Deal between 3 Chabad Lubavitchers in Helsinki: Russia to Guard Israel´s Northern Border, Paving the Road for Gog´s, Prince of Rosh´s, Invasion of Israel in the Endtime

They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace. Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 6:14,15).


For some time, I have not written about Israel´and her neighbours because the military situation there is changing from day to day. Syria now seems to have fought down the last rebels on Israel´s border with Syria – perhaps except for Daraa.

But now, a secret deal has apparently been struck between Trump and Putin with Netanyahu´s accept in Helsinki: Russia is to guard Israel´s and Jordan´s borders with Syria. This means, Russia´s military on Israel´s Northern border.

Binyamin Netanyahu was appointed Moschiach ben Yosef by Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Menahem Schneerson to pave the road for Jewish Luciferian Messiah ben David, who the bloodbath of Armageddon and i.a. Jeremiah 25:29 -on is to make Israel the Ruler of the World. Netanyahu promised the rebbe to complete this mission!

When these 3 Chabad Lubavitchers  agree on such a deal there is every reason to be alert: Chabad´s only goal is by all means to realize Biblical Doomsday prophecy  – in particular the Gog/Magog prophecy (Ezekiel 38,39): In the last days a Great power, Magog,  from the extreme North followed by many peoples, i.a. Iranians, Libyans are to invade the restored Israel, collected from all peoples,  now not 2 but only one nation (Ezekiel 37). The Prince, Gog, of Meshek and Tubal (Tobolsk?) is also Prince of Rosh (dropped in newer Bibles- still there in my 1952 edition)- today´s name for Russia (Rossya).

This is to take place, after Damascus has been levelled with the ground forever (Isaiah 17).

The Chabadniks use the Bible for their working plan!

DEBKAfile 26 June 2018: ISRAEL iS NOT READY FOR THE NEXT WAR – says the IDF ombudsman.

DEBKAfile (Mossad) 18 July 2018:  In Helsinke, Putin and Trump struck a deal which provides for the handover to Russian responsibility of all parts of southern and southwestern Syria abutting on the Israeli and Jordanian borders, including, most importantly, surveillance and observation elevations that oversee all parts of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean. Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu thereby gave Putin a valuable asset for boosting Russia’s military presence in Syria and the region at large.
Der Vorschlag war Donald Trumps Verrat gegen die Washingtoner Kriegsfalken.
The proposal came from Donald Trump.

 DWN 18 July 2018: The Syrian army has begun withdrawing their heavy weapons from the border with Israel. This step took place one day after the Helsinki Summit.

DEBKAfile 24 June 2018 After the breakdown of Russian-Israel talks, the Russian Air Force on Saturday night, June 23, bombed Syrian rebel targets in support of Assad’s southwest offensive. This was contrary to Russian promises to Israel.

Their bombardment also ignored stern American warnings: Last week, the State Department warned Assad and his Russian allies of “serious repercussions” for violating the de-escalations arrangement reached last year between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimi

At the same time, on Sunday, social media and The Guardian 24 June 2018 reported that the US through its embassy in Amman had sent this message to all Southern Front (rebel) leaders: Make your own decision, but “you should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us.”

DEBKAfile 19 June 2018  Defense and military chiefs in both Washington and Moscow are heaping obstacles in the path of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin holding a one-on-one meeting. Defense Secretary Mike Mattis and top US soldier, Gen. Joseph Dunford, are spearheading the anti-summit campaign in Washington and Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu in Moscow. Our sources reveal that the generals are using US-Russian military confrontation in Syria to stage those obstacles.   and so the Russian-US contest going forward there is mostly hidden from public scrutiny.

Breitbart 20 June 2018:   Russia-Israel Alliance Grows as Russia-Iran Alliance Frays in Syria.

Chabad Lubavitch has a firm grip on development and will fulfill the prophecies / God’s will:
So, if you want to know the future, read the Bible’s end-time prophecies:
The Whole Elite: Masonic politicians, their masters in the London City, who are obedient to the Chabad Lubavitch and the Jesuits (Vatican), are busy working at it.


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