Ex-Vatican Doctrinal Chief: “The Church is Converting to the World – away from God”. Reason – Vatican 1963:”Satan´s Community, and Its Name Shall Be “Man´s Universal Church”

In 1963, the Catholic Church enthroned Satan as the head of the church. After that, in 2014, Jewish Shimon Peres (in the name of Chabad Lubawitsch or the king lodge B’nai B’rith) appointed Pope Francis the head of the pagan NWO universal church.

Cause: Freemasonry has taken power in the Vatican.
The god of  Masons (and Pharisees – because Freemasonry is Judaism for non-Jews) and here) –   is just  Lucifer  and  here and here.

Breitbart 27 June 2018:  Cardinal Gerhard Müller said this week that many bishops today are involved in “a blatant process of Protestantizing” the Catholic Church, leaving many of the faithful confused and disoriented.
In a powerful interview published Tuesday in Catholic World Report, the former prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith had particularly strong words for his fellow German bishops. A group of these bishops, led by the president of the German Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, “see themselves as trendsetters of the Catholic Church on the march into modernity,” Müller warned.

Left: Head of Catholic Church which has appointed Satan its head (above). Right: Jesus Christ on Shroud of Turin

These German bishops “consider the secularization and de-Christianization of Europe as an irreversible development,” he said, and for this reason have abandoned the “New Evangelization,” since it is in their view “a battle against the objective course of history, resembling Don Quixote’s battle against the windmills.”

Having succumbed to modernity and defeatism, these German bishops believe that “all the doctrines of the faith that are opposed to the ‘mainstream,’ the societal consensus, must be reformed,” he added.

Meanwhile, “the faithful who take Catholic doctrine seriously are branded as conservative and pushed out of the Church, and exposed to the defamation campaign of the liberal and anti-Catholic media,” he said.

The cardinal described the present situation as a crisis of faith, where many no longer believe in the transformative power of the gospel.

For many bishops, Catholic doctrine “is just one more variable in intra-ecclesial power politics,” the cardinal lamented.

Müller went on to say that there are many Christians who live out their faith and love Christ but who now feel alone and deserted by their pastors. who often care more about being popular in public opinion than tending their flock.

“We are experiencing conversion to the world, instead of to God,” he said, but this is the wrong path, since only authentic Christianity moves hearts.

There is “no future at all for ‘Christianity Lite,’” he said.

That´s right. The Catholic Church has enthroned Satan, the Prince of the World (John 14:30) as its head – and behaves correspondingly.

Kardinal Reinhard Marx admits to be a  Marxist and has no qualms to connect Christ with an ideology  that has killed  94 mio. people!

Acc. to this Interview with Cardinal ReinhardMarx 2015,  (Attacked above by  Müller) Marx sees the role of the Synode as  “…to always adapt our doctrine to the Gospel, to theology, in order to find in a new way the sense of what Jesus said”. Fine. But then it comes: Marx is a politician. “The spirit of the synod is to find a way together, not to say,  How can I find a way to bring my position through? Rather: “How can I understand the other position, and how can we together find a new position?That is the spirit of the synod.

 I.e compromising in a political atmosphere – instead of letting the clear words of Christ determine the attitudes of the church. In this sense he goes on: “It is about helping people to find the truth” (The truth we create through compromises!). “That is important”.  Of course. But what truth – that of the political Synod or that of Jesus  Christ who said his kingdom was not of this world – and who said that the Prince of the World (Satan) was coming and that Satan had nothing in common with him – Jesus – John 14:30)?

Muller says: “The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) began to rebalance the center and the local church because 50 years ago it saw the beginning of the Universal Church but could not achieve it – we must now enforce it. 50 years later, we see what it means to be,  a church in a globalized world, a universal, globalized church.

These words by Marx are exactly the words used in the incantation  of Satan at the enthronement of the “Prince of the World” at the Black Mass in the Cappella Paolina on the night of 28/29. June 1963 during the 2nd Vatican Council. 
Many years later, Pope Benedict XVI has sanctified this Chapel  anew!

La “Chiesa viva” XLII No 451, Luglio-Agosto, 2012 has on pp. 11–23: It took place 1 week after the Freemason Paul VI became pope after the unexpected death of his predecessor. The International Prussian Delegate took over and said:

Tiara2“He (Satan)  will create a Community….”And its name shall be the” Man´s Universal Church. We ask our Lord Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, collector of all our victims, to accept our sacrifice (child Agnes), of the Commission of so many Sins. ..Enter the palace which was prepared for you. Come down between your Faithful Servants, who have prepared Your bed, who erected the altar and have blessed it with infamy.  I adore you, Prince of Darkness. With all of the Stole of InfidelityI now place in your hands the Triple Crown of Peter, according to the adamant will of Lucifer, so You may reign here, so there may be one ChurchUniversal Church”.

Since then no pope has worn the Tiara – for it is reserved for the head of the Church!!

This terrible story is confirmed by Texe Marrs , referring to pater and eye witness Malachi Martin, Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Milingo as his sources.

“The devil in the Catholic Church is now protected so that he is like an animal protected by the government so as not to be shot by hunters!

The fact of the matter is that the Jesuit Church is the originator of  Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and Jesuit Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s Order of the Illuminati  which want(ed) to destroy Christianity in their 6-point program)


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