“Our” Parlamentarians´ Secret Ultimatively Treacherous 130 Years-old Interparliamentary Union Intentionally Undermining National Sovereignty: Euromediterranean, One-World, Migration Movements

There seems to be no end to  governments worldwide being trapped into the  Web of the Masonic/Illuminati Communist one-world movement and to the secrecy with which “our” parliaments all cooperate in that effort.

The following video by Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media reveals a globalist one-world movement that is much older than the League of Nations and the United Nations. It is called the INTERPARLAMENTARY UNION (IPU) with its headquarters in Geneva.

The Dykes refer to an article by the grandchild of Pres. Teodore Roosevelt, Edith Kermit Roosevelt “Little Known World Parliament Group Pushes Along” Tallahassee Democrat, Sun, Oct 7, 1962.

In the following, i.a.  screenshots from Roosevelt´s article will be shown.

The IPU was founded in 1889 by British MP William Randal Cremer and French Frédéric Passy.
It has developed into a union of 178 parliaments worldwide incl. Russia and China.
The USA was an original member – but left the Union in 1999:

The IPU is now closely affiliated to the UN – they seem to be one heart and one soul (if that concept can be applied to a Masonic Luciferic and  here and here project like the one-world government).


Cremer was a worker politician and MP – instituting a trade union and being affiliated to Karl Marx. He was the first English  secretary in Marx´1. International , where Marx  introduced the “dictatorship of the proletariate” notion.
However, this was too radical for Cremer – so after 2 years he resigned.

Frédric Passy was a French member of the Chamber of Deputees.

Both Cremer and Passy  worked for international arbitration.

So what does the IPU stand for today? GLOBAL GOVERNANCE!



Since 2002, we have had Permanent Observer Status with the UN. Our office in New York works to enhance our cooperation with the UN on a daily basis, advocating IPU positions as endorsed by our member Parliaments.

On 23 May 2018, the IPU website writes:  The United Nations General Assembly has adopted its latest resolution on the interaction between the United Nations, parliaments and the IPU.
The resolution, co-sponsored by over 90 UN Member States recognizes particularly the work of the IPU in mobilizing parliamentary action to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (change of name from previously and notoriouslyAgenda 21 – the Communist technocracy).

This is the 14th resolution in a series that started 20 years ago. The resolutions give the UN system and the IPU, the global organization of parliaments, a framework to facilitate a parliamentary component to major UN processes.
For example, the last resolution, adopted in 2016, emphasized the need for a coordinated approach between the UN and parliaments regarding increasing numbers of migrants and refugees. This led to a multitude of activities and practical tools for parliamentarians to help them to strengthen their national laws to protect the human rights of migrants and refugees, and to ease the pressures on countries who host them (?).

This latest resolution calls for cooperation on a wide range of issues, including sustaining peace, international law, human rights, gender equality and empowering women and girls. It urges the IPU and the United Nations to work more closely together in strengthening parliamentary capacities and reinforcing the rule of law.

It also emphasizes the IPU’s role in engaging parliaments in achieving the (Communist) Sustainable Development Goals.

The General Assembly also examined the Report of the UN Secretary-General which stresses the need to reinvigorate trust in international organizations in a time of eroding confidence in multilateralism.

IPU President, Gabriela Cuevas Barron, in her address to the General Assembly, said that “our task, as the world organization of national parliaments, is to help create common ground among parliamentarians so that their voices across parties and genders can be articulated into a strong parliamentary perspective on global affairs. Our aim is to rally the people’s representatives around solutions that work for all of the people of this world, as well as for the sustainability of the planet.”

In the spirit of the NWO, IPU president Gabriela Cuevas  Barron  is a woman and a Mexican member of the Jesuit-founded PAN party.

In an Interview, former Mexican president Vicente Fox gave PAN´s ideology:
I ask myself, “What the hell am I doing in politics?   I went to school with Jesuits and Ilearned that St. Ignatius (Loyola), the founder of philosophy, that serving others, that being for others you get personal motivation, personal realization.  That strong force [is Some what] moves me to work for others.”  Fox was Mexican President 2000-2006.

So, the PAN party is still soaked with Jesuitism including the Rothschilds – the secret  movers and shakers of  globalist Freemasonry, which the Jesuits shaped by assimilating the Rosicrucians. This is the ideological luggage of Cuevas Barron.
We are all Jesuits”said former EU-Council President van Rompuy

Some IPU partnerships
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):
Produce handbooks on refugee protection, internal displacement and statelessness.
Co-organize meetings and debates for MPs on refugee protection challenges.
Co-organize conferences on refugee protection and statelessness.

Left: IPU affiliates

International Office for Migration (IOM)
Follow up on IPU commitments to help rebuild and implement protective legal frameworks and ensure fairness, non-discrimination and respect for the human rights of migrants.
Work for social cohesion, and peaceful and inclusive societies.

“We are a vibrant and growing group. We currently have 178 Member Parliaments and 12 Associate Members.

The IPU was instrumental in setting up the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague in 1899.

Passy and Creer as well as another 6 IPU-members obtained the Peace Nobel prize” 

Funding acc. to Statute 5.1 
The budget appropriations, as well as the possible supplementary appropriations, shall be financed by:
(a) Contributions from the Members and Associate Members of the IPU;
(b) Contributions from newly affiliated or reaffiliated Parliaments and special debts;
(c) Contributions from external sources;
(d) Income derived from investments;
(e) Miscellaneous income; and
(f) Any amount approved by the Governing Council in accordance with the provisions of Rule 4.5 and 4.7 above.

I have been unable to find the external and other sources mentioned in statute 5.1 (c) and (e)!!

As seen from the above, a the oldest globalist  institution – older than all the others – appears by chance and is and still unknown to the public although globalism´s politically driving force – this showing the media really are in the pockets of the ruling Pharisaic-Zionist-Masonic elite.

Nevertheless, the all of our parlamentarians are members of this globalist institution to dismantle nation states: IPU. Ad they never told us! How can we ever trust such traitors? Or do most parlamentarians not know about their IPU membership, brcause their leaders their leaders are simply keeping it a secrecy?

The reach of the high reason is seen from the screenshots

It is an organisation that has infiltrated our parliaments – as well as the many other elitist organsations) – letting us taxpayers pay its expenditures – and getting secret “external” funds from their real masters.

No other globalist  institution has received so many PeaceNobel Prizes  – and failed so miserably to bring peace to the world.

They introduced the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which makes its verdicts by the “rule of Law” – which is Masonic one-world international law – about which  we were never asked!

The IPU brazenly admits to strive for the Communist Agenda 21 – the technocratic one-world Communist state where people will live in prisons with little free mobility.

The IPU´s way to one-world state: Mass Migration to be protected by all means
IPU 28 March 2018MPs condemn hate crimes against migrants and refugees

Nearly 750 MPs worldwide condemned the discrimination and abuse of refugees and migrants at the conclusion of the 138th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Geneva.

The Assembly Declaration emphasized the critical role of parliaments in transforming the aspirations of the two Global Compacts – one on migrants and the other on refugees – into national laws.

The Declaration asserted that migration when properly managed contributes to greater well-being and prosperity
IPU President Gabriela Cuevas Barron reiterated the spirit of the Assembly Declaration by saying in her opening remarks: “We have the power, as members of parliament, to turn the tide. As a starting point, we should stop considering migration as a ‘problem’.
In addition, the IPU and UNHCR launched a major publication at the Assembly on refugee protection and building state asylum systems

These parliamentarians appear in my (and your) name without permission – and I detest them and their actions.



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