The Euromediterranian Process I: From Eurabia to the Union for the Mediterranean. Survey of a Taboo and the Cause of Muslim Mass Immigration

First published on 10 June 2009 – and again on 28 May 2013

LATEST: The Guardian 25 May 2013 Nearly two-thirds of people believe there will be a ‘clash of civilisations’ between British Muslims and white Britons in the wake of the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, a new poll shows.


Abstract: The Euromediterranean Process is based on the EU initiated Barcelona Declaration of 1995 in which  1. a political and security partnership 2. an economic and financial partnership  and 3. a cultural, social and humanitarian partnership was agreed upon between the EU and 9 North African and Middle East countries.
In 2008, this creature was expanded to be the Union for the Mediterranean, comprising all Mediterranean countries except Libya –  but Jordan instead. The Union has 2 presidents, one “partner” and one EU politician, a Parliamentary Assembly of its own, as well as a Secretariate and some more Committees. EU commissioner Louis Michel said the EU  was to include North Africa –  and former EU Commissioner, Italian Foreign Minister Frattini, said the Union for the Mediterranean was to reach to the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia.
The force behind this drive is the multicultural one world government which acc. to EU Council President van Rompuy rules the world since 2009. Several politicians have declared the undermining of European nation states and cultures in multiculture to be the reason for the Muslim mass immigration.

The Euromed process began with Hitlers  cooperation with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who set up the Handschar Division in the Balkans. After the war, many Nazis fled to Egypt, converted and received high military positions. They kept their ties to Europe and worked for approximation. General de Gaulle wanted revenge, because  he was not invited to Yalta. Therefore, he wanted to dominate Europe instead of the British by means of atomic bombs, friendship with Germany and the integration of his French colonies into the European cooperation. After the oil crisis in 1973, the EC politicians crept before the Arabs to have moderate oil prices – despite Henry Kissinger’s manipulatory four-fold oil price increase through the Yom Kippur War.

The Council  of Europe outbid themselves to take the birth surplus of the Arabs as migrant workers and family reunification and to spread Arabic culture in Europe, all on taxpayers´ costs. In the Council of Europe, “our” parlamentarians were shamefully disparaging our culture and religion and praised the Sharia and its culture – and later Tony Blair followed up on these lies.

The partnership was not legally binding, only the EU regarded it as such, and the Arabs accepted the benefits – and did nothing in return.

With the Arab Spring, the Euromed hypocrisy came to a halt – and the economic crisis took away the desire of  the EU countries to invest in the “partners”. What remained was the EU’s promise to give the “partners” the four freedoms of the EU, including free movement into the EU. Now, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan are gradually obtaining such “advanced status”. In practice, it means that the EU keeps all legal and illegal immigrants (quickly legalized) on the grounds that they cannot be returned to their homes because the beloved dictatorial “partner” countries do not respect the EUs fine ”Fundamental Rights” – which are for the protection of immigrants and a weapon against critical native Europeans (e.g. the Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia ” with 3 years in prison for criticism). Even the politicians should know that the Koran forbids integration into infidel countries. Nevertheless, Europe is importing more and more Muslims – with increasing stirring of the ungrateful immigrants and the therefore impoverished locals.

The plan for the Islamisation of Europe was drawn up in 2005 by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with UNESCO, the Arab League and the imperialistic Islamic ISESCO in the “Rabat Commitment.”


Berlingske Tidende 27. Apr 2013: “We have an ethnic proletariat in certain places, it’s scary to think how it can develop if we are not careful. In the future, more municipalities must cut social services for the parents  (of troublemakers) ‘… (Karen Haekkerup, Danish social and “integration” Minister, whose party is the main culprit behind the Muslim mass immigration).


This a reblogging of an article from this blog on 10 June 2009. The reason why I republish it now in a revised edition is that the political staging of the Muslim mass immigration is still largely unknown to very many – although it is the background for the widespread troubles we se more and more by the day. Several politicians admit, that exactly this Chaos is necessary to  overthrow our old societal order and pave the way for the New World Order.


