How to Steal Our National Identity. Protestant Churches

First posted on 1. Jan 2008

As MEP Daniel Hannan wrote in The Telegraph on Dec. 12, 2007: The fault, dear Brutus,  is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings (due to iluminist EU ).” Dechristianization is an essential part of this fault. Thereby, we lost our spiritual immune defence. 

For 1000 years Denmark was Christian – the rest of Europe much longer.This religion was part of the everyday life, way of thinking and culture of the peoples.
Because of ideologizing of the teachings of Christ by Paul, the Papal Church, Augustine, the illuminists and their French Revolution and in the last century direct dechristianization through theologians like Rudolf Bultmann, K.E.Loegstrup, Johs. Sloek and many of their clergymen pupils, who were also brainwashed by illuminist Mental Hygiene, cultural liberalism, Kant´s philosophy and the 68-revolution, the teachings of Christ have nearly shrunk to nothing. 3 Years ago the Bishop of Roskilde, Denmark, declared the 10 Commandments to be invalid – in favour of (unlimited tolerant) “charity” in the service of ideology – meaning neglecting God and your neighbour in favour of remote antichristian immigrants.

The Bishops of Copenhagen and Roskilde at Leicester, England (24.-27. Apr.,2006), to learn how to meet the Islamic demands of submission in the Global Unity Religion (Universalism) and how to pacify Muslims during the “Cartoon Crisis” . They were invited by The Right Reverend Tim Stevens,
Bishop of Leicester, who knows how to meet the demands of Muslims!
Selfregulation necessary
The “Cartoon Crisis” was discussed in the conversations. While media selfregulation in Denmark is seen as damaging to democracy in Leicester selfregulation is seen as a necessity expressing responsibility to society!

Christianity and national state must disappear in favour of the world state. As the report from the Institute for Public Policy Research , the leader of which was Nick Pearce, head of public policy at Downing Street, has demanded : Christmas must be downplayed on grounds of the other religions of multiculture, the main festivals of which in return have to be equalized.

Therefore, it is important for The New World Order to mobilize the churches.

On May 13, 2001, the CEC: Conference for European Churches (metropolite Jérémie), working for the EU and comprising nearly all orthodox, protestantic, Angican, old-catholic and independent churches in Europe (standing for nearly free immigration), as well as the CCEE: The Council of  Bishop Conferences in Europe (kardinal Vlk), comprising all roman catholic bishop conferences in Europe, signed a paper to be sent to all churches in Europe: “Heading for the Visible Community of European Churches
In passage 11 is written: “Cultivating connections with Islam:  “We will intensify the meeting between Christians and Muslims at all levels as well as the Christan-Muslim dialogue. Especially, we recommend to conversate about the belief in one God, and that human rights are clarified. We commit ourselves to meet the Muslims with respect – to collaborate with Muslims on common affairs.”
Which is to say that the churches commit themselves to respect Allah´s Sharia – demanding Christ and his followers to be put out of the way !!!.

“Peace in our time” . The Bishop of Viborg, Karsten Nissen, is capitulating to Grand Mufti Tantawi in Cairo by seeking dhimmitude-status for Danish export industry during the “Cartoon Crisis”.

On Christmas Eve 2005 humanist Danish clergymen preached against expelling (mostly Muslim) refugees not meeting the conditions for asylum . And 2007 a demonstration of clergymen at Hilleroed followed up.

During Christmas 2006 the Anglican Church also focused on common values with the Muslims. The Middle East Conflict were not an ideological or religious  – but a general human conflict according to the Archbishop of Canterbury!! Former Archbishop of Canterbury,  Carey: ” Christianity has much in common with Islam in working on grounds of common moral demands, our common commitment to family and religious values , our agreeing on the importance of worshipping God…”  Well, which God? 

In Germany things are no better off. On Sept. 13. the PI Blog reported that in the WDRIII a protestant clergywoman asked Christians to respect the Ramadan and not arrange e.g. school parties etc during that month!

