The Fatal Secret of the Kinghts Templar.

First posted on 9 April 2019

In 1314 the last Knights Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay and  his treasurer, Geoffroi de Charney,, were burnt at the stake  on the Ile St.-Louis in the Seine, facing Notre Dame in ParisJacques-deMolay-brænder. Under torture they had pleaded themselves and their order guilty of idolatry, worshipping a so-called Baphomet Head video.
What had happened to the order of  warrior monks which was founded in Jerusalem in 1118, those who were the leading and bravest warriors during the crusades – even standing behind the marvellous Gothic Cathedrals of the Middle Ages – and who bent to no one but the pope – not even to their national kings, and those who had had their rules of order from no one else but St. Bernard of Clairveaux – the man behind the Cistercian Order?

TemplarsealJust before Easter, The Times and The Telegraph gave a remarkable notice: “Dr. Frale´s study of the trial of the Knights Templar had brought to light a document in which Arnaut Sabbatier, a young Frenchman who entered the order in 1287, testified that as part of his initiation he was taken to “a secret place to which only the brothers of the Temple had access”. There he was shown “a long linen cloth on which was impressed the figure of a man” and instructed to venerate the image by kissing its feet three times. Dr Frale said that among other alleged offences such as sodomy, the Knights Templar had been accused of worshipping idols, in particular a “bearded figure”. In reality however the object they had secretly venerated was the Shroud of Turin.
The Shroud is now kept in the royal chapel of Turin´s Cathedral. 

There are strong indications that the Templars were gnostics mixing religions: One Lodge claiming to lift the legacy of the templars is the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ (The Temple Order and Islam), which declares: The Temple Order works from ever for the union of the two complementary branches of the abrahamic tree, Christianity and Islam, because this alliance is totally necessary for the accomplishment of the Parusie. This is a call to the joint combat of Muslims and Christians.

Shroud of Turin. Right: photographic negative on the Shroud – and the positive negative.

TorinolagenIn 1307, the always money-hungry King Philip IV, called the Handsome, of France, confiscated the values and estates of the Templars and threw as many as he could lay hand on in prison – and since the Pope had just been retrieved to Avignon in France, he was forced to disband the order in 1312 – the Templars stood below the Pope only – not under their respective kings. After a trial that is described in the Vatican´s recently found Chinon Parchment, many knights were tortured and executed. Why? They were accused of worshipping a bearded man’s head.

Let us take a look at the charges against the Knights Templar
At the initiation of each new Templar he was dressed in a white cloak with the well-known red hammer cross (see picture below). During the inauguration, he allegedly saw a brief glimpse of the most perfect vision of God which was possible to obtain here on earth, and before that he threw himself down in worship (Ian Wilson, Jesu Ligklæde, Borgen, 1982). But the Chinon Parchment offers a somewhat different picture. That the Templars stuck little to Christ’s teachings was seen already by their looting of Istanbul in 1204. But not enough of it. 72 arrested Templars, including Molay and de Charney were secretly interrogated in 1308, without torture, by 6 of Pope Clemens V´s personally selected priests. And the Templars confessed that at their initiation they were invited to spit on, and to denounce the cross 3 times, like Peter, which they did crying with words – not with their hearts! Only one confessed Tempelridderto have seen the head of the idol. All 72 were given the absolution of the Church.

We now jump to the year 1356

During the Hundred Years´War the French Knight  Geoffroi de Charny fell in the Battle of Poitiers against the English, as he threw himself in front of his king, and thereby saved the latter´s life from a lance. Geoffroi was nothing less than the bearer of the French king´s military ensign, the Oriflamme, that Jeanne d’Arc took before she was burned in 1431, and an author of books on chivalry. Lepta

3-dimensional face on the Shroud of Turin. Note lung fluid flowing out of the right nostril as a sign of Torinolagenansigtcardiac failure. And the eyelid coins: Lepta probably minted in 29 A.D.

His wife at Lirey had financial problems and now in 1357 she exhibited the Shroud that was in his possession – and in 1389 a son exhibited it again. Many guess that de Charny had the cloth from his his uncle, the Templar Treasurer, de Charney. On the cloth there was said to be a ghost-like image of a man – and it was apparent that this was an image of Jesus Christ. The local bishop strongly opposed the exhibition questioning its authenticity- but the Pope allowed it (1389). The Shroud later came to the House of Savoy.

