Passionate Super Freemason NWO Merkel in German Parliament: Destiny Question for the EU. My Multilateral Values, so that Africa Believes in It, or (my/EU´s/ City of London´s) Credibility Is over!

Chancellor Merkel in German Parliament 28 June 2018:

It seems that Merkel will win the fray over the free Muslim immigration to Germany – and that Minister of the Interior Seehofer has to abdicate!

Of course, because in the Illuminati — Superfreemason Merkel is much stronger than Seehofer, who has previously conceded, which forces really govern: The Illuminati Corporations. In addition, both are siblings of the Rotary Club Masonic lodges:  (Many interestng members!!) Nevertheless, If a satisfactory EU  plan to solve the migrant crisis is not achieved today — Seehofer will use his   authority as a minister to return migrants who already are registrated in another EU Country (The Dublin agreement) – and risk being fired.
Naturally, Seehofer is the underdog. Too bad for Europe. 

The  fact of the matter is: The EU does not fight – but invites Muslims to come and settle and here – keeping all of them- only returning symbolically few who get a bag of our money with them – and they can return later to repeat the farce.

 We know from the mouths of the Jewish Illuminati elite that we EU citizens are guinea pigs of their multiethnic  NWO experiment

DW 28 Juni 2018:

DW 28 June 2018

I doubt that the above numbers are correct – they have probably been rigged. For too long, politicians and their media have been lying to us with their fake news.

More than 30.000  rejected migrants have “dissappeared” under Merkel´s watch.  

I guess that both Seehofer´s and Italian Salvini´s anti-migration protests are just Mason-regulated shows to satisfy increasingly discontent Europeans – while they continue to import Muslims in the middle of the nightGermany has just opened an airbridge for African Muslims from Italy to Germany in order to fulfil   Pres. Macrons/ EUs  Vision about another  200 mio. Africans in the next 30 years into his EurAfrica!

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