How can anyone be surprised that Muslims cannot be integrated? Medina A.D. 622 was integrated into only 3% terrorist Muslims! A model for Islam.

See the following Qur’an sure which prohibit friendship and integration into our Western society:

Kill the unbelievers: Sura 2: 190-192, S. 3:122, S 4:95, S. 9:5.
We shall inject fear into the infidels: Sura 3: 151, p.8: 60
Emigration and struggle against infidels: Sura 2: 218, S. 4:97, 100,  S. 9:20. For Muslims are to inherit foreign Christians lands and houses (S. 33:27)
Disbelievers must be defeated and sent to Hell, Sura 3:.12: 56, S. 8:39, 65,
Do not take infidel friends S.3: 28, 118, S. 4:89, 144, S. 5:55
Unbelievers are criminals S. 3:82 – especially if they are light-eyed S. 20:102
Do not keep promises to disbelievers S. 9:1

Get immigrants away from Islam? S. 4: 115:  ..”whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him and follows other than the way of the believers – We will give him what he has taken and drive him into Hell”…


On 26 May 2009,  I delivered a speech on the Euromediterranean Process: the Union for the Mediterranean in the Danish Parliamentary building – under the auspices of  the SIOE. This is my manuskript –  headword-like in places.

“What I know about the Euromediterranean is not inside knowledge – but what I have picked up from EU press releases, EU websites – and there are many of them – as well as from pdf. files on larger events. Unfortunately, the EU has begun to remove some of the most important pdf. files from the internet. However, I have got copies.
But let me begin briefly with the historian, Bat Ye’or, who has written an impressive work, Eurabia (2005), in which she goes through all the harrowing meetings where “our” politicians have been sitting in meeting after meeting with the Arabs – and sold us and our culture to Islam,  even pandering to the Arabs and disdainfully tearing our culture to pieces.

Bat Ye’or 
Charles de Gaulle was angry at not being invited to the Yalta Conference in 1945.
He wanted to hold his place against the Anglo-saxons and govern a strong Europe by means of 1. The Paris-Bonn axis 2. Nuclear-weapons 3. Including former French colonies into the European cooperation. This became a cornerstone of French foreign policy.

Then came the oil crisis in 1973 with a quadrupling of oil prices, which the Arabs were blamed for, although Sheik Yamani was the one who really tried to keep price rises down. Many believe it was a double-tongued Henry Kissinger who had the price increased on behalf of oil corporations (Andreas von Rétyi, Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag, 2006).
On December 15, 1973, the EC held a summit meeting here in Copenhagen. 4 Arab foreign ministers were invited, and it seems that the EEC-leaders dropped on their knees before the Arabs, asking for reasonable oil prices – which was partially granted.
But the conditions were grim: We had to take a substantial part of the Muslim birth surplus as “migrant workers” – and provide them with family reunification. Also to expand knowledge of Arabic language and culture in Europe.

This is quite incredible – and not least that our media has told us nothing about it – but even seems to be in this plot against us. Any of my contacting the media about the Euromediterranean initially aroused great interest among journalists – and was then hushed up.
I have addressed and forwarded material to 6 Danish parlamentarians, 3 ministers and 1 EU parlamentarian3 newspapers. And I asked EU Commissioner Margot Wallström in person about the Euromediterranean Process: No comments – she just crimsoned. I have distributed this flyer and its revised 2. edition to all members of the Danish Parliament twice: No reaction.

In the following, I shall report on the development from Eurabia to the Union for the Mediterranean.
But first I will quote 3 statements to show what is going on in the heads of the politicians who are selling us off to Islam.
I: Tony Blair, 9. dec. 2006: “A Muslim could one day be prime minister.
Tony Blair A Global Alliance For Global Values” 2006 :The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran – in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic – is to understand how progressive it is. I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements. But as an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance. Under the guidance of the Qur’an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was “breathtaking. Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture. We look back to the early Middle Ages, the standard bearers of tolerance at that time were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian.

