Jesuit Vatican´s/Masonic Politicians´ Immigration Insanity and Citizens´ Cowardly Tolerance: The Ungrateful Sharia Absurdities We Deserve

Art. 841: The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.   New Catholic Cathechism Art. 841.
Comment: 1) Thus, the Church makes  Christ superfluous, who says: No one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6)! 2) According to Genesis 17:18-21, God refused Abraham´s request to pass his blessing on to the ancestor of the Arabs / Muslims, Ishmael. 3) Die Kirche macht Den Vater Christi = Allah, der sich im Koran mit den Kennzeichen des Teufels schildert
The Church makes the Father of Christ = Allah who in the Koran describes himself with the hallmarks of the Devil.


ABC News 21 June 2018:  

ABC News 21 June 2018:  

(The Pope knows very well that Muslims cannot be integrated – as he says in article  – only integrate).

Infowars 21 June 2018  Catholic children at a school in Linz, Austria were forced to memorize and recite Islamic songs during Ramadan or face punishment, according to one shocked parent.
Comment: Of course Antichristian  Pope Francis, head the Vatican which has appointed Satan head of the Catholic Church   sees  no difference and here between Islam and Christianity and therefore Muslims as his brethren and sisters . So he sees Muslim mass immigration as a gift,

The Pope sees Christ as son of Masonic/Jewish God  Lucifer and  here and hereJohn 8:44 

Voice of Europe 20 June 2018: Swedish mother: “We were on our way home when he suddenly started to sing ‘Allah, Allah’,” the mother  said, adding, “It felt like a slap in my face!”

Her son subsequently told her that children were ordered to “get involved” and that if they failed to do so were told, “We’ll have to go to the director and then there’ll be a punishment.”

The entire program lasted for two months, with a dedicated Islamic religious teacher attending the school and directing the pupils, “to learn the appropriate Ramadan songs, because the whole class must celebrate this festival.”

According to another teacher at a school in Vienna, “Many schools are getting more and more out of control” and, “the problems in the classrooms are almost impossible to solve anymore.”

She added that, “Sharia law is superior for many of my students,” warning, “Music and dance are rejected on religious grounds. Also discussions and fights take place with increasing frequency along religious lines.

As we have previously highlighted, Islamic radicalization is becoming an increasing problem in schools across Europe.

A mother in Germany whose daughter was being bullied by Muslim students because she was blonde, Christian and didn’t wear a headscarf was toldby the headmaster of a school in Frankfurt to cover her up with a hijab.

Heinz-Peter Meidinger told BILD that a story in Berlin about Muslim migrant students circulating ISIS beheading videos was not a lone case and that such propaganda is “spreading like wildfire”.

Newswars 21 June 2018  Muslim to Stewardess  serving a Muslim master race passenger and telling him there is no pork in the sandwich“:
This is not right, you should tell people there is pork, I’m a Muslim,” the man said. “It’s pork, darling… What the f**k is your problem, stupid f**king bitch? She’s a f**king bitch man. She told me it’s not appropriate to touch my teeth, f**king slut.”

Infowars 14 June 2018:  Kent Karlsson, a teacher at a school with students from grades three to six in Borlänge, Sweden, said  

“… Students question teachers who do not have [a] Muslim background by saying, ‘I do not listen to you because you are white’ or ‘You are not Muslim, why should I listen to you?’”. “This occurs in all age groups, from six-year-olds to thirteen-year-olds.”

“It worries me if some of the children in the Koran school interprets that it is only Muslim men and women to listen to.”
Other teachers who wished to remain anonymous said the Muslim students are not doing their homework or even passing because of the workload learning Islamic scriptures requires.

“… The children are tired and unable to do the maths or writing lessons they received at school. [It] is clear they miss knowledge,” says one teacher.

Natural News 20 June 2018:  Harvard Medical School  has just announced it is ashamed of its white graduates who become doctors, and the school is in the process of removing photos of white doctors solely because they are people with white skin.
The new priority for Harvard Medical School, its president now admits, is“putting people of color in power.” This means, of course, granting scholarships, raises and professorships to people based solely on the color of their skin rather than the merit of their actions. In other words, Harvard Medical School is now openly admitting it’s going to start producing waves of doctors who aren’t the most qualified. But they will possess certain superficial qualities — skin color, sexual orientation, gender, etc. — that qualify as “diversity” in the minds of Harvard overlords.


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