Centre for Islamic-Christian Studies (CICS) in Copenhagen

Lissi Rasmussen, leader of the CICS has written a book “Bridges in Stead of Walls”, wherein she wants to abolish the “Them-and-Us Syndrome” on grounds of the Global Unity Religion of The New World Order.

This Centre is the submission of the Danish State Church to Islam according to journalist Poul Erik Andersen (Aug. 19, 2007): ” As seen through the eyes of a layman the State Church appears more and more bizarre. Some clergymen have learned from the Muslim Friday prayer and have begun to use service for political programme declarations, imam-style. Others including deans of the chapter and bishops are busy pleasing Muslim hardcore imams, spreading the odd message that Muslims and Christians would have the same God .”

The Bishop of Copenhagen visiting a mosque at Leicester (2006) to learn how to prepare his flock for the multicultural society with the native population in minority – as will be the case at 
 Leicester  from 2011. And how you can stop the Muslim Cartoon-rage by submission – although his bishop colleague, Nissen, says they won´t do that. But what, then, is going on at the CICS under the Bishop of Copenhagen?

Both the diocese of Copenhagen and its congregations are involved in this springboard for Islam´ s conquest of the Danish State Church. 3 fundamentalist Islamic organisations are behind it: Turkish Milli Görüs  being described as “Islamist-extremist” by the German Intelligence Service. The other two organisations are the fundamentalist movement Minhaj ul-Quran and The Muslim World League, which is ruled from Saudi Arabia.
The Danish Milli Görüs–president is Zeki Kocer. He is one of those who can now lawfully be called traitors, as he was part of a team of imams from Denmark who in February 2006 travelled the Middle East with forged Muhammad cartoons and caused burning of Danish flags and embassies, boycotts of Danish industrial products and death threats to a number of Danish cartoonists, editors and journalists .

Here  is an aspect of Islam which the Centre for Islamic-Christian Studies (note the order!) forgets to inform us about – and which our bishops connive at.

Abdul Wahid Petersen was on the CICS-board at a time when another Muslim hardliner was vice-president. The two of them were notorious for their defence of stoning. Fatih Alev stated that ” neither he nor Wahid Petersen represent Muslims compromising with Islam”. And according to Jyllands-Posten (Aug. 11, 2002) he also stands as guarantor that no one in the Muslim society in Denmark enters into a dialogue with the Jews. If any one tries he will be ostracized.”

                                             Abdul Wahid Petersen is a fundamentalist Danish convert imam

The daily management of the Centre is taken care of by Naveed Baig, who is presented as “project leader for the ethnic resource team”. He became known nationwide, when Jyllands-Posten came into possession of a video-tape which revealed how as an imam of fundamentalist Minhaj-ul-Quran he

Fatih Alev is a fundamentalist imam

contributed to urging killings of Muslims not behaving according to Islamic rules.The Chairman of the Centre-board is diocese clergywoman of Copenhagen, DD. Lissi Rasmussen, who is also the daily leader of the Centre. On the board is also former Minister for ecclesiastical Affairs, A. O. Andersen.

The aim is to reach out to as broad a section of the Danish population as possible .
Targets of the Centre are also institutions, associations, enterprises, professionals and individuals in daily contact with citizens from the ethnic minorities.

Bishop Keld Holm, Århus, who has done more than any of his colleagues to have Denmark islamicized, and Bishop Karsten Nissen, Viborg were also at Leicester.
Many of the problems, we are fighting in Denmark today were tackled in England more than 20 years ago . Public authorities (Mayor, city council and police) of Leicester have been very active to enter upon cooperation with the religious groups”. THE RECIPE IS SIMPLE: SUBMIT TO ISLAM – AND THERE IS THE PEACE OF THE CEMITARY.

Information on the economical operation of the Centre are very sporadic. According to the brief summary available from the general assembly on March 21, 2006, only an extraordinary subsidy of 50.000 kr. from the parochial church council of  Vor Frue Kirkes is mentioned, and that the Centre is mainly financed by subsidies from a number of congregations in the diocese of Copenhagen, contributions from members, sale of books and group visits.
Various clergymen, deans of the chapters and bishops thus legitimize (and finance) the political and misanthropic diktat of Islam.   It seems pretty bizarre, but anyway it is a symptom of the apparent development of the State Church, viz. that an increasing number of clergymen, deans of the chapters and bishops have more and more alarmingly begun to act as the useful idiots of Islam” .

