Erdogan: War between Cross and Crescent. Europe´s Agony Due to City of London´s Undermining! 2/3 of Europeans Would Accept Muslims in Their Family. Or Belated Awakening?

“We have squandered the legacy that gave us our Christian heritage. Will there now be a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe? Many Muslims think that and want that, and they say this is the end of Europe.”
 Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna, made the comments to mark the 333rd anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, in which 74.000 European forces successfully repelled a 120,000-soldier-strong Muslim invasion in 1683.


Breitbart 10 June 2018:  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked Austria’s impending closure of mosques and consequent expulsion of Turkish-funded imams by decision of the Austrian government, saying the move is anti-Islamic while promising a response.
“These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent,” Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul covered by AFP.

Kuran sura 33:21: 033.021 “Ye have indeed in the Messenger of God a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah”.
Acc. to Ibn Ishaq´s Hadith (the oldest of them), Muhammad was a caravan robber, mass murderer and pedophile (Aisha).

The Daily Caller 11 June 2018

The new policy comes after a number of scandals involving mosques in Austria, including one in which Islamists were plotting to overthrow the government to replace it with an Islamic caliphate. The ATIB association came under fire last week when a Turkish mosque posted images of young children swearing oaths to the Turkish state..

Erdogan has never forgotten the humiliation of the Ottoman empire before the Gates of Vienna in 1683, where Europeans had united and miraculously ended the Muslim attempt to conquer Europe by the sword. 300 hundred years later Erdogan and his fellow-Muslims make  another try – this time with 2 unbeatable weapoms: Muslim women´s thick bellies and European decadence and lack of religious values.


Europe is committing suicide ordained by its Masonic rulers via the EU Commission which has openly declared that the Muslim Sharia is Europe´s future

Deutsche Welle 30 May 2018:  Around a third of Germans would not accept a Muslim into their family, and a fifth would not accept a Jew as a family member, a study has found.

The results of the report by the US-based Pew Research Center have come amid heightened anxiety about Islam and anti-Semitism in Germany.

19% of Germans polled responded negatively to the question: “Would you be willing to accept a Jew as a family member?”
Among the 15 European countries included in the study, the percentage of respondents who said they would not accept a Jewish family member was highest in Italy (25 percent), Britain (23 percent) and Austria (21 percent). The Netherlands and Norway had the lowest (3 percent).
33% of Germans responded negatively to accepting a Muslim as a family member.
The percentage of respondents who said they would not accept a Muslim into their family was highest in Italy (43 percent), Britain (36 percent) and Austria (34 percent).

The willingness to accept Muslim family members differed greatly between German Catholics and Protestants. More than half of Catholics said they would not accept a Muslim, but only 16 percent of Protestants.
Overall, the results showed that practicing and non-practicing Christians across Europe were more intolerant of Muslims, Jews and immigrants than Europeans who do not identify as being religious.

The mastermind behind this brainwashing of Europeans is Rothschild agent and Azkenazi Jew George Soros – and his helper is Jewess Angela Merkel.


Infowars 29 May 2018: Billionaire globalist George Soros unveiled his plans to “reinvent” the EU, even though he is responsible for most of the crises currently plaguing Europe.

“Indeed, the whole of Europe has been disrupted by the refugee crisis,” he added. “Unscrupulous leaders have exploited it even in countries that have accepted hardly any refugees. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán based his re-election campaign on falsely accusing me of planning to flood Europe, Hungary included, with Muslim refugees.”

Next, Soros says the way to tackle the migrant and debt crisis is with more debt, by creating a “Marshall Plan for Africa,” which would see the EU hand over $36 billion a year to Africa  

Of course, Jewish-Muslim-Sabbataean Frankist satanist London City´s/Soros´goal is to globalize, promote racial miscegenation/ islamisation of Europe.

Of course, he wants the EU to borrow 36 bn euros from his masters investment banks and pillage taxpayers to pay the interest.

