NWO-Horror Scenario Sweden: Perfect Communist State Mind Control and Politically Correct Taming of Man

Sweden is a tragic example of the NWO´s mind control efficiency, the political correctness of the communist Jewish Frankfurt School and  Luciferian Freudian secularism (Freud was Talmudist) and Marxist feminism after the Christian old world order fortress had been shot into ruins by the mental hygiene and the Frankfurt School´s 1968 sex revolution. Now this effort may begin to fail,  but too late.  Immigration currently by far exceeds migration in Sweden, which has seen the country’s share of foreign-born people grow to 17 percent, the highest in the Nordics. According to OECD, Norway’s share is some 14 percent, Denmark’s 8,5 while Finland has only a third of Sweden’s share at 5,6 percent.

According to a Sweden  Poll survey from December 2016, 64 per cent of Swedes are positive to immigration of people from outside the EU compared with an EU average of 37 per cent.
However, a new Party, Sweden Democrats (SD), which has been persecuted by media and political establishment in a way reminding of the 3. Reich or the Soviet Union, is growing stronger by the day – which has caused a certain change in behviour although hardly of mindset up to the parliamentary election in September.
SD obtained 12,9 % of votes in the latest election. Now they are bound for 19,5%   – and  their optimist leader expects 30%.

Among the many politicians having adopted the physically and in particular spiritually deadly NWO Masonry, —  none have done with more fatal efficiency than Sweden – now a disgrace, where not Muslim immigrants, but indigenous Swedes are to be “reintegrated in the New Country” –  although Germany and France are following suit. Sweden allows world record as for rapes (increased 1472% – as the police corps is disintegrating) in order to humiliate its own population. Furthermore, Swedes have been excluded from 55 no-go-zones in their once own country I do not know where and when this behaviour has occurred in world history.  No wonder, a Swedish Freemason has told about who is behind this: Who becomes a Mason surrenders his soul to the lodge and becomes a remote-controlled immoral robot.

This Masonic Illuminati anticulture of Adam Weishaupt´s and Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s 6 Illuminati commandments (i.a. to abolish all morality) has spread to the entire western world:

Tory minister (and father!) quits after admitting sending explicit text messages to a barmaid and her friend about ‘violent sex acts’ and saying he’d rather be ‘licking naughty girls’ than ‘running the country’.

The sexuality revolution: More than a fifth of straight women in our survey have fallen in love with another woman.  

Information (DK) 14 July 2018: On a journey in Sweden, a German author discovered a very special creature over thirty years ago. He was impressed with it, but he was too scared of it.

The special creature he had seen was the Swedish human being.

“It really looks like,” wrote Hans Magnus Enzensberger, “that Swedish social democracy succeeded in implementing what many other regimes, from the theocracy to communism, have been unable to: the taming of man.”

Enzensberger had traveled through seven countries and described their lifestyles in “Oh Europe” from 1988, which was a study on the various forms of life in the continent.

The strong Swedish central power was one of the most fascinating he met on his way. He could see its traces and thoughts everywhere in Swedish society. But to Enzensberger, it was also as though the Swedish state was so dominant and advanced that it eliminated the unpredictable and spontaneous in man. State humanity did very well and had created a society of great prosperity, admirable social justice, stability and an amazing level of ordinary civilization. But humanism was also inhumane. The means of civilizing wild human beings were not physical punishment, sincerity or threats of criminal camps, but the Enzensberger called “the gentle but incessant welfare education”.

Enzensberger’s observations from the outside rely critically on considerations, which are also formulated from within.

Already in 1945, Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf wrote about how his own person was invaded by Swedish society:

/ So I have become a stranger in this country /
/ But this country has found itself in me /
/ I can not live in this country /
/ But this country lives like a poison in me /

Sweden filled everything into him, but he could not even find himself in Sweden.

“In my home country, the authorities have a long tradition of controlling the subjects’ emotions,” explains the narrator of Carl-Johan Vallgren’s novel: “For Mr. Bachmann’s 1998 Brochure”: “To control people’s need to express themselves, their right brain.”

Sweden is a country without spirit and soul, the narrator declares. A state which, in order to prevent the free movement of citizens and dampen their operations, has introduced a culture in which alcohol supply is controlled by authorities and the procurement of citizens is recorded. With the result that the inhabitants of one of the world’s richest societies flee over Øresund to Copenhagen, where they buy alcohol as if it were the last night on earth and where people who never drink a light beer for lunch in Sweden drink themselves senselessly intoxicated in flocks that behave like prisoners who have just been released from prison.

