Rothschild Devours the World I: Zionist/Pharisaic Elite´s European AIPAC-Parallel (ECTR) Taking Power in EU Parliament: Thought Crimes

First posted on 30 Nov. 2013

Abstract: For a long time, one has been wondering whether the EU, which was launched by the Zionist/Pharisaic Council on Foreign Relations and was for many years funded by this CFR, is being run by Zionist/Pharisaic organizations bribing  with Rothschild money and threatening with embarrassing revelations, just as in the US. The multicultural anti-national measures of the near-religious Council of Europe, The ECRI, suggests that.

Now there is no longer any doubt: The “European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation ( ECTR )” is a Pharisaic/Zionist founded and led organization that has drawn NWO politicians and lawyers into its stables. Now it has presented its homemade “European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance” to the President of the EU  Parliament. After consultations and hearing there, the ECTR now boldly forwards the Statute as a bill to be adopted by the European Parliament. So Pharisees/ NWO Zionists and their stooges are writing EU law (which their corporations do for a long time!).

The term “tolerance” is broadly defined as “respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group.” So, no criticism of the islamization of Europe! No sovereignty – it is finally passed on to the Pharisees. The Swedes have long understood that the Swedish flag is an abomination due to its cross which may offend Muslims – and especially Pharisaic politicians.

This bill judicially reduces the EU populations to childhood state, defines what the Pharisees see as intolerance and expands the discrimination criteria dramatically. There are also strict penal measures for those who transgress the Pharisaic discrimination regulations. The proposal moves violations of their rules  from civil to criminal law, which is eagerly supported by the German government. The proposal recommends punishing thought crimes – i.e. arresting native people, who the Pharisees think might commit a crime – more than immigrant perpetrators.
Therefore, the surveillance of the population – and especially the Internet – are to be draconically strengthened.

Here are some of the proposed measures of the bill – with massive brainwashing:
It calls for the establishment of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission – vested with the authority  to impose penal sanctions.”
It states that “Juveniles convicted of committing  intolerance crimes  will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”
“Victims of  intolerance crimes will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress.” “Free legal aid will be offered to victims.”

“The government shall ensure that Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of others.””It is very important to start such courses as early as possible and include universities.”
“The government shall ensure that public  broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their program to promoting a climate of tolerance.””The government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct preventing the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission.”


“There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant”  (non-immigrants)— European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Article 4. 
“The supra-national surveillance that it would imply would certainly be a dark day for European democracy.” — European Dignity Watch.


Beside the Muslim mass immigration, the following is the most shocking misdeed the EU has been engaging in. It is high treason if this proposal is adopted as EU law. I think it must be seen as a chapter of the report Global Trends 2025: The National Intelligence Council’s 2025 Project That report describes the development of the NWO and is undoubtedly written by the forces that govern the NWO. One wonders how exactly the current developments correspond to this report.

Chaired by Israeli Professor Yoram Dinstein(below left), the EuropeanCouncil on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), an NGO founded in 2008 by allegedly Jewish Aleksander Kwasniewski (left) – (former Polish PM; whether previously Izaak Stoltzman or not: he has been honoured by nearly all Jewish organisations) and co-chaired by the President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor (right), has prepared A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE SUBMITTED WITH A VIEW TO BEING ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURES OF EUROPEAN STATES.

Moshe Kantor´s website: “The authors of the document are a  Group of Experts composed of Yoram Dinstein, Ugo Genesio, Rein Müllerson, Daniel Thürer  (ECRI and affiliated to Israeli College of Management Academic Studies) and Rüdiger Wolfrum.”

The paper is published on the internet by the EU Parliament

In October 2012 Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor introduced ECTR’s proposals for a general law of tolerance, which was presented at an official ceremony in the presence of European Parliament President Martin Schulz – said to be the next Commission President.

Co-author of the Framework National-Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance, Prof. Rein Müllerson, London, defines Tolerance as preferential treatment of criminal immigrants and cession of national territories as autonomic areas for immigrant groups. 
In an OSCE paper Prof. Rein Müllerson wrote
: Traditional (adversarial) legal mechanisms as for detecting and determining consequences of violations of law are not suitable for dealing with problems of minority groups. Instead of condemning wrongdoing, solutions should be found through dialogue, compromise and consultation. “Some minorities may seek territorial autonomy, while others may be satisfied with education in their language.”
Comment: This is NWO Pharisaic Tolerance. Accepting this is suicide by decadent Europeans. We should all ask our EU Parliament candidates about their attitudes before the coming elections 

Soeren Kern, Gayestone Institute, International Policy Council: While European leaders are busy expressing public indignation over reports of American espionage operations in the European Union, the European Parliament is quietly considering a proposal that calls for the direct surveillance of any EU citizen suspected of being “intolerant.”

Left: Paul Warburg was a Rothschild Agent, co-founder of the FED and the Council on Foreign Relations which declares to rule the world.  However, it was his son James Paul Warburg who stated the quoted before the US Congress.

The measure — which seeks to force the national governments of all 28 EU member states to establish “special administrative units” (section 6b) to monitor any individual or group expressing views that the self-appointed guardians of European multiculturalism deem to be “intolerant” — represents an unparalleled threat to free speech in a Europe where citizens are already regularly punished for expressing the “wrong” opinions, especially about Islam – even risking3 years in prison – thanks to EU´s NWO-submission.

The proposed European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance was recently presented to members of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the EU-Parliament, the only directly-elected body of the European Union.

