Infernal Banquet: Russian Blogger´s Obituary about Europe. Russian Foreign Minister: “Europe Committing Suicide”

Take a close look at the painting below – the Infernal Banquet. I found it in Club Orlov 26 June 2018  – but do not know the painter or the history behind it. I bring this obituary of Europe while I can still link without being stopped somehow by EU´s coming censoring “copyright legislation”.

I do think it tells a story on Europes future: – i.e. the fulfillment of Adam Weishaupt´and Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s Illuminati 6-point program from 1776 to destroy the old world order in favour of the  NWO Communism/Technocracy.  Starting with extinction of the white race
or “whiteness
as the Jewish Pharisees/Zionists say It is their revenge.  

Russian Club Orlov 26 June 2018: Around the world, very few people are capable of wrapping their heads around the European reaction to the migrant crisis (UN´s Replacement migration). On the side of the migrants, we have avid displays of barbarism, fanaticism and aggression; on the side of the Europeans, we have abject fear of appearing… intolerant.

Most people around the world see in this an orchidaceous display of anthropological nullity. “Is Europe dead?” they wonder aloud.

Russia’s FM Sergei Lavrov said that the European Union is “committing suicide” by letting in the invading hordes from the Middle East and North Africa.
Here we have a flood of people coming in, the majority of them young adult males shirking military service back home, and relatively few of them are qualified to seek asylum. Most of them are unqualified to do any sort of work within the EU due to lack of literacy, education or work ethic. Many of them would not be trainable in any case, coming as they are from populations bred for physical stamina and disease tolerance rather than intelligence and here.

Having spent the last several decades resurrecting Eastern Christendom after the damage caused to it by the Bolshevik barbarians, they European Russians) watch with dismay as the relics and ruins of Western Christendom are becoming submerged by a new barbarian wave.
Western Europe’s inhabitants may no longer amount to much, but they are still valuable as museum attendants and tour guides.

And why is the European race doomed? Media and Advertisement brainwash to  miscegenation with pagans.

Pew Research 2010 found that 69% of people surveyed said that single women having children is a bad thing, 43% say unmarried couples raising children is a bad thing, yet hypocritically only 14% say interracial marriage is a bad thing. There is something particularly dumb about being in favour of interracial relationships, while at the same time conceding the self-destructive outcomes of those relationships.

As I recently wrote: The CFR calls on governments to direct propaganda (genuine Fake News) oan their populations! In fact, Merkel´s genicidal agenda on whites was ordered by Rothschild´s Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations

Christopher Cantwell 24 June 2018:  (US conditions) Since 1980, the total percent of interracial marriages has risen from 3.2% to 8.4%. Of new marriages, the rate rose from 6.7% to 15.1%. In 2010 the most common intermarriage (USA) was white/Hispanic, at 43.3%, other mixed at 30.4%, white/Asian at 14.4% and white/black, the least common, at 11.9%.

A 2015 study examined the outcomes of women that have children with black men, the results were staggering. Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, however when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%. 98% of white mothers studied reported the father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children.
Among whites in 1958, only 4% approved interracial marriages between whites and blacks; in 2007, 75% of whites reported they approve of such unions.

White people are not the only ones seeing constant images of white women with black men plastered across the Occident. These images have an effect on black men as well. They are being told by the film industry, TV, and advertising, that it is not only natural but also common that white women are choosing black men. When  blacks  find out that this is not the case they turn violent.  

If you wanted to create a chaotic society that is easy to lord over, you would ensure that the children are raised by the state, the women are dependent upon the state, and that the men were marginalized and seen as social pariahs by their own people. What better way to destroy a people than to promote a(n interracial)  relationship that can never produce white children and that is by nature dysgenic?

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