US and Russian Military Complexes Bar Friendship and Meeting between Trump and Putin. Weapon Development Cooperation – or Israel as Double Agent?

Did you know that the US military is dropping a forceful killing bomb every 12 minutes?

Did you know of Russians superweapons developed in amazingly short time – of a kind only seen in computer games?

Sputnik 29 May 2018:

The drone shown in the video below is made in Israel and delivered to Russia!! This video is published by the US Military News – but with Russian email address. The man next to the bombs on the plane looks like a computer game robot. I think this is war propaganda – but entertaining. That’s why I bring it here.

And then of course thre are the nukes.

Consequently every reason for Russia and NATO to make friends.


The Daily Caller 21 June 2018: National security adviser John Bolton is planning a trip to Russia to discuss a potential meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin.

Trump and Putin had talked about a possible meeting when they spoke on the phone in March, with Vienna as a potential site for the face-to-face talks, Peskov said earlier this month. More recently, U.S. media outlets have reported that the two leaders are planning to meet shortly before or after Trump’s trip to Britain and the NATO summit in mid-July.

Since taking office, Trump has repeatedly said he would like to see Washington and Moscow develop warmer relations.
At the G7 summit in Canada earlier this month, he said Russia should be allowed to rejoin the group of wealthy nations, breaking from the position of the bloc’s other leaders.

Trump’s remarks on Russia have been criticized in light of the ongoing special counsel investigation into the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 election, including possible links to the Trump campaign. The president has also been accused of speaking more highly of Putin and Russia than of the NATO alliance, which he has blasted as outdated and overly dependent on Washington’s largesse.

“Trump’s plan to meet Putin immediately before or after the NATO summit is a slap in the face to the alliance, whose mission centers largely around deterring Russian aggression,” Ned Price, a National Security Council official during the Obama administration, said Wednesday on Twitter. “And that’s probably just as Trump intended.”
Price’s assessment is at odds with that of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who said Thursday that a Trump-Putin meeting “is not in any way contradicting NATO policies.”

“NATO is in favor of dialog, and if you want dialog, you have to speak to the political leaders,” he said in London, according to The Guardian.

DEBKAfile 19 June 2018:  Defense and military chiefs in both Washington and Moscow are heaping obstacles in the path of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin holding a one-on-one meeting.
Defense Secretary Mike Mattis and top US soldier, Gen. Joseph Dunford, are spearheading the anti-summit campaign in Washington and Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu in Moscow.
Our sources reveal that the generals are using US-Russian military confrontation in Syria to stage those obstacles. Working to bring a Trump-Putin summit to fruition in the face of this powerful campaign is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, following on his success with the North Korean leader. Pompeo is playing ball with his opposite number in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Most of the (US) military operations taking place in Syria these days are clandestine and so the Russian-US contest going forward there is mostly hidden from public scrutiny.


Global Res. 19 June 2018: 70,000 bombs dropped by Bush—it was child’s play. DeGraw again: “[Obama] dropped 100,000 bombs in seven countries. He out-bombed Bush by 30,000 bombs and 2 countries.”
The Pentagon’s numbers show that during George W. Bush’s eight years he averaged 24 bombs dropped per day, which is 8,750 per year. Over the course of Obama’s time in office, his military dropped 34 bombs per day, 12,500 per year. And in Trump’s first year in office, he averaged 121 bombs dropped per day, for an annual total of 44,096.

The Pentagon has reported we are running out of bombs!!

This is about a runaway military-industrial complex that our ruling elite are more than happy to let loose. Almost no one in Congress or the presidency tries to restrain our 121 bombs a day. Almost no one in a mainstream outlet tries to get people to care about this.

It is a crime against humanity.

I have often written about the coup d´état in the White House by the US military complex–  the Devil´s hoof.  This complex is pressuring any US presidential hopeful candidate, who must beforehand promise to be the obedient slave of this complex – as well as to the Jewish Lobby. as the Devil´s hoof . The Military Industrial Complex has bought the PentagonIts aim is war with Russia and here.

In 2016, Veterans Today described (and I blogged on it) that the Military Industrial Complex comspired with its Russian Counterpiece – this explaining the incredible quick development of Russian superweapons – the so-called “Secret Reset”!!

I have found no confirmation of this story  – but the past absolutely makes it a possibility:
Forbes 12 July 2016: A prominent scientist,  Siegfried Hecker, writes in his new 2-volume set, Doomed to Cooperate “We (US and Soviet scientists) discovered that we not only shared common scientific bonds, but also the enormous sense of responsibility we had for nuclear weapons. The scientists and engineers of the weapons laboratories on both sides considered ourselves the stewards of the nuclear weapons. We conceived them, we designed them, we helped build them, we gave custody to the military, and finally we took them back for disassembly. We had cradle-to-grave responsibility for the weapons and could not rest until they were dismantled.”

The sentiment from laboratories in both the United States and Russia is that this lab-to-lab cooperation was not only productive in its time but should continue into the future.
However, many of the cooperative programs between our two countries have ended.The challenge now is how to renew the support for such endeavors in Moscow and in Washington when relations between our countries are at a particularly low point”.

More likely is that Israel is the secret go-between behind Russia´s amazing miliray technological development: Israel receives US´most modern weapons – and could pass them on to Russia. The Russian Israeli relations are so cordial that Putin is supporting Israel against his ally Iran: Breitbart 20 June 2018:   Russia-Israel Alliance Grows as Russia-Iran Alliance Frays in Syria.
On the other hand – officially and outwards there are frictions between Israel and Russia over Syria 24 Dec. 2013:  Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.

Middle East Eye 3 Oct. 2016:  American officials have often expressed concern over the proliferation of Israeli technology to third parties, and the Israeli Russian UAV program puts the American government in an especially awkward position.

The US indirectly subsidises Israel’s drone industry at a time when said industry is linked to Russian defence companies.
The introduction of Russian drones into the Syrian conflict has further complicated the situation. While it is unknown which models are being used inside Syria, the possibility exists that Israeli Oboronprom builds the drones that Russia has currently deployed in Syria.
Aviation enthusiasts should definitely keep their eyes on the skies to see if Israeli military technology has been introduced into the arsenal of the “axis of resistance”.

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