Scientific studies by all branches of science have shown:
1. The front and rear face of a Roman crucified man is depicted.
2. The Images are 3-dimensional photographic negatives generated by chemical action on just the most superficial fibrils of the most superficial fibers. Nobody can explain the mode of  its coming into existence – but all sciences agree that it is genuine – not a fake. It is no painting.
3. There is not just a body image on the body side – but also a much weaker one on the outer side of the shroud at the face.
4. There are incredibly many details, like travertine aragonite from Jerusalem corresponding to the Billedfibrefeet, whip stripes, a transversal stab wound measuring 4,45 x 1.11cm – which is exactly the measure of the Roman lance – between the right 5.og 6 ribs with blood and serum separation, etc.
In 1988, a papally ordained C-14 analysis put aside all scientific plans and showed that the cloth was from the Middle Ages. However, there were so many suspicious circumstances – and so much deviation from any other find that most think the C-14 study was from a patch on the Shroud of Turin, as the investigated textile is technically not from the Shroud of Turin. Besides, there are pollen from Jerusalem as well as  imprints of flowers, e.g. chrysantemum.

Left: Picture staining of the most superficial fibrils of the Shroud of Turin. Below right: Bloodstained Shroud of Turin. The blood is genuine

Has the Shroud of Turin links backward to Christ´s tomb?
Blood.6Many believe with Ian Wilson, the Shroud of  Turin is the same as the “holy Mandylion.”
According to the legend, the shroud of Christ, which for some reason made the disciple to believe (John 20:8), was brought to King Abgar V of Edessa by a disciple, Thaddeus. There it turned  up – saved in the city walls – 500 years later. In 944 it came to Bysantium after a war expedition against Edessa, where the emir, however, agreed to hand the cloth out without bloodshed. In Bysantium the cloth was called the “Mandylion” until it disappeared in the scandalous looting of Constantinople in 1204 by the crusaders. It has been tracked through the Duke of Athens to the Cathedral of St. Etienne in France, where it disappeared during a fire – to appear at Lirey in 1357.

We are now facing the question why the Catholic Church does so much to conceal the authenticity of the Shroud. Over time  tons of fake relics have been recognized by the Catholic Church – but the only thing that really seems to be genuine, has from 1357 on been told off to be false – and heresy.

Statistician  van Haelst had made statistical studies that identified a myriad of conflicting information in connection with the sampling. Van Haelst: “I showed them (project leader Tite, Evin and Professor Gonella from Turin Polytechnic) my analysis. Gonellea said “the Church was blackmailed by a clique of persons, who did everything to make us to say no – to say that the Church was afraid of scientific judgments. Laboratories performed extremely unscientifically and irresponsibly. I told them that they were mafiosi!”   

ChrysChrysanthemumm picture on the Shroud of Turin

According to van Haelst Cardinal Ballestrero of  Turin in an interview with the German newspaper “Die Welt” on 5th Sept. 1997 said: “In my opinion, the Shroud of  Turin is genuine. The C-14 study seems implemented without the requisite care! “

Who is this clique of persons who can command the Church? Presumably their weapon can only be money. Here is what  NM Rothschild & Sons write: “The Rothschilds´ financial clout extended to the Vatican, which turned to the Rothschilds for a loan in 1830.” And here is what the Pravda writes: “ The primary financial agent and secular control center for the Vatican is the City of London, wherein the Rothschilds make their primary bastion of banking power.  The affairs of the Holy Roman Empire is conducted through the Temple located in the City of London.
Has Rothschild prevented the correct dating of the Shroud of Turin?

Why was project manager, Dr. Tite on Good Friday (of all days) in 1989, awarded one million British pounds and at professorship at Oxford from unknown admirers?

InterfaithMy presumption is: The Catholic Church is deeply involved in the New World Order´s  One World Religion movement.
If suddenly you have the proof – the Shroud of Turin – that Jesus Christ is not Mr anybody – but the only one who has left his visiting card, before the invention of photography, the dear Interfaith Movement , the interfaith dialogue might stop – and suddenly the Church would have to leave world politics and abide by Christ’s words that no one comes to God except through him (John 14:6) – quite unlike the New Catholic Cathechism, the art. 841 of which asserts that Muslims come to God just like Christians qua Abrahams blessing which Muslims´ ancestor, Ismael, never got (Gen. 17:18-19)! So the Catholic (and Lutheran ,too) Churches appreciate the New World Order more than Christ´s commandments.

The fatal secret of the  Knights Templar was that as early champions of globalism they became gnostics and early advocates of of fusing Christianity and Islam – 700 years before the mother church and its breakaway caught the same disease. They did so even in spite of having Christ´s visiting card, the Shroud of Turin,  right under their eyes. Had the Order of the Knights Templar of high nobility not been disbanded we should probably today have had the one world state of the illuminists with Islam for its religion. Now we are having it because the churches are helping the politicians to pave the road. Their inspiration comes from the Templars, whose teachings have been adopted by freemasonry – the illuminist (explanatory statement) religion of the world elite. (“Frimureri,” Sverre Dag Mogstad, Universitetsforlaget Oslo 1994

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