US/Israel´s Al Qaeda-White Helmets being Evacuated to Germany and UK by Israel – by Order of Pres., Trump

DWN 20 July 2018:  According to the US magazine TIME, the US is about to evacuate members of the civil defense organization White Helmets from southwestern Syria. The magazine relies on information from two senior US officials. The evacuation is to be led by the USA, Canada and Great Britain. In the first phase, the White Helmets are to be brought from the southwest to transit camps in neighboring countries. The magazine literally states: “From there they will be sent to third countries, including Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and possibly Canada”.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in a joint statement with the international development secretary the “brave and selfless” volunteers required “immediate protection”.
Rescue workers known as the White Helmets are expected to be resettled in Britain after an evacuation from Syria’s conflict-scarred southern border.
Israel has successfully evacuated 800 White Helmet volunteers and their families from Syria and moved them to neighbouring Jordan on the request of the UK and other nations.

 Swedish doctors´association calls the White Helmets incompetent and medically dangerous and their video as dishonest manipulation.

And who asked Israel to save these brave Al-qaeda warriors – so useful for false flag “poisonous gas” psyops and here i.a.?Pres. Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau!!! 


Here is the answer: Al- Qaeda and White Helmets thank each other for  support

And they are paid by the US

 Brandon Turbeville  2 May 2018: White Helmets are Western agents


The White Helmets have been accused of instigating psyop “poisinous” gas attacks causing the US to attack with missiles time and again. Here they handle “victim” of alleged deadly poisonous gas attack – without security gear – not even gloves! (Psyop)

 No wonder: The White Helmets are western-paid Al-Qaeda warriors. Al Qaeda and ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) are both US-Israel  inventions to motivate US warfare in the Middle East – and without these inventions Peace Nobel Price winner Obama had not been able to motivate US´gruesome  warfare in Syria.

Rescue workers known as the White Helmets are expected to be resettled in Britain after an evacuation from Syria’s conflict-scarred southern border.

Sputnik 25 Jan. 2018:  The White Helmets are an organization which “by their own videos, by their own testimony, by their own social media accounts, and by the videos produced by the associated so-called rebel media,” are affiliated with jihadist militias, including al-Qaeda.

Journalist Vanessa Beeley emphasized that in the course of her investigations, she has gone to Aleppo, including the area where the documentary bringing the White Helmets an Oscar was filmed. “This area was in the al-Ansari area of East Aleppo. We identified the buildings featured in the film as being the White Helmet headquarters in that particular area.”

In a twist which she said was not so surprising, Beeley pointed out that “as usual…next door to this center was the Nusra Front center, i.e. al-Qaeda in Syria. Next door to that was the Abu Amara building, Abu Amara [being] basically like the protection agency for Nusra Front, and known to be even more brutal than Nusra itself. Next door to that was the media center for both Nusra Front and Abu Amara. Bear in mind: this is in a line of buildings connected to the White Helmets center that features in a film promoting them as saviors and heroes.”

In other words, the journalist suggested, “if we just pull back a minute and review this film based on that information, fundamentally this film is showcasing al-Qaeda affiliates.”
The journalist also took note of the fact that Last Men in Aleppo was created in collaboration with the Aleppo Media Center, which she said was “a French Foreign Office construct designed to amplify the narratives that have been provided by al-Qaeda, by the terrorist and extremist factions, and their associated European-trained, funded and financed citizen activists who work with and are embedded with those organizations.”

I have written on the White Helmets being Al-Qaeda agents

As for the film’s Oscar, Beeley said that she found it “absolutely extraordinary” that yet again, the prospect exists of another Oscar “being given to what is an al-Qaeda promotional feature film.”

The  White Helmet  film, screened at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland 2018, has received widespread praise from major Western media outlets in recent months, and has now  won an Oscar. 

 Russia Today 13 Febr. 2018: Russian defence Minister Schigu reported Al-Qaeda preparing gas attack. The attack followed on 8 April in Douma, eastern Damascus

  The White Helmets is a Western propaganda product – that’s why the West (except the US) picks up these false flag heroes who nearly caused the 3rd World War in Ghouta in 2012!

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