Euromediterranean Process: This Far the Curse of Rothschild´s EurAfrica Replacement Migration Was Allowed to Go. Halfhearted Political Awakening Is Taking Place. Merkel´s Open Arms Policy Finished

I have recently written about Rothschild banker, French Pres. Macron and Rockefeller´s UN Secr. General Guterres telling us that EurAfrica is Europes unescapable future and  the white Europeans must accept to be replaced by Africans who in this century will increase in number from 1.3 to 4.4 billion. This is in full concordance with the UN´s “Replacement Migration” – a product of Rothschild agent Coudenhove Kalergi´s plan to replace Europe´s white population –  by means of  Supermasonic Chancellor and   Jewess Merkel´s war on the white race  – elaborated by  the Council on Foreign Relations.
Merkel is a puppet of the top of the new world pyramid in the City of London – to subjugate defeated Germany – indeed, to extinguish Germany and Europe through Muslim immigration.

Breitbart 14 June 2018


Take a close look at this video to see what the pope means by that: His NWO vision is taking place today – and is only the beginning.

Muslim violence increases proportionally to the number of Muslims in a society  – and to the spineless decadence of Europeans.

The Ball was opened with the EU´s  Euromediterranean Process – and the war has been declared by Turkey´s Pres. Tayyip Erdogan.

A few politicians like Gerard Batten from the UKIP dare oppose their Masonic overlords and speak the truth in the EU Parliament: Europe is being invaded by young men from Islamic countries because of EU surrender to Islam. See from the 1:45 min. mark

And in today´s dictatorial UK it´s dangerous to speak the truth: Islam critical journalist Tommy Robinson has now been transferred into a closed prison with Muslim majority – and the Muslims there are already chanting  death threats against him.

But even in unfree and subjugated Germany, the steam pressure is letting the lid fly of the pot:

Sputnik News 13 June 2018: The murder of a teenage German girl in Wiesbaden by a rejected asylum-seeker is raising a debate in Germany about the country’s refugee policy.  Sebastian Münzenmaier, an AfD member of parliament for Mainz:
 “We lost our borders, we lost our justice system, we are betrayed by our government and we have hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men. Nobody knows where they come from and nobody knows who they are. So, yes, the asylum system is to blame for what happened”.

Merkel is now in dire straits. Her governmental union is about to break apart, unless Merkel stops her unlimited import of Muslim young men – i.a. by flying them in by night from Greece and Italy where they were first registrated.

ABC News 14 June 2018: On Thursday, the leader of Seehofer’s Bavarian-only Christian Social Union in parliament said the party supported him and would not back down, and suggested they might try to force through changes at a state level. That could cause a break in the longtime alliance with Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.
“We are in a serious, a very serious situation,” said Alexander Dobrindt, adding that the issue would be discussed in Bavaria with party leaders on Monday.
He’s now started to draw support for his ideas from Merkel’s own party, as well as from other countries.

The Guardian 14 June 2018


Acc. to German ARD 14 June 2018 – 20:15, Minister of the interior, Horst Seehofer, and his CSU party has given Merkel an ultimatum: If she does not accept to stop migrants already registered in other EU countries Seehofer will decree it by his authority as minister.

Also Italy and France are at loggerheads over migrants:
Italy´s new government wants to stop the migration – recently rejected a ship with 629 migrants feriied in lucrative commerce by Doctors without borders. Spain took them – and nobody even considered taking them back to Africa!!! France was annoyed – but did not offer to take the migrants.

The Guardian 13 June 2018

The Guardian 6 Sept. 2017:  The 4 Visegrad EU members Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the czech Republic flatly reject to take EU´s Migrant import.





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