To which Bat Ye’or will not consentBy the year 1200 A.D. Muslims in ”Golden Andalusia” had eradicated Christianity – crucifying rebels, forcing Christian captives from their many raids into Christian countries to be soldiers and harem odalisques.
The Muslims believe Islam is the “original religion” – Judaism and Christianity degenerate side shoots – which Tony Blair, EU´s president to be, too,  would like to be brought back to the “original religion”, Islam!!!

Bat Ye ‘or “Eurabia”, 2005 – Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe , Sept. 1991.
President of the European Parliament’s Committee for Youth, Culture, Education, Sports and Media, Roberto Barzanti emphasized Islam’s cultural superiority over Erope, expressed admiration for the Madrassa system (Islamic religious school system which bred the Taliban) and stressed that it should serve as a model for the Erasmus program.
And he praised Ibn Malik, and similar persons of ”Golden Andalusia”, the EU´s ideal – who imposed the severest restrictions on Non-Muslims – and an Nawawi, who advocated infidel men to be killed and their women and children to be made slaves. Whereupon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted numerous recommendations concerning the development of Arab and Islamic Studies in various areas such as education, media and culture.

In 1998, speaking in the Ismaeli center in London the British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, said: “It is a wonderful reminder here in the heart of London that our cultural roots are not only Greek and Roman – but as much Islamic. Islamic art, science and philosophy has helped to create the ones we are today and our thinking.”

II: The Barcelona Declaration was signed in Barcelona in 1995 between all EU countries and 10 “partner” countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Egypt, Palestinian Autonomy, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey. Like the Union for the Mediterranean it is a declaration of intent – not judicially binding. However, the EU does see it as binding. The Arabs have taken what was advantageous to them – and disregarded the obligations.

  1. Political Part
    Peace, stability and security and shared prosperity in the Mediterranean.
    Respect for human rights, democracy.
    Ensure freedom of expression,
    of religion, without discrimination based on race, nationality, language, religion or sex;
    Combat manifestations of intolerance, racism and xenophobia.
  2. Economic Part
    Free Trade Area: The parties have set 2010 as the target date for gradual establishment of this area which will cover most trade.
    Trade in services, including right of establishment, will be gradually liberalized.
  3. Cultural and social Part
    Partnership in social, cultural and human fields. Dialogue and respect between cultures and religions is anecessary precondition for bringing people closer together (What for?).
    cultures are a source of mutual enrichment;
    promoting exchanges of culture and people and knowledge of other languages

The European Neighbourhood Policy supports – beside Euromediterranean partners – the Eastern European Partnership. The ENP in the period of 2007-2013 will cost 12 billion euros euros + something incalculable. EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner to the Alliance of Civilizations, Madrid 15 01.2008/EU Press Release: EU and the Alliance of Civilizations are working towards the same goal … promotion of intercultural understanding, whether it be through our political dialogues, or through specific initiatives such as the Interfaith Dialogue.

III: The 6. Euromediterranean Foreign Ministers´ Conference Naples on 2.-3. December 2003 
Enhance and promote the partnership. ”This initiative offers the EU’s neighbouring partners, in exchange for tangible political and economic reforms, gradual integration into the expanded European internal market and the possibility of ultimately reaching the EU’s four fundamental freedoms: free movement of goods, services, capital and people.” Confirmed on Aug. 29, 2007 by the Danish prime minister.
Creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures (the Anna Lindh Foundation),
Euro-Mediterranean Parlamentary Assembly,
and a reinforced European Investment Bank (EIB) to invest in the region.
The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: The EU has set up a first recruiting office in Mali. Will get 56 million African workers + families to the EU from Africa by 2050 to make up for our demographic imbalance. 
Morocco is the first ”partner” to have attained this advanced status.