The ECTR describes itself as a “tolerance watchdog” that “prepares practical recommendations to governments and international organizations on improving interreligious and interethnic relations on the continent” includes on its board more than a dozen prominent European politicians, including former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar.

After five years of lobbying in Europe’s halls of power, the ECTR  proposal appears to be making headway, as evidenced by the European Parliament’s recent decision to give the group a prominent 45-minute time slot to present its proposal to the Civil Liberties committee on September 17.

Also known as the “Model Statute for Tolerance,” the ECTR’s proposal was presented as part of the EU’s ongoing work towards a new “Equal Treatment Directive” (ETD) that would vastly expand the scope of discrimination to all sectors of life in both the public and private spheres. It is currently being negotiated within the Council of the European Union
Critics of the ETD, say the directive seeks to interfere with the right of self-determination of all citizens.

Definition of tolerance
According to Section 1 (d), the term “tolerance” is broadly defined as “respect for and acceptance of the expression, preservation and development of the distinct identity of a group.” Section 2 (d) states that the purpose of the statute is to condemn all manifestations of intolerance based on bias, bigotry and prejudice.”

An explanatory note to Section 2 states: “Religious intolerance is understood to cover Islamophobia” but it provides no definition at all of “Islamophobia,” a term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1990s. If taken to its logical conclusion, Section 2 would presumably ban all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia law,a key objective of Muslim activist groups for more than two decades.

In Sweden, a bandy team broght with them a big Swedish Flag. The Organizer banned the flag: ”I felt it might provoke  and offend  participants of the arrangement. We have a responsibility to take care that everybody  has a good time. And I did not find the flag appropriate”.
A participant of the flag team said: ” He kicked the flag away and called us racists . It felt insulting.” I have previously  read about problems with the Swedish flag because it might offend certain groups in society. What is the problem? The Swedish flag is a cross flag which is offensive to the Pharisaic immigrated master race  behind the EU 
Therefore, the EU mulls to ban all cross flags

Section 4 (f) (i) of the document: “There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant”. This is especially important as far as freedom of expression is concerned.”
Section 5 (a) states: “Tolerance (as defined in Section 1(d)) must be guaranteed to any group.

An explanatory note to Section 6 (a) states: “Members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are entitled to a special protection, additional to the general protection that has to be provided by the Government to every person within the State, even to a preferential treatment.” (especially immigrant women)

Section 6 (c) calls for the establishment of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission – vested with the authority  to impose penal sanctions.”

Section 7 (a) states: “The following act will be regarded as criminal offence punishable as aggravated crimesIncitement to violence against a (minority) group and group libel.

Section 7 (b) states that “Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation program designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”

Paragraph 7(e) states that “victims of crimes listed in paragraph (a) will have a legal standing to bring a case against the perpetrators, as well as a right to redress.” Paragraph 7 (f) states that “free legal aid will be offered to victims.”

Section 8 states that “the government shall ensure that (a) Schools, from the primary level upwards, will introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity and promoting a climate of tolerance as regards the qualities and cultures of others.” An explanatory note adds: “It is very important to start such courses as early as possible and include universities.

Section 9 (a) states: “The government shall ensure that public  broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their program to promoting a climate of tolerance.” And Section 9 (b) encourages privately owned mass media to promote a climate of tolerance.” Section 9 (c) states: “The government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct preventing the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission.”

Left: This is NWO tolerance and so not punishable. Intolerance and racism are only exerted against minority groups. I never heard of Muslims calling us whatever disparaging words being charged for that – whereas Geert Wilders has been through a judicial nightmare for quoting the source of Muslim violence, the Koran. correctly.

Critics say, the highly subjective definition of terms and concepts such as “tolerance,” “discrimination,” “vulnerable,” and “disadvantaged”  encourage frivolous litigation aimed at silencing individuals and groups.

Germany is immediately ready for this censorship

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 11.11.2013: “German Home Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) – right – has submitted a paper to the coalition negotiations, and you can assume that essential features were agreed upon with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This paper presents a very significant shift in German criminal law – so far related to perpetrators – to a criminal law based on prevention of criminal thoughts: Society does not punish the perpetrators, but those whom they fear might commit a crime.
The new monitoring paper of The Union provides first comprehensive monitoring of all citizens on the Internet – in some respects even more far-reaching than in the U.S.A.
From 2014, the British must mark if they want to have unlocked access to pornographic or esoteric Sites: This approach is usually the birth of a full-fledged, state censorship.”

What this shows is that the EU now has a parallel to the US AIPAC – a self-appointed organisation assisted by  i.a. the ADL –  Azhkenazi Zionist/pharisaic forces – to direct the EU institutions, I guess by the same means as in the US: Bribery and threatning politicians with an indecent past enabling the AIPAC/ECTR to have them in a firm grip – unless they want to see their embarrassing past revealed in the media.

The Council of Europe has an equally zealous Council – the ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance). It was founded by Joel J Nobel, an AmericanNeurosurgeon.  It is surveilling and dictating every country to combat racism and intolerance. So it is hard to see the justification of the ECTR – unless the EU and the Council of Europe are rivalling to fawn on the NWO.

In many respects, the above is equivalent to the instructions given to the Euromediterranean editors-in-chief in Vienna in 2006 – and the European Framework Decision on Xenophobia and Racism from 2007.

Reuters 30 Oct. 2013: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has warned against nationalism, xenophobia and racism ahead of European Parliament elections next year, when anti-EU and protest parties are expected to do well. And so has van Rompuy, the EU Council president.

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