Russia Dumping Her US-Bonds – Thus Skipping Rothschild´ FED´s Russian Money Supply Control – Apparently with Rothschild Blessing for World Crypto-Currency!

Like all other central banks – with the exception of those of countries called rogue states  until they are enforced to accept one – the Russian Central Bank  belongs to Rothschild in his City of London.
Now Russia and in a wider sense the BRICS states are wringing their independence from the FED´s, i.e. the City of London´s grip.

Infowars 18 July 2018: Russia is continuing to diversify state reserves away from US debt. The latest data from the US Treasury shows that Russia’s share hit an 11-year minimum and totaled only $14.9 billion.

The share of US sovereign debt bonds in Russia’s portfolio has been reduced dramatically in recent months. Russia held $96.1 billion in US Treasuries in March before selling half its holdings in April, dropping to 22nd place among major foreign holders of American treasury securities at $48.7 billion.

In 2010, Russia was among the top 10 holders of US Treasuries at $176.3 billion.  On Tuesday, the Treasury released a list of 33 countries which includes the biggest holder China to the smallest Chile. Russia is no longer on the list.
Meanwhile, Russia’s gold holdings have been steadily increasing, bringing its share of the precious metal to its highest level in nearly two decades. Russia’s gold holdings in May grew by one percent to 62 million troy ounces, worth $80.5 billion, according to the CBR. According to Nabiullina, gold purchases helped to diversify reserves.
Trade Economics:  Gold Reserves in Russia increased to 1909.80 Tonnes in the second quarter of 2018 from 1857.70 Tonnes in the first quarter of 2018. 

Global geopolitical conflicts along with trade tensions triggered by the US earlier this year have made some countries follow suit. Turkey nearly halved its US Treasury holdings from almost $62 billion in November to $32.6 billion in May. Germany has reduced its holdings from $86 billion in April to $78.3 billion in May.

The Treasury market is the deepest and most liquid in the world, and demand remains robust, reports Bloomberg.

On 15 Sept. 2018, I wrote: — Activist Post 16 July 2017: Russia and China are now creating a new paradigm for the world economy and paving the way for a global de-dollarization.

The  BRICS has formed its own worldbank – and the new Chinese AIIB Bank  will not use the dollar as reserve currency. As the Telegraph wrote on 19 July 2014:   The Dollar´s 70 year-old dominance is coming to an end

“A Russian-Chinese alternative to the dollar in the form of a gold-backed ruble and gold-backed Renminbi or yuan, could start a snowball exit from the US dollar, and with it, a severe decline in America’s ability to use the reserve dollar role to finance her wars with other peoples’ money,” Engdahl concludes.

This is catastrophic for the US, as its superpower status is based on the petrodollar, which is severely threatened. Saddam Hussein´s switching to euros in oil trading and Gaddafi´s switching to African gold dinars were severely punished by the US and NATO.

Now there is more to this than meets the eye. Acc. to Nicolai Starikov, the Federal Reserve has so far ruled the Russian Central Bank – and decided that Russia is only allowed to  print rubles for the Russian market proportionally to its store of dollars/US bonds, which can only be acquired by the sale of oil. The Dollars are printed out of thin air – so in the end Russia sells oil to i.a. the USA for air-money while the Us gets oil for nothing – and controls the Russian Money Supply via Rothschild´s FED

This means that Putin has a very limited amount of money  to pay to poor Russians and to his armies under reconstruction and their equipment with superweapons. As Putin´s confident, Yevgenij Fyodorov said: The Russian money policy is directed from Washington and London.
For, of course, one can not expect Putin to give the people his $ 200 billion private fortune and the huge expenses for his luxury life and his oligarch friends and here!!

So Putin decided to nationalize the Russian Central Bank  away from Rothschild´s  FED, and here,  i.e. from Rothschild´s  City of London. That seems to be what is going on now.

This would normally mean trouble with Rothschild and the USA – but Putin does not care, for as his confidant Yevgenij Fyodorov  said: There is going to be war.In fact, Putin  is said to have been planning WWIII more than 10 years.

And this plan is mutual: The Russiagate religion in the US has reached sky high dimensions after Trump´s meeting with Putin (Zero Hedge 18 July 2018).

But the strange thing is that Masonic puppet Putin still seems to be cooperating , with his master in the London City, Jacob Rothschild!! even on dismantling his own Russian Central Bank: The aim is to kill of the  dollar off in favour of Rothschild´s one-world currency (ADDENDUM).

Is this one-world currency the ETHEREUM? – INVENTED BY RUSSIAN VITALIK BUTERIN AND FINANCED BY   PAYPAL INVENTOR PETER THIEL,  OF THE STEERING BOARD OF ROCKEFELLER´S BILDERBERG, ROTHSCHILD´s JP MORGAN, ROTHSCHILD´S BANCO SANTANDER, BILL GATES MICROSOFT, INTEL  – and a long list of the world´s biggest banks and Technology corporations are in the Ethereum blockchain:  Accenture (Rothschild partner), Rothschild´s BBVA, BNY Mellon (Rothschild), BNP Paribas, BP (Rothschild through Blackrock) , Cisco (Rothschild through Blackrock + N.Y. Mellon Bank, Credit Suisse (delivers Rothschild´stop bankers), ING (Rothschild Bank), Thomson Reuters, and UBS (Rothschild partner).
Putin is certainly interested and so is the Russian Central Bank.  Now legislation for future use of cryptocurrency is being prepared

It seems that Rothschild supports BRICS´war on the US petrodollar – even selling his own dollar supplies


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