Gravediggers of Sick EU have the Upper Hand

 In my opinion, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker should have given the EU its death sentence in Trier on 5 May, when on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx he indirectly and unreservedly revealed,  that the EU is inspired by Karl Marx !!! -as long suspected. “One must not hold Karl Marx responsible for the atrocities committed by some of his disciples,” Juncker said. Juncker is a Jesuit.  As “our” top politicians are Masons  (Masonry founded by Jesuits) and meant to built Marxist one world Communism no one would go against Juncker´s Marxist Process

And what did Marx say? In his Communist Manifesto, he said that his teachings could only be implemented through revolution and war! At the First International he demanded the “dictatorship of the proletariat” – and his disciples in the Soviet Union, China, etc., have only realized Marx’ satanic gospel.

The EU boss defends such procedures. He bears great responsibility for the exchange of ethnic Europeans and Christianity in Europe through endless Muslim Replacement mass immigration.

Breitbart 21 May 2018

In conspiration with the EU Commission in the desire for an ethnic cleansing of Europe is Super-Freemason Angela Merkel, who   next to Rothschild agent  George Soros and here is the main organizer of the Muslim mass immigration, as I have described so often.

Voice of Europe 22 May 2018: Voice of Europe 22 May 2018:Due to an acute shortage of professional truck drivers the German trucking association has launched a new project to train asylum seekers for the job (to drive 30-40 tonnes heavy trucks) , Austria’s tabloid Wochenblick reports.
It’s unclear how the German public thinks about the initiative. On 19 December 2016 asylum seeker Anis Amri drove a truck deliberately into a Christmas market in Berlin leaving 12 people dead and 56 injured.


Die Zeit 18. Mai 2018: AfD (German Parliamentary party) brings Merkel´s refugee policy before the German Constitutional Court.


Therefore, one can only hope that Ronald Barazon’s EU analysis conclusions below will take place as soon as possible.

The weaknesses of the EU are becoming clear these days:
*The EU is helpless against US policy.
*The BREXIT negotiations are progressing.
*In Italy, an EU-critical coalition is taking over the government. In Hungary and Poland,   EU opponents are ruling.
*The EU Commission submits a useless budget draft.
*With the General Data Protection Regulation, regulatory delusion produces the super-GAU.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that many are already predicting the end of the EU. There is no recognizable initiative that could save the European Integration project. In the background, the task of the community is to secure peace in Europe. Nonsensical rules spread anger and dissatisfaction that trigger anti-EU slogans that ultimately lead to anti-EU governments. The anger over absurd regulations is allied with the still deeply rooted nationalism among many citizens. In Europe many EU  gravediggers  are at work.

This development is made possible by two decisive factors:

1) The EU in its present form is a misconstruction that prevents an effective policy: 750 Members of Parliament and 28 – shortly 27 – Commissioners are not able to make useful decisions because of the sheer numbers. It does not even have to take account of the fact that Parliament and the Commission can not decide without the consent of 28, and hence 27, governments in the future. Such a construct is not conductive and inevitably inefficient and therefore ineffective.

Even the EU-friendly parties emphasize the nation states and thus differ in the end only marginally from the nationalists who reject the European integration. Most of the pro-European citizens’ initiatives do not call into question any of the states either, and hardly any truly integrated Europe is sought.

2) The budget is currently in the order of 150 billion euros per year. Due to the departure of Great Britain, about 10 percent will be missing in the future. However, the Commission wants to increase the framework to around € 190 billion a year. The remaining members are therefore expected to pay 55 billion more than before. Even this perspective is unrealistic.
The budget should also bring innovations.

For example, the Commission would have the right to suspend the allocation of funds if the rule of law in one country is violated. These financial constraints should be “proportionate to the nature, severity and extent of rule of law shortcomings”.

The EU is unable to implement a coordinated policy on refugees.

Conclusion: The EU violates all the rules that lay the foundation for successful, political and economic management. Every actor moves in a different direction and every actor is free to do so: all have enough power to sabotage the community, but no one has enough power to build Europe.

Ronald Barazon was editor-in-chief of Die Salzburger Nachrichten for many years. He is one of the most respected business journalists in Europe and today editor-in-chief of the magazine “Der Volkswirt” as well as moderator of the ORF (Austrian TV).

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