Soccer World Championship: Mind Control, Big Money, Corruption and Side Effect in NWO View: It Reinforces National Identity

I’m   concerned about the World Cup in Russia in various respects.

I do not understand why the West is preparing a huge war mood against Russia, and nonetheless is participating in these prestigious games in Russia. This is all the stranger, because Western propaganda even draws comparisons to Hitler’s 1936 Olympia show.

What is clear, however, is that the war efforts on the Western and Israeli side suddenly stopped. Netanyahu is even banning retaliatory attacks on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

DEBKAfile 17 June 2018:  A strange silence has meanwhile descended on Israel’s northern front after systematic IDF strikes over several weeks demolished Iranian military bases in Syria. The prime minister and chief of staff Gen. Gady Eisenkott appear to have decided to hold their fire during the World Cup soccer finals taking place in Russia. According to some sources, Putin extracted a concession from Netanyahu during their phone call last Friday, June 15, not to start trouble in Syria until the games were over. After all, the Russian troops and officers posted there deserve a respite for watching the games in peace on television.
This in spite of 
 Palestinian terror-by-arson, a Hamas campaign in which thousands of dunams of Israeli field crops, farmland, natural vegetation and nature preserves are being laid to waste by burning kites and incendiary balloons.

For two-and-a-half months of these attacks, the IDF was under orders not to shoot the kite and balloon crews or hit the vehicles delivering them to the “protesters” rampaging on the Israeli border fence.
Comments: This football peace which is beyond most people was already known in ancient Greece during Olympic games. And there is another ancient element in it: The hostage system, In fact, for one month, Russia has the national football teams as hostages to secure the country against attacks from the foaming deep US state and its neocons who just want war with Russia. So such international events are the best guarantee for ppeace in the world

There are  solid reasons for the FIFA Cup, in particular prestige and  money: It is cheap entertainment for the masses – and its dulling their intellects so they do not think of the real problems in world politics – nor at the “invisible” hands behind the disasters going on.

The Money aspect of the Russian FIFA Cup 2018
CNBC 14 June 2018: “The 2018 tournament is being held in 11 Russian cities, beginning with 32 teams in a knockout tournament format. The winner is crowned July 15.

Teams will win portions of the $400 million in total prize money up for grabs, according to FIFA, from $8 million per team for participating to $38 million for the winner.

In essence, FIFA requires bids to host the World Cup to include massive tax exemptions for the association. Germany offered FIFA an estimated $272 million in tax exemptions when it hosted the 2006 World Cup. The agreements establish tax-free zones for the World Cup venues, with FIFA’s corporate partners being exempt from income and sales taxes.

State officials in Russia claim the World Cup will add $26 billion to $31 billion to the Russian national economy. Arkady Dvorkovich, Russia’s former deputy prime minister, claimed that preparations have already added about $14 billion to the country’s GDP — the equivalent of 1 percentage point — as well as about 220,000 jobs. Russia´s Expenditures have been 11.8 bn Dollars.

 The 2018 World Cup is expected to rake in about $6 billion in revenue for FIFA, up 25 percent from 2014. With as many as 3.2 billion people expected to watch the tournament, broadcast revenue is expected to rise to $3 billion”.

But maybe the most important aspect is that these games have a profound paychological effect.
People are identifying themselves with their national football squads, which lend identity to the masses without identity at all. Therefore, 30.000 poor Peruvians gave out their savings to go to Russia to see their identity being debased By Denmark which won the opening match against Peru by 1-0. What a humiliation and material loss for these poor people. I am really sorry for them.

But what identity do the teams  have to lend identity to the nations and make them   feel better and stronger or poorer than others?

One begins to wonder how the French  can attach their identity to e.g. the 2018 All-France  team (or many other teams)  in Russia.

Below the All-France -team below 20 2011

What kind of French can identify themselves with the achievements of this team? It seems to be a Pan-African team. Do the French already love their EurAfrica which theeir Rothschild stooge – whom they elected president because Rothschild´s mass media brainwashed to do so – has said is their and our inescapable future

There is a lot of corruption around the World Cup 

I came upon an issue of the German Magazin 2000 plus 2015/08 on the “FIFA: SELF-SERVICE STORE”. In it incredible corruption is described in connection with the FIFA Cups in Germany 2006, South Africa 2010,  Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. In particular, the Qatar FIFA CUP is preposterous: The stadiums are built by Asian imported slaves who are deprived of their passports and forced to work at rock bottom tariffs – in contrast to what they were promised. It is told that already in 2015, 4000 such slave workers had died.

The 24 man FIFA Executive Committee are said to simply give the Cup arrangements  to the country bidding the Executive Committee members most money. Names like Franz Blatter (Ex-President) and Franz Beckenbauer are under investigation for heavy corruption.

FIFA continues to face heavy scrutiny as the 2018 World Cup begins, after investigations in 2015 brought forward allegations of corruption and bribery against many of the highest-ranking FIFA officials. Already in Germany having the 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006, there was a lot of corruption with Beckenbauer at the centre. The granting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Qatar was fraud and corruption.
Besides, the summer heat in Qatar makes football playing nearly inhuman.

The U.S. Department of Justice in 2015 indicted 41 FIFA officials, government leaders — including the then-current or past presidents of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama — and corporate executives with charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, for being involved “in a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves through the corruption of international soccer.” The FBI has continued to investigate FIFA for the past three years.FIFA has exonerated itself.

Criticism extends beyond Russia’s shady bid for the World Cup to how it enriches its president, Vladimir Putin, and his friends.

Of course, this circus with astronomically paid clowns is exponential of Coudenhove Kalergi´s NWO racial miscegenation – made edible to the brainwashed masses which today as in ancient Rome demand panem et circenses – bread and games, soccer just being a continuation of the arena fights and the races at the Circus Maximus and elsewhere. Thereby, people are distracted from the real problems of immigration and NWO deception –  not grasping how much taxpayer money is squandered into private pockets.
Besides, people are getting accustomed to seeing themselves being represented by people from all over the world – unwittingly taking leave of their own tribal origin. That´s NWO policy as outlined by the EU.

But most paradoxical of all: FIFA is a very corrupt side of the NWO involving the corporate businesses and big money – but nevertheless the world cup counteracts the NWO goal: The break down of the nationstates and the promotion of the London City´s one world Communist governance: For never are people more patriotic than during such championships and the Olympic games. People feel superior to the defeated contestants and their nations: “We are the best!!!” And that´s the only good thing about the FIFA World Cup – but in glaring contrast to the 6-point NWO program as launched by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild which demands the elimination of patriotism.

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