 1966 every CIA Director has belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR/CIA Directors are; Richard Helms (1966-73 Johnson), James R. Schlesinger (1973 Nixon), William E. Colby (1973-1976 Nixon), George Bush (1976-1977 Ford), Adm Stansfield Turner (1977-1981 Carter), William J. Casey (1981-1987 Reagan), William H. Webster (1987-1991 Reagan), Robert M. Gates (1991-1993 Bush), R. James Woolsey (1993- Clinton), and John Deutch, who replaced Woolsey as CFR member Clinton’s CIA Director.  

In 2015, I brought a post on the scandalous redactionand manipulation  of US and world news by the CIA, the instrument of Jesuit Rothschild´s  Council on Foreign Relations.

That the CFR and its subservient intelligence services really do determine media news and thus forge public opinion by NWO guidelines – even in Germany – was confirmed by Udo Ulfkotte in a video confession shortly before he was murdered!

The NSA is a CFR-affiliated Institution – being the instrument of the National Security Council. Nearly all members of the National Security Council are Council on Foreign Relations members and here.

As for the FBI, founded in 1908, I have found no connections with the CFR.

But what reason could Rothschild have to want war on Putin´s Russia?

In 2017, Putin declared independence of the Rothschild´s central bank system – from the 5:40 min. mark. The above confirms that. And this is a mortal threat to the foundation of Rothschild´s world hegemony by means of puppet states like the USA and the UK financially in Rothschild´s deep pockets. 

Already in 2016, Putin banned Rothschilds from Russia (incl. Nathaniel Rothschild from visiting his friend, Putin Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and here.

Abandoning a Rothschild central bank makes Rothschild powerless in a superstate.  This is much more serious than Putin´s nationalizing Khodorkhovsky´s 40% Yukos shares which Khodorkhovsky had promised Jacob  Rothschild!  
Such behaviour has led to the wars on Iran, Libya and probaly Syria, too.

So outwardly, Rothschild has a motive to have Putin removed by war. However, I have a feeling that in reality a Hegelian dialectic game is being played: Putin has known that the war was to come and has been preparing for ww3 over at least 12 years – and Putin´s confidant, Yevgenij Fyodorov, said back in 2014 that war would come.
So says Putin´s mentor, Alexandr Dugin

This indicates planning and an ongoing stageplay. That is just the Rothschild way of executing power. The USA is Rothschild´s military hammer and the British, e.g.,  are calling for Rothschild´s one-world government!!  And the EU politicians, too!

The City of London´s game is once more fascism against communism.
The reult is so far that e.g. the majority of Germans love the ongoing NWO destruction.



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