Gasping in the Abnormal Summer Heat. Indisputable Dogma of Provenly False CO2-Warming Theory of Personified NWO, Pope Francis: Climate Doomsday Looming due to Lack of (Communist) Sustainable Development

ADDENDUMAfter President Trump announced withdrawal from US participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, the sky over California, which was otherwise criss-crossed by Chemtralis, suddenly became completely clean and blue!!
I’ve looked at a lot of photos from 4 July 2018: It’s true – no chemtrails to be seen!
Unfortunately, that is not the case in Denmark – but the NWO-Latter-day Saints of the Danish government are still sticking to the Paris Agreement – and the big  business of the chemtrailing industry.


Are you and your garden also melting in the unusual summer heat and draught, which  rarely occurs in Denmark, at least. I Remember a similar summer in 1959 – and old people remember the terribly warm and dry summer in 1947. Do you already prefer our normal cold an rainy summers?

Global warming, you may gasp! Well of course! We are on our way out of a natural Little Ice Age from 1500-1850 – an ice age so severe that in 1658 the entire Swedish army could walk across the Danish belts and force a terrified Danish king to cede the ancient Danish provinces in what is today Southern Sweden, leaving them to a cruel ethnic cleansing which is continued today!!

Now there is no doubt any more: The NWO-ideological Pope, the head of the pagan one-world church  has made man-made climate/eco disaster a DOGMA!, i.e. an indisputable article of faith without any scientific proof  ( The Daily Mail 6 July 2018)

 Because of man-made climatic disaster, the world stands before its demise! The Pope warned that climate change, continued unsustainable  (non-communist) development and unchecked consumption could turn the earth into a huge pile of “rubble, deserts and garbage”.

As the then boss of the IPCC  Rajendra Pachauri so beautifully said in The Times of India 3 Sept. 2010: Climate science is politically ommissiones work!! And the Jesuit Pope is head of the Masonic stooges for this madness – see below.

And that makes the climate fake news exactly what it is: a dogma, an article of indisputable faith without any proof!

The Guardian 21 Sept. 2016: Tötet Klima-Leugner

Since 1850, temperature has fortunately risen by 0.8 centigrades globally. And that has nothing to do with Michael Mann´s fraudulent and totally unscientific man-made hockey stick CO2-warming postulation

But is the summer temperature in Denmark now so abnormal?
Here are the mean temperature deviations in Denmark in the period 1873-2018

And from 2000 AD to 2018 AD

Judge for yourself.

Breitbart 3 July 2018:

Arctic ice 2 July 2018

Sept. 2002 

Cryosphere Today – archive screenshot from 2. Jan. 2002. Unfortunately, these daily satellite photos enabling day-by-day-year-by-year comparison have been deleted from the net – for obvious reasons!

Breitbart 3 July 2018

The following graph of variations of Arctic Sea ice is from the Danish Meteorological institute.
Maybe that´s why they have largely stopped blabbering about global warming on the 18:30 o´clock news

Global temperatures since natural end of little ice age 1850: Increase of  0.8 centigrades.

Greenland´s temperatures the last 11.000 years. Note that while the atmospheric temperature at the summit of Greenland´s inland ice is decreasing – atmospheric CO2 increases: Man-made CO2-warming exposed as a lie.

One swallow makes no summer – as the adage goes here.

We are in a natural climate cycle – and have not yet reached the global temperatures  before the Little ice age 1500-1850 – not to speak of the Roman warm period.

Talk of abnormally melting arctic sea ice is nonsense. Before and during WW2 ships could sail through Arctic waters into the Pacific!

Newspaper announcement from 1922 right

By the way; the world always fared better in warm than in cold periods, economically, culturally, as for mental well-being.

 Nevertheless, climate change could also include a further element of human folly:

The  IPCC´s AR 5 SPM 21 admits that SRM (Chemtrails and here) will be done to such an extent that it would be disastrous to stop them!! In addition, chemtrails are said to have  long-term global consequences – because of the content of toxic chemicals in their military chemtrails. Chemtrails undoubtedly cause global warming/ greenhouse effect: The silver iodidebarium, aluminum, strontium particles can act as nuclei of condensation in connection with the enormous quantities of water sprayed by jets and can cause cloud formation / increased rainfall/ decreased  reflection of sun heat into space. And they are a threat to life on Earth.

As soon as I mentioned Chemtrails/Geoengineering to the leading meteorologist of Danish TV he said: Now you have lost all credibility!! And this man was a coeditor of the above-mentioned AR5!

So let us have it from the horse´mouth, former CIA director John Brennan:

The meteorologist lied, of course – as do all Climate worshippers, for they are paid to do so – or – like the Jesuit pope – they are originators of this deception in the service of Masonic and Pharisaic Lucifer and  here and here

We remember that the whole farce of CO2-warming was launched in 1987 by Jesuit Edmund de Rothschild (Listen from 28:45 minutes of the video):

Remember the Jesuit slogan: “The end justifies the means”!
The end is the one-world government of Lucifer at Large– the NWO of the Pharisees

The Pope does not have logic as his forte: he claims that Europe will demographically die  without mass immigration of coloured Muslims. At the same time, he also claims that consumption, made possible only by fewer and fewer white Europeans, not by the migrants from low-IQ countries, contributes to the end of the world!


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