IMF Reveals the Immigration Lie: Aging greatest Problem for German Economy!? although Young Fertile Muslim”Labour” Being Endlessly Imported for Decades!!

DWN 14. Mai 2018:  More efforts to increase public investment, labor supply and productivity growth would increase the country’s long-term growth in the face of population aging, the IMF said in its policy recommendations for Germany, published on Monday.
Although the coalition agreement provides for several “welcome measures” to meet the challenges, the IMF explains: The government should invest more in so-called “human capital” and reform the pension system so that people could work longer.


DOCUMENT 10 Oct. 2016 :
The following figures are from 2014. Thus, before the big refugee / migration flow really accelerated.
The presence of Syrians in the heavy end of the statistics for who does not support themselves gives an irreversible indication that Syrians allowed to stay in Denmark  be able to support themselves. Neither in the shorter or longer term: 53% of men and 44% of women are in jobs.

The average marks for Danish school boys and girls is 6.5 and 7.1. The corresponding levels for Muslim boys and girls are respectively. 5.1 for boys and 5.6 for girls.

Sputnik 21 May 2018:  Perhaps a light is dawning on the Merkel government due to electoral pressure (AfD), Sputnik 21 May 2018.  However, it is probably just a spectacle to give the Germans an illusion of voter support, as Merkel seems to be collecting migrants like others collect   stamps!

 The significant difference in professional skills continues through the education system: Looking at the Muslims´ education level, only 45%. of men and 63% of women completed a Danish vocational qualification education. The corresponding proportions for 30-year-olds of Danish origin are respectively. 71 and 80 per cent.

Looking at how many people do not support themselves, the numbers are very disturbing: both men and women  who have the highest share of public support, are immigrants from Syria, Somalia, Lebanon and Iraq. For women, four out of five are in public care among the 30-59 year old immigrants from Syria, Somalia and Lebanon.

In 2014, crime was thus 48 %. higher among male immigrants and 140 per cent. higher among male descendants with non-western background than among the entire male population.

One  center to house unsuccessful asylum seekers  already exists in Bavaria and is meant as a prototype for the plan. But it suffers from high crime rates, mass protests and rising tensions between asylum seekers and security forces.
Lucky Raphael, a 24-year-old asylum seeker from Nigeria, said that the inmates are not allowed to lock their rooms, cook their own food or go outside to look for a job or attend school.

“It is like a prison. We can go outside, but always in the fear that we could be arrested” he told the newspaper.
Anchor centers send a clear signal to migrants who have little chance of being allowed to stay in in the country amid a heated political debate about Germany’s failure to deport asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected.
We are not told why we are here. It would be better if they told us straight away when we arrived that we cannot stay,” Kelvi Batin, also from Nigeria, complained.

Sputnik 20 May 2018: The German Federal Police has registered 2,269 illegal entries from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark during the first 10 months of 2017 compared to just 1,674 in January-October 2016, Die Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported, citing a response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to its query.
Many migrants arrive in Germany without being picked up by the federal police and only appear in the statistics when they apply for asylum.

Sputnik 27 Apr. 2018: Do you agree with experts who say that Europe actually needs migrants because of the aging population and because of the falling birth rates, what are your thoughts on that?

Dr. Jochen Staadt of the Free University of Berlin: For Germany this (lack of labour) is right but this problem cannot be solved by the illegal immigration we have now, because as we see 80% of the people that came in the last years are supported by the state, they have no jobs, they have not integrated into society, they were not trained or educated for these jobs where people are needed in Germany; so the public discussion suggested many times that we should have rules for migration into Germany where it is decided who can come and who is needed, and this problem is still open, it’s not solved.

Sputnik: The head of the UN World Food Program said that Daesh has been attempting to form a new wave of migrants from Africa into Europe, what impact can this have on the European Union?

Dr. Jochen Staadt: If that would be true we would have more problems as we had by the attacks in the last years.

This is a revealed NWO lie: It is recognized that Muslim mass immigration / replacement immigration has not solved nor can solve the demand for labour, as we have been fooled to believe for decades. Nonetheless, the NWO is increasing immigration, up to 200 million immigrants from Africa alone within the next 30 years! (“EurAfrica) our common destiny”).

The Illuminati/Masonic motto is: ORDER OUT OF CHAOS – ORDO AB CHAO  but first create the chaos. 

The Masonic ringleaders: The Jesuits in the City of London and in the Vatican know the reasons:

These immigrants come from low-IQ countries and here and
they feel like the master race  coming to convert and govern us (Sura 33:27)/or to deceive and  kill us   (Sura 9: 1-5). Because that’s what  the Koran and the Hadiths tell these uncritical people to think.

As I’ve written so many times, the real reason is Islamization to replace Christianity, racial mixing instead of racial tensions in their one-world utopia – as prescribed by EU Father and Rothschild agent Coudenhove Kalergi and Jewish French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy.

The engineers are The Masons of Europe



Here is my translation of the press report of the Freemasons:

The European Grand Lodges are concerned about the tragedy due  to the migrants who are fleeing countries that have been affected by war and are victims of misery. We call on the European governments to make the necessary common policies, to receive populations in need and peril in a worthy  manner.

The inability of states to overcome their selfish nationalism is a new symptom of a sick Europe where everyone cares for himself and his interests.

The European Grand Lodges appeal for the respect for human rights and human dignity to be made  some of the founding principles of the European construction.

It is on the Basis  of such principles that solidarity was established between nations.

In view of the many upheavals concerning many regions of the world, solidarity spirit is all the more necessary.

Without resorting to the history of a continent that was forged through numerous migrations, the ongoing drama should provoke remorse and inspire refreshing welcome.

Instead, the European continent is finally the scene of  divisions and conflicts that could throw the peoples into another disaster. From this, only a revival of nationalism will ensue.

Thus, the current tragedy has to be a melting pot for the rebirth of a new European dream.

The signatory Grand Lodges expect future legislation, in which the fundamental values ​​of solidarity and fraternity find their appropriate expression.


Grand Orient of France
Feminine Grand Lodge of France
Grand Lodge of France
French Federation for Human Rights
Mixed Grand Lodge of France
Universal Mixed Grand Lodge
Art Royal’s initiate Traditional Order
Grand Lodge of Austria
Grant Orient of Belgium “.



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