Trump´s Visit to the Queen: Demonstration of Who the Master Is

In 1871, the Illuminati of the City of London forced the corporate Washington DC Constitution on Pres. Ulysses S. Grant and the US capital in return for money to pay for reconstruction after the civil war instigated by – the London City and here. This Constitution is more and more substituting the 1776 Constitution (which was also Illuminati-inspired) In 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act coup and its Rothschild central bank, the City of London London City had finally made the US its vassal-corporation and military arm.

That is: Trump should be the serf of the Queen of England – but he demonstratively shows that he is the master (and Rothschild grins at the skill of his antithesis!)

On the Air Force One Piers Morgan of the Daily Mail interviewed his old friend Donald Trump. The man is certainly no white angel – but he has certainly got charisma.

Quotes from Pierce Morgan´s intrerview with Donald Trump (The Daily Mail 14 July 2018)
T about the Queen: The Queen is FANTASTIC! She’s a fantastic woman; so much energy and smart and sharp. She was AMAZING! Such a wonderful lady and so beautiful! It was such an honour to finally meet her. To have a Queen like that is great. Come on, let’s sit down.’ Trump tells his mother who was born in the Hebrides was a great fan of the queen and she would be very proud of seeing him with the queen.
T About Kim: ‘I get along with him great, yeah. He’s very smart, great personality, he’s funny and tough, good negotiator”.
He is a ruthless dictator but others are, too.
P: Is Putin one of them?
T: ’I can’t tell you that, I assume he probably is. I don’t know him (President Putin). I met him a couple of times, I met him at the G20.
‘I think we could probably get along very well. Somebody said are you friends or enemies? I said well it’s too early to say but right now I say we’re competitors but for the United States, and frankly the UK and other places, to get along with Russia and China and all of these other places…. Piers that’s a good thing, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a really good thing.’
‘Great to see you,’ Trump said, as we shook hands again. ‘Now get off my plane! – we’re late!’

The queen seems to get well on with Trump – by the way, she had insisted on his visit.

Trump lässt die Queen 12 Minuten warten!! Wer gibt die Audienz?

 “I am the greatest ! America first”! Breach of protocol.

The Queen placed Trump at the centre

See the video on the visit

“I am the leader”!

He is dreadful
The Daily Mail 14 July 2018: Europe and Britain have never seen anything like it. Donald Trump has been roaring through the continent like a hurricane, upsetting politicians as he delivers one bombshell after another.

First he picked a fight with America’s Nato partners, calling them ‘delinquent’ for not meeting their financial obligations to the organisation. Germany’s Angela Merkel was on the receiving end of the biggest blast.

As an affronted German Chancellor was smoothing her ruffled feathers, the Great Disrupter turned his bombastic thoughts to Britain, declaring that Theresa May’s Brexit plan was a betrayal of those who wanted to leave the EU.

Protests against Trump. But what has he done to the “democratic” British?

Trump is the master in his Illuminati-assigned role: to create division and fray.
In Germany, he succeeds in this respect:   DW 15 July 2018:   64% of respondents chose US President Donald Trump over his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
German conservatives share the general public’s dislike of Trump.
59 percent of respondents said they viewed America negatively compared with only 29 percent who chose positive.

According to the poll, Germans are  not most concerned with a rise in migrants to Europe and they rank Trump´s top priority of armament and defence low. What worries Germans most is becoming poor in their old age (because the money goes to ungrateful immigrants).
In France,   51 to 36% had a negative view on the US, while more respondents in Britain viewed the US positively (48 %) than negatively (39%).

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