We hear this “his master´s voice” agitate against democracy by demanding rescinding of the Brexit adopted by the British population.

Europe has been disrupted by the refugee crisis, he hypocritically says – although he has admitted to be the mastermind and here  behind this catastrophic scandal:  Soros openly admitted his desire to unleash millions of economic migrants into Europe in 2015, right at the beginning of the crisis. The unscrupulous leaders are just his corrupt Freemason stooges.
Soros even earmarked $500 million to pro-migrant NGO’s, including ones that helped ferry migrants into Europe from the Mediterranean.
And he said it was a a punitive action/ shock therapy  against disobedient Germany, who did not want to be the paymaster of a fiscal union for raiding Germany through Rothschild’s banks.

And he said it was a punitive action / shock therapy against disobedient Germany, who did not want to be the paymaster of a fiscal union for looting Germany through Rothschild’s banks.

Europe awakening?

The Daily Mail 11 June 2018:


The ship, which is run by charities SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders, is currently drifting in international waters, having been instructed to ‘standby’ by the Italian coastguard, which co-coordinated Saturday’s rescue effort. Among the hundreds onboard  are more than 120 unaccompanied children (big family reunion to be expected) and seven pregnant women. The United Nations is now calling on the governments of Italy and Malta to ‘allow the immediate disembarkation’ of the migrants as the ship is ‘running out of provisions’ and some onboard need medical care.
However, these 2 countries will by no means take them!!


 Denmark and Austria want to send rejected asylum seekers into camps in unattractive areas outside the EU.
Denmark’s intake of asylum seekers has dropped to just over 1,000 in the first four months of this year, from a peak of more than 21,000 in 2015.

A new poll out of Sweden shows that support for the leftist ruling party is  collapsing while the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats have surged into first place ahead of the election in September, now standing at 26.1%, a gain of 3% since the previous poll.

China has smelt the rat – and will survive

The Guardian 25 Jan 2018: China tortured, harassed, and imprisoned “hundreds of thousands” of Muslims and Christians in 2017 acc. to the U.S. Department of State (DOS).
Beijing’s religious restrictions and abuses mainly target Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Falun Gong practitioners. China is subjecting many adherents to “transformation through re-education” inside camps where they are forced to listen to propaganda and subject to intensive monitoring outside the facilities, all intended to ensure the worshippers remain loyal to the Communist Party.

Israel will  not become Muslim – but will conquer the world by destroying it by Islam

Israel has seen the danger -and will not take African migrants – in spite of Jews pumping them into Europe
You remember that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently declared that immgrants from Africa were more dangerous than terrorists from Sinai. Whereupon Netanyahu struck a deal with the UNHCR to send 16.000 African Immigrants to Europe and keep 37.000 in Israel. However, a few hours later, Netanyahu nixed the agreement: Israelis protested vigorously against keeping the Africans, Europeans would not take them – nor would Rwanda nor Kenya!

Jewish wife of Sockholm´s supreme rabbi on the other hand demands tha goy states import Muslims in great hordes and become multiethnic under the leadership of Jews.

Hegelian dialectics at play

N Netanyahu accuses Rothschild´s agent provocateur, George Soros to be the man behind the mass immigration and the obstacle to Israel deporting immigrants to Rwanda. Just as does Soros is in Europe and here) with the purpose of eliminating Israel´s Jewish character.
This is in accordance with the  symbolism of Rothschild´s one world temple in Jerusalem:Israel´s  Supreme Court Building: Jerusalem is to become the capital of Rothschild´s one-world and of all cultures.

Breitbart 4 April 2018: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the radical New Israel Fund (NIF – Soros-funded by at least $837,500 from 2002 to 2015) of working through European states to persuade Rwanda to refuse a deal whereby the African nation would take in illegal African migrants deported from Israel.
He called on the Knesset to establish a committee to investigate the NIF.



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