The Guardian´s Deep Contempt of European Democracy:”Anarchist Populist Far Right Nationalists and Christians” Disempowering Rothschild´s/ George Soros´ NWO Open Society

The following excerpt from an article in the Guardian with my comments  expresses deep concern about the “democracy” of the EU and its Masonic stooges – giving the will of  their peoples a damn to the extent that they have become high traitors. The author whimpers about these noble dishonest “democrats”  losing power and Rothschild agent George Soros´ “open society” to the “populists”, i.e. the real democratic politicians who represent the will of their electorates who elected them to do just that.

What the Guardian thus expresses is the NWO s deep contempt of European democracy.

The Guardian 19 June 2018:  What Seehofer, Orbán and others are gearing up for is an overthrow of the values of the liberal order within the EU. They want to mould it according to their conservative Christian, nation-centered beliefs, and they see the west as being under assault from non-white and Muslim threats and migration. This was a vision also laid out by Trump, remember, in his 2017 Warsaw speech.
They don’t want to break up Europe, they want to take control of it. The “axis” aims to get rid of Merkel.
The news coming out of Europe isn’t all bad. Spain has a new, centre-left government. The EU’s economy is also doing better, and polls show growing support for it among citizens:   Reuters 23 May 2018 and The Independent 2 Apr. 2018 and 2/3 of Europeans would not mind having a Muslim in their family!!   The Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament showed that 67 percent of EU citizens thought that membership had benefited their country, the highest level since 1983. Just 23 percent took the opposite view.
Italy, where an incoming eurosceptic government is worrying Brussels, was least enthusiastic; just 44 percent of Italians said benefits outweighed disadvantages compared to 41 percent the reverse.
Criticism of the EU’s institutional “democratic deficit” is currently a sideshow
Comment: So there is no popular support for dismantlement of the EU – unfortunately – but a non-polled majority is certainly for non-Masonic reforms.

The Guardian: “The battle lines are now drawn for Europe’s ultimate test: the May 2019 elections for the European parliament. That’s when far-right and populist parties will attempt to complete their power grab in the EU.”
Comment: Already here we feel that those opposed to the EU are dangerous, quasi criminal people, bordering on traitors in NWO/Guardian view. For they are populists opposed to what the Masonic leaders in Brussels try to impose on  the ignorant Goyim/voting fodder.

The Guardian: “There are two very different versions of the principles that should bind Europe together. One is liberal democratic, and attuned to the notion of an open society (Rothschild agent George Soros); the other is fortress-minded, illiberal and intolerant”. The democratic deficit of the EU has been sidelined!
Comment: The article is written by a woman, who clearly likes open borders and the ensuing criminality – incl. rape – and looting by the corporations that Soros represents..

The Guardian: ….the shock  hit “Europe´s liberal order”, as the first populist government was elected in Italy – and turned the Aquarious (loaded with 629 illegal refugees so carefully  picked up for big money be Doctors without borders).
Austria´s Chancellor Kurz even started to create an axis of the willing comprising other populist states like Hungary and Italy (was repelled to combate migration).
Merkel´s government partner, the Bavarian Christian Social Union  are attacking the (dictatorial) power  of Angela Merkel!! – giving her an ultimatum of 14 days to achieve a satisfactory European solution to the migration floods – or the government will break up.  The author sees the upcoming E  summit in shambles.
Comment: This was the rule of the old democratic order – but apparently not pf The Guardian´s NWO

The Guardian “In an intervention unprecedented for a US leader, Trump appeared to relish the possibility of Merkel’s downfall, writing: “The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition.”
Comment: How horrible! This has been published in all bigger media for some time – but that Trump uses his democratic right of free expression it is too bad: He makes it an indisputable fact – which it is!
And the author can hardly constrain her righteous indignation from becoming violent:

The Guardian: “Trump had earlier given the nod to irredentism in Europe, in claiming: “Crimea is Russia because people there speak Russian. Quoting Yeats: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”
Comment: Terrible: This is exactly the contemptible old world order, on which nation states are based: Common language, common history, common culture, common religion”. Well this is really understandable: The author without knowledge of what is going on outside the Masonic lodges and their closed press and academic cliques holds the feelings and opinions of ordinary people in contempt. She is a typical brainwashed NWO product.

Anarchy is an appropriate word for what is going on in Europe´s streets and no-go-zones for whites: Nevertheless, she calls efforts to  change  this situatuion “Anarchy”!!

The Guardian:An ideological nexus does connects him (Kurz) to Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Seehofer in Bavaria and Matteo Salvini in Italy. Look at the map, and what emerges is the shaping of a core transalpine and Danubian Europe of the far-right and nationalist conservatism.”

But i gets much worse:
“Some of these political forces have a track record of closeness to Russia’s strongman (Putin). The far-right Freedom Party  (Austria) founded by Nazis in the 1950es, to take one example, has a formal partnership with the Kremlin-sponsored United Russia party, and regularly calls for the lifting of EU sanctions – just as Seehofer does. Meanwhile, in the midst of his World Cup extravaganza, Putin is reportedly awaiting a call from Washington soon to set up a meeting with Trump – a summit Kurz would like to host in Vienna”.
Comment: How can it get any worse: Putin also does not want to have his country flooded with Muslims and their murderous (sura 9:5, e.g.) contempt for infidel whites. He already has enough in the Caucasus – thanks to himself!

And the bottom of the far right: Putin and Trump want to meet – in fact to be friends – as they already are brethren in the Chabad Lubavitch sect, which is behind Soros and his Guardian stooges´open society disaster, too. This would secure world peace – but the  US deep state  and the City of London as well as Chabad do not want world peace.

The author seems to be ignorant of what drives the world towards the final chaos and war: Hegelian dialectics of the Illuminati – based on playing one part of society against the other half. All actors: The Guardian, Trump, Putin, Soros of the London City are equally guilty/ or as they see it: Equally merited in creating the chaos on which these satanists will build their NWO.

The author is concerned about what may happen:
“Orbán, who’s arguably the most outspoken about this, made the strategy abundantly clear in a speech last week. He suggested the EPP would need to change if it wanted to survive, and threatened to set up a new, “pan-European anti-immigration formation” if the EPP isn’t ready to be renewed on his terms. What’s to be done?
Europe´s Democrats must unite . Let’s protect what we have.”

Comment: Do you agree that we should keep  – not only what we have, but in particular what the EU is certainly bringing us: The Sharia and here and here ?


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