A famous Danish humorist was once asked why he always drew Swedes with blue noses (chronic alcoholism). His answer was: “How else can one see that they are Swedes?”

It is a recurring criticism of the Swedish social state: it is an extension of the unity that exudes the unpredictable and undesirable in man. Critics recall that the Swedes experimented with race hygiene and in the 1930s adopted forced sterilization of mental wounds. It is a picture of Sweden as a system of nannyism, (Marxist) political correctness and state control, which is also cultivated in Denmark Prohibition-Sweden.

Immigration policy is  a sensational example of the limits of Swedish sovereignty. This limit struck Swedish society during the so-called refugee crisis in 2015. The shock from 2015 has triggered marked changes in voters. The political class in Sweden  long thought, they could civilize the Swedes to tolerate and exclude the Sweden Democrats from political influence and power. They wanted to hold a democratically elected party down and out. But the Sweden Democrats grow from the outside, they grow bigger – and from within, they also affect those who do not vote for them.

To some, Sweden is an alarming horror scenario, to others it is a humanistic ideal.

During 6 monthsactivity at Swedish hospitals as i.a. a psychiatrist, I also made the experience described above
Now, This is the sad Reality of Sweden:In Sweden there are about 55 no-go-zones for whites ouside Swedish jurisdiction and police control. The fire brigade is attacked there time and again and ambulances need military escort there

Head of Sweden´s Security Service: “Terrorists are New Normal in Sweden. I have never Seen the Like of It”. Police: “We are Scared of Ambush”. Sweden Pays Wellfare Benefits to ISIS Fighters at Home and in Middle East.

Sweden has become an anarchic Wild West state with daily shooting, killing, raping (world record: 1472 % increase since a unanimous parliament in 1975 decided to make Sweden multicultural – thanks to massive Masonry and Marxist feminist regime and here.
Swedish women now fear the world´s first Marxist feminist government even more than  raping Muslim immigrants. Even the feminist led Swedish Church has turned to Allah and the NWO migrant-loving Catholic Pope.

But help is coming thanks to these feminists: Acc. to a Report from Sweden´s Defence Academy,  “Salafists … demand gender segregation, women must wear scarf to limit “sexual temptation”, women’s role must be restricted in public space, they are against hearing music and participating in certain sports activities”. This is Sweden´s future, excludes the Marxist feminists and brings safety to burqa-dressed Swedish women!

Here follow samples of everyday Sweden´s multicultural social and moral  decay:
Voice of Europe 2 July 2018: The situation at Sweden’s emergency services has become so threatening and violent that they will soon need armed guards, the chairman of the trade union tells SVT.

Between 2010 and 2015, the number of threats and violent incidents in healthcare has increased by 50%, according to the Swedish Medical Association.

For two consecutive years, a quarter of union members have stated that they are exposed to threats and violence. Thereafter, the increase has continued.

Every third physician feels threatened by patients and every fourth doctor has been threatened by a patient’s relative. The Medical Association now demands action.

Gatestone Institution: Swedish police reports Muslim children have told their classmates that they will cut their throats, while showing them videos of beheadings on their cell phones, (New report on salafism in Sweden  prepared by the Swedish National Defense Academy).
PS: Gatestone constantly and rightfully criticizes Islam – but never the Pharisees and here and their Masons (Judaism for Non-Jews) who keep pumping the Muslims into our countries.

Sputnik News 3 July 2018  has sounded the alarm over the sexual abuse and exploitation of unaccompanied refugees in the Facebook group “Stop expulsions to Afghanistan now,” which involves several Social Democratic politicians. The asylum activist reported a dozen such cases to the police.

“Shameless women offer undocumented boys food and shelter in exchange for abuse. There are stories of everything from slave-like work to widespread sexual abuse and rape,” whistleblower Lindquist wrote in a Facebook post explaining the situation. Several Social Democratic politicians are involved! 

Brå 29 June 2018: Nearly half of the women in Sweden’s ‘vulnerable areas’, sometimes referred to as no-go zones, feel insecure in their own neighbourhoods in the evening, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå).

Among women in socially vulnerable areas, 19.9 per cent say they have been subjected to crime, while 16.9 per cent of women in other urban areas state this. The corresponding figures for men are 19.4 and 16.1 percent, respectively.
In general, the proportion of trust in the judiciary and its authorities is somewhat less in socially disadvantaged areas (52%) than in other urban areas (57%).
The report has been commissioned by the government.


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