The Anna Lindh Foundation – based in Alexandria / Egypt
The first ALF Director Traugott Schoefthaler: “Cultural policies must avoid schematic concepts such as the popular distinction between “us” and “them”. They (UN Secretary-General of the Cuelhar and Amin Maalouf) even warn against using the phrase “the other” as it opens the door to imposing collective identities on the individual (Christianity, nationality).”

The Anna Lindh Foundation was created in collaboration between the UNESCO, ALECSO, the EU and the Council of Europe, and the cooperation continues: “ALF’s Euro-Mediterranean teacher education programme was created in May 2006 in cooperation with ALECSO and the Council of Europe. It trains teachers from the Euro-Med countries, giving them teaching skills and materials about cultural and religious diversity.”
Last year the ALF ran “1001 Actions” for cultural diversity.

IV: The Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD) of the Foreign Ministry. A course in manipulation. This is a programme to abolish Danish and European culture. Our Foreign Minister has taken over Danish domestic /educational policy.
Olaf G. Hansen’s speech in Rabat, 13 June 2005.
The Danish Center for Culture and Development was a co-sponsor of this (Rabat) conference.
Additional sponsors: Patron: His Majesty King Mohamed VI of Morocco. Further sponsors were the UNESCO, OIC, ISESCO, ALECSO and the Anna Lindh Foundation.  Attended by the Council of Europe as observer.

According to the Charter of the ISESCO its task is to
4h) support the efforts of the educational, scientific and cultural institutions for Muslims in non-Member States of ISESCO (i.e. preventing integration).
5a) To devise plans and support … to develop Islamic culture and publicize it, and to disseminate the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers all over the world, being the language of the Holy Quran (.a mission command).  The DCCU made a cooperation agreement with the ISESCO on 27 May, 2005 (Link deleted now)!

cultural journalism” in the daily practice in the media instead of traditional “news journalism” to give higher priority to cultural and social portraits of everyday life, human history, which can cause identification, fascination and – inter-cultural understanding.
“images” in the media and public spaces that challenge the stereotypical “images” we  all have about people from other cultures.
intercultural competencies” in the training of new generations of journalists in journalism schools.
exchanges of journalists, editors, media institutions here and in partner countries.

Without a strong “cultural management and administration” there will be only a few sustainable activities as a tool for dialogue.

Multicultural education in school curricula.
multicultural education for teachers, etc.
multicultural curriculum through new educational materials and revision of existing textbooks (to extinguish texts about us being Danes, Germans, British etc.).
school links and exchanges as a way to promote cross-cultural learning and global ethical content in schools.

Images of the Middle East” – a major international cultural festival, with HRH Prince Joachim as patron. It would be the largest of its kind in the world with a focus on the Middle East.
Music, theater, dance, film, literature, visual arts, photography, design, architecture, publications and a major program in schools / education and a program with the media, both TV, radio and interactive media.
More than 400 artists, journalists and educators from the Middle East would participate in all major cities in Denmark (only 9 in reality).
Coincides with a greater focus on national television, radio and interactive media on the Middle
It is intended to present the rich cultures of the entire region from the Mahgreb, the Middle East proper, and the Gulf of Iran. Israel was excluded at the command of Saudi Arabia. The Danish Foreign Ministry complied. The leader of the “Images” is very frustrated at the lack of media interest. A teacher tells me the DCCD multiculture has not reached her school – but teachers are angry at the way female teachers are being treated by immigrant boys.

V: 13 July 2008, The Euromediterranean Process: the Union for the Mediterranean based on the Barcelona Declaration was declared in Paris.
Heads of State and Government reiterated the complete rejection of attempts to associate any religion or culture with terrorism.
Participants: The EU + “partner” countries concerned: Algeria; Egypt; Israel; Jordan; Lebanon; Mauritania; Monaco;Morocco; Palestinian Authority; Syria; Tunisia. Croatia and Turkey, negotiating candidate countries to the EU: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The Arab League shall be invited to the meetings of the Union for the Mediterranean, in pursuance of its participation in the Barcelona Process.
Refrain from developing military capacity beyond their legitimate defence requirements/ EU about to establish a man expeditionary force for world foci!!!
respect for all religions and beliefs
promote legal immigration in the interest of all parties concerned – combat illegal immigration – by legalizing illegal immigration!! In 2004 640.000 immigrants to the EU were refused, just 164.000 returned from the EU (contents now deleted – although the link is still to be seen in an EU Press Release. Independent of enlargement policy.
increase the potential of regional integration and cohesion … .
governance on an equal footing between partners. 