All of it takes place in the name of  ”dialogue” , in a manner that “Christanity” holds closing-down sales of its foundation –  while Islam neither can may or will move an inch. The theologians try to mix fire and water to a common unity, a “common” god for the sake of world peace in the world state.
An initiative which is so illogical that it can only be ideological: Of course the Father of Jesus Christ (our God) cannot be identical with Allah who will kill everybody claiming Allah has a son (e.g.  Quran sura 9:5). And how can the same god say: “love thy neighbour” and “kill him, unless he is a Muslim?” By the way, Christians are forbidden to welcome and to put people up who fight Christ (John´s 2. Letter:7-11). And how can a Christian ignore Christ (John 14:6): ” No one comes to God except through me” and nevertheless accept that a fanatic Muslim killer of Christians takes precedence over him to Allah´s Paradise -and 70 high-bosomed maidens?

But fortunately, there are State Church clergymen who can pay back against the CICS insanity.The Chairman of  Foreningen Dansk Kultur, the Rev. Rolf Slot-Henriksenhas answered an aggressive Islam defence by Lissi Rasmussen of the CICS with scathing documentation of the untruthfulness of the bootlicking of the CICS to Islam.
And fortunately, there is an Islam Critical Network  of Danish State Church clergymen who have seen the nature of Islam as described in the Quran. And who have seen the untenable nonsense of childless Allah and the father of Christ being the same. Lissi Rasmussen dares not take a debate with the chairwoman of the Islam Critical Network, – although Lissi Rasmussen and the Centre just aim at dialogue!!
These honest clergymen experience increasing attendance form their congregations.

Here is a report from a tour of the USA made by B.D. Eva Bernhagen and daily manager of the CICS , Naveed Baig:
News Letter from the Centre of Islamic-Christian Studies, Oct. 2007

To the left is the document of submission of the CICS and the Bishop of Copenhagen.

”I was much surprised when I heard that the National Council of Churches,USA, counting up to 100 million members, has decided to fast on Oct. 8 in the Ramadan along with believers of other creeds to express solidarity and brotherhood and to show how important the message of peace and coexistence is. Well, not everybody fasts, but the very decision is courageous, refreshing and ground-breaking.”

”Grace, morning and evening prayers wre daily parts of the 3-day programme which added a spiritual dimension to the intellectual conversation .”
Prayers to which God? Their common God , of course, who is both the Father of Christ and Allah, who says he will kill everybody saying he has a son (e.g. Quran sura 9:5) and furthermore urges Muslims to break all agreemnets they make with the infidels (sura 9:1).

The organisation ASMA (American Society for Muslim advancement), which is based in New York, counts many interesting initiatives. Several of their projects aim at ’empowerment of women’, and one of their well-known programmes ist the MLT (Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow). Among the participants of the Programme are several politically active Muslims from Denmark – e.g. Naser Khader , party owner represented in Parliament. 
Their Shariah- project “aims at strengthening moderate Muslims via greater knowledge of Islamic principles and wording, so they can contribute to stopping conflicts and promote democratic values in various Muslim countries”.

These CICS theologians and their supporting bishop are either ignorant about the nature of Islam and believe in moderate Islam – or unforgivably naive.
To this the Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, has stated: “There is no moderate or non-moderate Islam. “Moderate Islam” is an offence! Islam is Islam. And that is it!” And he has been in prison for that belief (“The Minarets are our bayonets, the domes (of the mosques) our helmets, the mosques our barracks, and the faithful are our soldiers” ).

The above is regular ideological/political apostacy from the teachings of Christ in favour of Islam – in the service of the multicultural world state of the New World order. Nevertheless politicians, clergymen etc. have the insolence to call it “Christianity”!  

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