Mossad: USrael at War with Iran from 21 may 2018 after Foreign Minister Pompeo´s Ultimatum

In December 2017, Pres. Trump de facto declared war on Iran.
The following is a continuation of that development.  Debkafile says: From 21. May 2018 the US is at war with Iran after Pompeo´s ultimatum (below).
This reminds eerily of England´s Ultimatum to Hitler on 3 Sept.  1939.

Reuters 21 May confirms the following as does The CNN 21 May

DEBKAfile 21 May 2018:  US Secretary Mike Pompeo on May 21 threatened Iran that unless it meets 12 US conditions, the Islamic Republic faces “unprecedented financial pressure.” In a speech delivered to the Heritage Institute, he laid out an exceptionally tough policy as a follow-up of the US exit from the 2015 nuclear accord. The conditions he laid down raised a stop sign for European efforts to salvage the accord by persuading Iran to renegotiate its terms,
As for European business relations with Tehran, Pompeo made it clear that “punitive sanctions” would be applied to those who breach US sanctions.

*The key demands Pompeo laid down in his ultimatum for Iran included:

*Releasing all its nuclear materials on the military applications of its nuclear program to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
*Halting all grades of uranium enrichment.
*Dismantling enrichment facilities and nuclear reactors.
*Giving up the development of ballistic missiles.
*Withdrawing military forces from Syria
*Discontinuing support for Hizballah and the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
*Withdrawing its support from the Yemeni Houthi insurgency.
*Abandoning its threats to Red Sea shipping.
*Cutting off its arms supplies to the Taliban in Afghanistan.
*Putting a stop to threats against Israel and Gulf nations.

Pompeo said that should Iran make “major changes,” the US will be willing to lift all sanctions.
DEBKAfile’s sources: Pompeo’s detailed ultimatum will be taken in Tehran as a declaration of war by America on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On Monday, May 21, the US may be said to have gone to war against Iran.

DEBKAfile 21 May 2018  The Pentagon is also preparing “aggressive steps,” against Iran

“We are going to take steps necessary to address Iran’s malign influence in the region,” Defense Department spokesman Rob Manning told reporters at the Pentagon, shortly after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid down a 12-condition ultimatum for Iran to halt its nuclear problem and its support for terror.

They are a destabilizing force in the region … and we’re going to do everything we can to avert that,” Manning said. “This is a whole government solution that we’re working on.” Without citing any specific action, the Pentagon spokesman said: “We’re assessing if we’re going to double down on current actions or implement new actions. It’s on the table, we’re not going to rule out anything necessary to address Iran.”

DEBKAfile 18 May 2018: Fuel, arms and ammunition depots at a Syrian air base near Hama were blown up Friday, May 18, causing massive explosions at one of Iran’s most important bases in Syria.
According to some reports, surface-to air missiles belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were hit and dozens of Iranians and Syrians were killed or injured. DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources have learned that the attack was carried out by an unnamed ground force.

DEBKAfile 21 May 2018:  Powerful explosions were reported early Monday, May 21, in the Naijah area south of Damascus. A Syrian military academy situated there serves as an Iranian/HIzballah intelligence war room and an Iranian electronic warfare facility.

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