Goodbye, Darwin. Intelligent Design Universal New-Creation of Life 100-200.000 Years ago Proven from Mitochondrial DNA

Charles Darwin´s teaching of Evolution is very controversial among Christians, because it contradicts Bible teaching of God creating the world in 6 days – and man in one day.

Pope Frances on 28 Dec. 2014 declared acc. to the Independent


meaning that God is not almighty. And from his satanist point of view, he is right. For his god is Lucifer and he celebrates Jesus as Lucifer´s son ascended fron the Hell flames!!  and the pope is boss of a church which appointed Satan as its head in 1963!

Only it´s wrong. Creation is old – but acc. to the scientists, about 200.000 years ago a new creation equipped with identical mitochondrial DNA on took place – charachterized by  design – even more intelligent than the first creation of life! -as shown by a very comprisive study.  

A massive new genetic study by Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland puts a few more nails into an already-rotting coffin, opening the door for new theories about our origins and the mechanisms behind the evolution of species on our planet.

Collective Evolution 4 June 2018: If you have been following genetic and epigenetic studies conducted within the edifices of modern science over the past couple of decades, you likely have suspected what I am about to tell you: Mr. Darwin (right 1854) has already left the building, his disheveled ‘Theory of Evolution’ in tow. 

Challenges To Convention
In the conventional narrative of how evolution proceeds through survival-of-the-fittest and adaptation to new environments based on random genetic mutations, it is natural to expect that species with large, far-flung populations like ants and humans will become more genetically diverse over time than species who remain in one milieu. But is it true?

The answer is no,” said Stoeckle, lead author of the study, published in the journal Human Evolution. In fact, the genetic diversity of most species on the planet “is about the same”, no matter their history of migration, relocation or proliferation.

Their study comprises 5 mio. specimens ffrom over 100.000 animal species

Fig. 1. Low intraspecific Mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I DNA   barcode variation is the norm in animals, not an artifact of handpicking examples or small sample size. Variation is expressed as average pairwise difference (APD) between individuals. Such mitochondrial barcodes  make comparisons between species possible. Their variation is the same in modern man as in all animal species: uniformity, no evlution through mutations . 


The study’s most startling result, perhaps, is that nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000yeasago.

“This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could,” said David Thaler.

The extant population, no matter what its current size or similarity to fossils of any age,
has expanded from mitochondrial uniformity within the past 200,000 years. Fossil evidence for mammalian evolution in Africa implies that most species
started with small founding populations and later expanded. And sequence analysis
has been interpreted to suggest that the last ice age created widespread conditions for a subsequent expansion.The characteristics of contemporary mitochondrial variance may represent a rare snapshot of animal life evolving during a special period. Alternatively, the similarity in variance within species could be a sign or a consequence of

Indeed it is surprising–since it presents a stunning invalidation of the commonplace notion that evolution on the planet has been slow, linear, progressive, and unbroken. Previous challenges to this notion in the form of ‘missing links’ could be perceived as grounded in a lack of physical evidence which one day would be resolved. Now, we are really forced to start looking at things in a completely new way.

The picture we get here is that somewhere in the past, no farther back than 200,000 years ago, most or all animal species ‘got started,’ with a mitochondrial clock set to 0. There is evidence that these species ‘started with small founding populations and later expanded,’ and that extreme conditions — like the last ice age — can give rise to a subsequent expansion.

It almost resembles the Noah’s Ark scenario, doesn’t it? A cataclysmic flood wipes out all humans and animals on the planet except a small few of each species, who begin again to proliferate anew once the flood ends and the Earth becomes habitable.

Today, the idea that extraterrestrial civilizations are and have always been involved in our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual evolution is quite common within the awakening community. More highly evolved beings are seen to be able to work directly in the genetic manipulation of species. For example, the idea that we are part of a ‘Grand Experiment’ has been proposed.

Is it possible that the evolution of the human race has been fostered in part by the genetic seeding of today’s human and animal kingdom by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations almost 200,000 years ago? Well, at least there is some new scientific evidence that leads us to ponder this possibility.

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I have previously pointed to superintelligent design in Cell DNA

Already the first second of the   Big Bang is literally mind-blowing work of a superintelligence

So who can wonder at the new-creation of life 200.000 years ago? But of course the scientists carefully avoid the only logical explanation for the phenomenon: GOD who has created the universe out of a tiny particle smaller than an atom (see Big Bang).

Today scientists agree that discussion of creation without God is absurd.
Translation left:
Rubbish! Don´t mess about! No one has built us! we have come into existence  BY CHANCE through snowflakes.

Maybe some will say that homo sapiens appeared about 200.000 years ago – and that this would fit in with the coming of the nephilim (Satan and his fallen angels – Isaiah 14:12-14, Genesis 6:4-6) and  here. That´s what the Illuminati think – and they see themselves as descendants of the evil nephilim.


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