The Euro-Mediterranean partnership is driven in all its aspects by the principle of (secret agreements without or knowledge) consensus. State and Government summit meetings every 2 years. Annual Foreign Ministers´conferences will review progress.
Funding: private sector participation; contributions from the EU budget and all partners; contributions from other countries, international financial institutions and regional entities; the Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Facility (FEMIP); the ENPI Euro-Med envelope, the Neighbourhood Investment Facility
The Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly will be the legitimate parliamentary expression of the Union for the Mediterranean (What legitimacy?)50% parlamentarians from the EU, 50% from the “partner” countries.
The Anna Lindh Foundation
 for the Dialogue between cultures stands for the cultural dimension.
One of the 2 co-presidents will be from the EU and the other from the Mediterranean partner countries.

Purification of the Mediterranean Sea, and inland highways, development of Motorways of the Sea, and modernization of the trans-European Maghreb trains will increase the flow and the free movement of people and goods. The Gibraltar Tunnel is expected to be finished in 2025. Civil Protection: Alternative energy, the Mediterranean Solar Plan. Higher Education and Research, Euro-Mediterranean University (Slovenia).

VI: Morocco close to EU-similar membership. EU Press Release October 13, 2008: Gradual integration of Morocco into a number of EU sectoral policies, and development of intercultural exchanges.
material support.
EU-Morocco agreement mechanism at high ministerial level,
Morocco may be present in the wings of certain EU Council ministerial or working group meetings, crisis management, etc.
closer relations between the European Parliament and the Moroccan Chamber of Representatives, professional, economic and social councils and between Morocco and the Council of Europe.

The EU-Morocco Action Plan is also interesting
“Enlargement of the European Union, which came into force on 1 May 2004, has led to profound changes in the political, geographical, economic and social situation in the EU allowing to consolidate and deepen relations with its neighbors to the east and south.” No one told us about that danger at the time of the enlargement! 
Halal Institute Bankimg (Spain and London)
visa facilitation in line with EU law;
Development of transport and connection to the trans-European transport network  liberalize establishment and foreign investment, trade and services, capital: (Arab capital can now easier buy our media and banks).
Free movement of persons, particularly workers and the coordination of social security.
Information campaigns in Morocco on legal migration opportunities in the EU (including family reunification, equal treatment and integration of immigrants)
Promoting language learning and disseminate Moroccan culture in Europe.

In 2002, the current EU Commissioner Louis Michel told the Belgian Parliament that the EU would include Northern Africa and the Middle East , and former EU commissioner, Italian Foreign Minister Frattini said the Union for the Mediterranean was to reach the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia. .  Barroso described the EU as an empire whose laws shall extend beyond the borders of Europe.

VII 20. Interfaith Meeting – an EU tool as declared by Benita Ferrero Waldner. It is not only in the political sphere that global collection efforts are under way.
Since 1986, the Pope holds annual Interfaith meetings where leaders of world religions for 2 days are praying to what they believe to be their common god – a totally unchristian political concept. The EU has organized the Asia-Europe meetings, which also have a strong ASEM-Interfaith mission. The EU´s coming President, Tony Blair´s Faith Foundation, too,  uses the untrue imagination of a common god as a tool to promote the New World Order.

VIII Demography DK Ebbe Vig/Danmarks Statistik: Non-Western immigrants will be in the majority in Denmark some time between 2035– 2047.

Gordon Brown’s “Emerging New  World Order” (G-20-meeting) is the backdrop.” This NWO forms acc. to EU Council President van Rompuy the one world government since 2009

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